Can You Smash a 26-LB Gummy Bear With a Backhoe?

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Ariel Flores : When construction worker's get bored

joishi58 YT : No products were harmed in the making of this video.

Dogeacion Dogeacion : 2:23 is what you came for.

Cape Cod Guy : I use all of these machines for my job and I still want to go there

BeautifulPink PrettyTreeYT : why construction takes so long

cocoy say : I can't stop laughing when Jamie falls


Kektuz xd : *hi* *like if you agree*

Jaden Thompson : This is why I love Vat19 they somehow come up with all these fun, crazy, amazing m, exciting activities to do all the time and they totally rock it

American girl doll crafts/diy's/hairstyles : My favorite YouTube channel of all time my sister and i have watched you for 5 years straight and here we still are watching you guys

Bethanie Neuberger : Pull apart a giant gummy worm!!

Will : Been watching since 2011, love your vids!

Garhome and suna GT : Wow vat19 is the king of selling stuff and wasting it with by having fun

We The Animals : *New job-training goal:* go to Xtreme Sandbox to get excavator equipment certification. :)

PassiveBrandon : 1:46 the gnome just got GNOMED

Nicole O'Brien : “Ahh that felt nice”- Eric 2018😂

Alexander Sawyer : 2:0 this is gonna end up being someone’s intro

Coffee Production : Took you long enough XD Just kidding great video, glad y'all had fun!

Paintbrush kirby : I Think You Meant SMASH ULTIMATE!

RAUN 2012 : Ofcourse the shoes were Nike... jk😂😂

ℋarlan ℰ†ling : *_I look forward to: "Will It Stretch - Satan's Anus Edition"..._*

claritza fleuristil : Who Else Clicked Fast And Went Straight To The Comments😂?

Milo : explains why my orders keep coming late

Teia : That ball on the water is pure satisfing 😍 4:29

IntenseTurtleGamer : I live 2 miles away from Extreme Sandbox in Harding’s Mn😆

Woke Af : That's what caught my attention

Tiny Pusheen On A Marshmallow. : Actually Vat19 was first.

80-hd Bro : Sounds like fun For ALL ages argh! I wanna go there

waifu 4laifu : im dying XD

Persassy Jackson : During the swing section u could have made so many Iris messages Haha only PJO fams will get that.

Bottled Tuna : Working there looks like a lot of fun

N Fus : *_why’d everyone choose the top thumbnail_*

Adnan A : I wanna have a field with construction equipment.

Dmitriy Peshko : AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MINNESOTA HELL YAH But when did you record this it's 40 degree here?

Matthew Kinnunen : This was awesome to watch and I love your vids and wish to visit that EXTREME SANDBOX bc I live in MN.

Bader Alsafadi : minecraft nah xtreame sandbox yes please

Kerenkan : 4:28 i see a rainbow

SoccerConfirmed : I liked vat19 before it was cool

Izzy Spitz : Lmao 😂😂👏👏💗 I have bought 4 VAT19 products :D


Eugenia Suryadi : When Eric said to Jamie "You ready to get wet?!" I was kinda disturbed... Maybe not

javier73ugz : Extreme Sandbox + Vat19

OneupTH : Imagine Armstrong be like *My leg*

ᑕOᑕO BEEᑎ12 : Me: MOOOM THERES A DROUGHT Vat19: 4:09

xd siggi9400 : The stretch ball was even stretchier than Armstrong Rip armstrong

Can we get 10,000 subs with an Egg : I'm jealous that it's still hot there. Here in the good ol' Ohio. We the people are like this. Summer then one hour later winter, I wish I was joking the temperature was so hot then all a sudden 42 degrees Send help.

FizzyDrink113 x_x : I have exams and im watching people play in a gigantic sanbox with Construction Vehicles Lol wut is my life

Fiery Phoenix : Nice video and I was a entertained

Braydon Weitzel : 2:38 looook life