5 Creepiest & Most Haunted Locations in the World | Episode 2 | United States of America

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A Coloroado trap house : Hi I'm Allen I stayed there for a while for prom in 09 08 it was creepy I took a lot of pics caught some orbs also in the bathroom on 3rd level ( 3 level party dining area) I saw a shadow follow my girlfriend at the time and other girls and while dancing on dance floor of the first floor I saw a woman very old style clothing on third deck balcony looking down on us...

eklera : Great video. But I don’t agree the New Amsterdam is the most haunted theatre. There would need to be more ghosts in it than just the one.

Jus 10 : Ive been to queen mary ship.... Didnt see shit

Christopher Solo : I have been to queen mary in 2016 but i didnt find anything scary about it

Lombard : Watching two or three of your videos right before sleeping has become a habit.

Jazz Diaz : Loooooveeee your channel!!!

SlickWolfHD : I want Switzerland!!!!!!!!!!!!

SatisfiedShark : I believe in ghosts, spirts, the supernatural and the paranormal, but I don't trust any claims made by the Warrens. They're full of crap

Toph Morris : Nothing from down here in the Southeast? Really? O.o You could do several Top 5s emanating from here in Alabama, alone, and I'm pretty sure we have nothing on Georgia or North Carolina in terms of famous hauntings, and that's even after "13 Alabama Ghosts and Jeffrey" was published. (Not that I'm turning my nose up at what we got, mind you, just surprising!)

Tracy Dee : Ed and Lorraine are in the ranks of Sylvia Brown. All for the MONEY and as phony as fcuk.

endless1209 : I've been to the queen Mary and I think an important piece of what the ship was was it also carried soldiers and supplies during ww2 due to it being the fastest ship of its time. It was even involved in dropping off troops on d-day, many people were killed on or around the ship for that reason alone and there were handfulls of deaths that were not accounted for on the ship. definitely a creepy place, unfortunately when i visited the swimming pool was closed

globe1987 : RMS Queen Mary was also used during WWII as a troopship. There is a pretty gruesome tale surrounding her time during the war.

DERPY HOOVES MX13 : I got hooked to your videos

Gang Gang : You should make a video on The Winchester Mystery house it would be sick to see!!!🙌🙌

Josh Wysockey : It's said she got the lead role in play the next day after she committed suicide

Publius Cornelius Scipio : Olive is also very pretty. Fun fact: New York was once called New Amsterdam and settled by the Dutch. After the English took that city over, they renamed it New York. Very nice how the name New Amsterdam is still kept as a reminder

Shreeya Chitale : You are safe here in the comment section🍰🍩🍪🍦🍧🍿🍔🍳🍳🍯🍮🌭🌮

Oouga Hersharr : In the Hollywood portion of this video, you mentioned erroneously that the "land" (of Hollywoodland) part of the sign was "removed". It was destroyed in an earthquake and never replaced, actually. There was nothing voluntary about the "removal" of that section of sign and the plot of land it sat on.

Javier Ramirez : Ace hotel and theatre is haunted as well in downtown Los angeles.

Jarret Self : I’ve staid the night in the Queen Mary. It was eerie especially because i staid there with my gf at the time on Christmas Day. I’d recommend going.

XenoMorphic : Japan or China should be next :3

Mike Oshea : A friend of mine lives on the road going in to dudleytown. One day me and a friend were working at her house. We decided to take a break and go for a walk into the Old Town. As soon as you walk past the main gate this Eerie chill came over the two of us. But we continued walking anyway we got down to where you can still see the foundation and my friend's phone rang. He stepped off the trail and sat on a rock to talk to another friend of ours. he was sitting there talking I was hearing someone talking back to him off in the opposite direction of where he was sitting. When he got off the phone I told him about it he said he heard it too. We continued walking for a few more minutes and then we felt like someone was watching it we look around and didn't see anyone. we decided that we were going to get out of there so he went back to her friend's house down the road.

L2 BBOC : Love your videos but I don't trust anything the Ed or Lorraine Warren say. They very rarely have a second source or any of their "so-called" haunted pieces.

Mattie123 : Hi top5 you said you wanted a Queen Mary story so hope this one is good... 8 years ago me and my family went on a trip over to usa doing the triangle L.A - Vagas - San Francisco and back to L.A... Last week of the hoilday we stayed on the ship all 4 in a room at the back of the ship and did the usual ghost tour of the ship as you do.. Which wasn't anything great but just fun to do.. About 5 days into staying there my sister could not sleep at all always irritated and moody... One point there's loud banging in the corridors.. and the sound of kids running up and down and banging about... freaked out saying to my mum and her passing it off as neighbours and so on... This continued for about 10 mins to 15... With kids laughing and playing.. This was 3am in the morning and we also noticed there was no one in the rooms around us or on our level as it was a very quiet time.. To this day we have no idea if ghosts or just family's looking around..

SofiaTheClaw : I'm a Los Angeles native, so I've been to the Queen Mary a few times. After what happened to me last time, I'm never, ever going back. I'm a history major, so I'm naturally attracted to places like the Queen Mary, and I went the last time with my father. We were taking a self-guided tour, and the first place I saw something was in the propeller room. They have a giant room that encases a propeller, so you can see how truly big those things were. I entered that room, I felt like someone was watching me out of the corner of my eye. I leaned over the railing and looked down into the ocean to see how far under the water the propeller went, and I saw a face looking up at me from the water. I booked it. The second, and the most terrifying, was in the boiler room. I entered the room and the moment my feet crossed the threshold, I was terrified. I was shaking and it was hard for me to breathe because I felt like someone was sitting on my chest. It was just pure and utter terror. I cling to my father the whole time we were in there (I'm not ashamed to admit it) and then he tried to get me to go through door 13. I refused. I was too damn scared to walk through that door. He went on and I ran, literally, back the way I came, out of the boiler room, and onto the deck, into the sunshine. I have never felt that level of pure, sheer, gripping your throat, bile in your mouth, tears in your eyes kind of fear. And I never, ever want to experience that again.

SixLength : I visited the Queen Mary. I did not see anything paranormal, but it just gives off this vibe that seems off. The moment you step on board, something just doesn't feel right. It's cold and it always feel like someone is behind you.

StealthySwine : You should do another America one. I haven't seen anything on the trans Allegheny lunatic asylum and I want to know more. Or Bobby Mackey's music world

Omega4491 : I'm 50% sp00ked right now.

Charlene Bindernagel : We spent our wedding night on the Queen Mary because my husband and I love history. My grandpa sailed back from Europe on the Queen Mary during WWII, so we knew she was soaked in history. We felt an eerie energy when we walked down the halls of the ship to get to our room. The next morning my husband went to check out and the radio turned on by itself. I checked to see if he set an alarm but there was no time set and the alarm button was on the off position. Sure enough when I was in the shower it turned on by itself again. I convinced myself the radio was just malfunctioning because I was alone. I'm not so sure though.

it's fine : As someone who lives in Connecticut I can confirm that this is probably the most haunted state in the US. Union cemetery is super creepy I couldn't even stay there for more than like 20 minutes.

Marshall Sudeyko : Please do Top 5 locations in Canada. Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, Craigdaroch Castle, Frank Slide, Peggy's Cove.....among many others

Scottie B : Hi, CT resident here. Myself and a few friends went to the "Dudleytown" area a couple of times in the mid-70's. Obviously it was nowhere near as "famous" as today, but we spent a night or two there partying and drinking. Nothing much to report other than the usual perceived creep factor, though one of my friends had claimed to see "glowing yellow eyes" in the woods. I think it was just the good weed we had! Oh well ...

the mysteries of the unknown universe : i live in Los Angles :) i'm gonna die.

Sam D. : My mom’s prom was on the Queen Mary and a lot of her friends said they had weird stuff going on in their rooms

XenomorphXIII : I've visited and stayed at the Queen Mary multiple times with my family, and we've experienced a few spooky things. Smoke detector in our room turning on and off by itself, bedroom lights flickering and turning on and off, and cold spots. My last visit took the cake, though; I was on a guided tour, and as we were heading through the boiler room, something grabbed my foot and tripped me. Very creepy! ._. That gorgeous ship definitely deserves its spot on this list!

Downfvll : Can I get 666 likes in celebration of the spookiest month of the year? Pls ._.

Rebecca Fernandes : Woo-hoo Connecticut!!! I remember doing a school project on Dudley town forest. There's a lot of shit that went down there including some serious cult activity. Seeing how it is nearby where I live, it's nice to have it mentioned.

Swagg _Overrated : You should do a video on Livermore Pennsylvania !!

Danish Ahmed : Is there a coming video of this series on haunted areas of India.....

Cheston Tate : 9:56 horse and cart look way outta place. Along with nearly 100% of the rest of the picture. Why? More ghostness I bet.

HAZZARD : People don't believe in God but believe in invisible beings that scare people for no reason. Seems logical.

RyNz _ : hollywoodland? haha thats kinda cool. I didn't know that one

Nurdiana Saat : *Creepy*

NOSTRA DUMBASS : Love this guys commentary .

Charlie Morgan : Do one on skinwalker ranch

Brian Hernande : USA!USA!USA!USA!USA!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Haily Johnson : I live so close to Dudley town, my friends always try to sneak in the woods with me but I always chicken out.

A cat : Top5s only gets stronger as Halloween approaches

Yarnell Riley : Since i don't believe in demons or whatever fairy tail you guys believe in, i'd take donations and spend the night at every location in this vid. You'll never see a dude nap so perfectly and baby-like like i would lol. Get me a TV program! ''Real'' haunted houses aswell

Glencoco the mermaid : I had a ghost encounter at the Queen Mary. I live in Long Beach but rarely go over there. I was waiting in line for the ghost tour at night and was leaning over the rail. I heard one of the windows open so I looked but didn't see anything. Then out of no where my friend and I clearly saw how something was walking on the water! Like you can clearly see the footsteps it was insane