Giant Stress Ball vs. Construction Equipment | Will It Stretch?

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claritza fleuristil : Who Else Clicked Fast And Went Straight To The Comments😂?

Kektuz xd : *hi* *like if you agree*

*Neil* *Kishore Mathur* : ‘It has been birthed’ - The first thing Eric said when he saw his newborn baby....

Ariel Flores : When construction worker's get bored

Nuruddin Dadahonov : You guys should hit those big balls with a car

joishi58 YT : No products were harmed in the making of this video.

cocoy say : I can't stop laughing when Jamie falls


Doge Gomez : 2:23 is what you came for.

la vogz : Can you make more videos like this. Like if you agree

Bethanie Neuberger : Pull apart a giant gummy worm!!

SoccerConfirmed : I liked vat19 before it was cool

Bazil Can : That looks very dangerous but fun

Harlan E†ling : *_I look forward to: "Will It Stretch - Satan's Anus Edition"..._*

packrit : Wasn't the extreme sandbox on shark tank?

Jaden Thompson : This is why I love Vat19 they somehow come up with all these fun, crazy, amazing m, exciting activities to do all the time and they totally rock it

American girl doll crafts/diy's/hairstyles : My favorite YouTube channel of all time my sister and i have watched you for 5 years straight and here we still are watching you guys

Ugandan Brudda : I'm jealous that it's still hot there. Here in the good ol' Ohio. We the people are like this. Summer then one hour later winter, I wish I was joking the temperature was so hot then all a sudden 42 degrees Send help.

Vj Toys Review and Vlogs : Sorry me late.. But at the First part.. I can play golf with excavators. YAYYYYY!

We The Animals : *New job-training goal:* go to Xtreme Sandbox to get excavator equipment certification. :)

G6 Group : Good vid Vat19 always want to try things

SteamingBurrito : I use all of these machines for my job and I still want to go there

80-hd Bro : Sounds like fun For ALL ages argh! I wanna go there

Woke Af : That's what caught my attention

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Garhome and suna GT : Wow vat19 is the king of selling stuff and wasting it with by having fun

Warrior : Or mostly, A giant stretch ball.

The MLG iceCream Truck : a todlers dream

PassiveBrandon : 1:46 the gnome just got GNOMED

BeautifulPink PrettyTree : why construction takes so long

Llama The Weirdo : Early! Looks fun.

Lozano Lozano : 4:08 there was a rainbow

_ _ : Try this with two phone books together.

beetlejuice : This is the most dangerous thing i have ever seen

Lord Pinkers : I live there in Minnesota

Person. : Actually Vat19 was first.

Bottled Tuna : Working there looks like a lot of fun

Coffee Production : Took you long enough XD Just kidding great video, glad y'all had fun!

LMGΛMΞR 36 : 4:26 isn't the ball Jesus? It walks on water.

mewsieworld : Been watching since 2011, love your vids!

N Fus : *_why’d everyone choose the top thumbnail_*

officer tenpenny : One fatty boy eat icecream

Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert CAMACHO : Where is Hans Gretel?

Becca Wander : THAT LOOKS SO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zalimhan S : 4:04 who else wanna do that

DeathAngel : they should have put different giant gummies to be stretched.

Nicole O'Brien : “Ahh that felt nice”- Eric 2018😂

Bluejay memelord : 1:43 that gnome got gnomed

Puddi Panda : I'm thinking the stress ball's feeling pwetty stressed right about now :o