5 Creepiest & Most Haunted Locations in the World | Episode 2 | United States of America

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Danisha Rf : If you don't like the video before watching it, you're doing it wrong.

It's Joel : There's no amount of money you could pay me to stay in those woods for a night ..

Joy Walsh : The saddest part to the Hollywood sign ghost is that a couple of days after her death she received a letter in the post saying she had gotten a part in a play. If only she could have lasted a couple more days 😟

Alltime Conspiracies : An abandoned swimming pool inside an abandoned ship. That's damn freaky.

Lisa Disso : If I am not mistaken the story about Peggy who jumped from the Hollywood sign is even more tragic. She jumped like mentioned bcz of not getting parts in film and a breakup. Little did she know she had actually been cast for a part in an upcoming film. From what I remember she jumped only days prior to when the news of her being cast in this film would have reached her by mail. (Please look up if anyone is interested, I am going off of memory, but 99.9% sure of this sad story) great vid as always! With the amount of Hauntings in America I would love to see another top 5 in the future! Take care.

Sylvia Jean : Waverley Hills Sanatorium should be on here!

TheTigger38 : I personally believe that "GHOST" actually exist. Our bodies are not only chemically made up, but electrically also! And I believe that this "Electrical" energy is/or makes up some or most of what we call "Ghost". The world is finally coming to grips with this science fact, and are turning into believers! We just dont have the knowledge to figure it all out yet to have 100% factual evidence to prove their existence scientifically. For those of us in the world who have encountered these rare sightings... we believe with our eyes, and hearts that they exist.

ABONESR : Thumps up if you fapped today 🙋

Desire. : Love the creepy music for this one. Can't wait for other countries you do!.

Sousou1974 Sous : 🤤

Roller Ghoster : I live in Ireland. Believe me when i say this emerald isle can rival any country for ghosts.

Ruaidhrí O'Cleirigh : You should do one of these based on Ireland. We have some pretty historic, haunted locations. Great video 👍

ThugginCentipede : I wouldn’t believe the warrens on anything. They are known frauds

DelighttGaming : About dudleytown, (I live in Connecticut) a friend of mine told me a story of how his uncle visited, and he found a dinner plate in good condition, so he took it as a souvenir. I can't rwmeber the storg exactly, but his truck started to have a lot of problems when he was leaving. He might have said it crashed but I can't remember. Yeah, I'm not as good at story telling as Top5's haha

mda037 : Olive Thomas was stunningly beautiful

zu : Hey Top5s! Maybe you should look at the history of countries located at South East Asia (such as Thailand and Malaysia). IMO the “ghosts” there are much scarier

Riley : I've been to the Queen Mary twice and never have I ever gotten creeped out. Walked around most of the ship and just nothing. Though it is hella fun to go exploring around and look at old stuff. Also they got a bomb ass brunch.

mustang walles : You should do African countries

I'm mentally unstable send help please : Do you guys also like the video before watching?

COSMOS. : Please do haunted location of INDIA . A big fan from India ..... please

Ultimate Quicksilver : 14:39 I thought of The Creeper's truck horn from Jeepers Creepers for a second.

Just a ghost : 14:40 thanks COAG I just spit My coffee over my uniform

Let me get uhhh B o n e l e s s : Top5s Most Haunted Places in Texas?

Jillybean711 : Does Top5s ever sleep?

chris hayes : Nice video I was surprised not to see eastern state penitentiary or bobby mackeys music world

Jose Eliz : Queen Mary is definitely haunted. Another YouTuber name’s Omar Gosh did a video on it. Awesome video but still waiting and hopping to see a video on witches for this month 😱

traphouseryan : * hits the lights, sits back, enjoys *

Asif Iqbal : *your voice could be a perfect baritone*

Erin M : I literally just spent the night at the Queen Mary two weeks ago! I have always been interested in your channel and I have seen so much about the place so I got a trip there for my birthday! I have no doubt that that place isn’t haunted. First of all, on the first night I went and explored around the ship and when I walked outside of my room I was able to smell cigarette smoke even though no smoking is allowed and no one was nearby. The night was pretty dead, but the second night was a different story. First of all we heard a VERY loud bang in the middle of the night which scared the crap out of me and my cousin, but at about 4 Am when everyone else was asleep, I looked at the circular window in the room and I saw a dark silhouette looking out the window. Lastly, we went on a tour and for my birthday, my cousin got me an EMF reader, and it went crazy by door 13. We also visited The most haunted room which was shut down because of the hauntings and when someone shut the door the reader went all the way up and went crazy. Sorry for the long comment! But I respect your channel so much Top5s! :)


ElementalDAR : Woah, that's a lot of hauntings, it's almost as if the whole country was built on an indian graveyard or something.

Airik Luna : The Queen Mary is haunted, more so than any other place I have visited. The Roosevelt hotel would be second most I have visited.

Mr. Trash : These are not the *most* haunted places, but this is still a nice list

PlantFoodChain : Hey, 5's! You should do an event thing where you and a few of your subscribers and crew spend a night in one of these places!! And also invite me because it was my idea, please... pretty please...

Juice : casually likes video before it starts. God, I love this guy.

Highway Gaming2002 : Please do Canada for part 3!!

polker2 : I hope you coverd philippines were rich on hunted places as well hahaha😁😁😁

Spork : I thought Ed Warren was a known fake though

Vicki Cupper : Um, maybe we should close Connecticut to the public.

SaltyChickenMan : Hey Top5s how about the Philippines for another episode of creepiest & haunted locations in the world

cameron ball : 20 second squad where you at?

A.J London : I took the Ghost Tour on the Queen Mary 2 years ago. The tour is fun but does not cover nor discuss Door 13. After the tour concluded guests are left to explore the ship on their own. I was wandering aimlessly when suddenly I was overtaken by a feeling of terror and then melancholy. Along with those unsettling feelings I could feel the air suddenly chill and experienced chest pain. I suddenly noticed I was standing alongside Door 13. It was not until I did some online research that I learned of the tragedy that occurred.

Dan Batman : Do 5 real life sightings of gene the emoji

John Otagowa : Ok this is creepy has anyone else noticed that the chick who jumped off the Hollywood sign looks like Kirsten Dunst?

Shineymcshine79 : Here's what I don't like about all these Youtube paranormal channels. They all put Ed and Lorraine Warren up on a pedestal as some kind of paranornal royalty, for no other reason than because they heard other 'experts' talk about them, so they must be good right? Every one in the paranormal community respect the Warrens! I urge you to do your *own* thinking, do your *own* research...if you do, you might end up with an entirely different perspective on the Warrens, because they weren't quite the paranormal superheroes everyone thinks they are. Same thing happened many years ago with the pioneer of modern ghost hunting - Harry Price, and the Borley Rectory case. Everyone thought he was the bee's knees, but turns out, not really. Funny that.


JPShadow : I'm from california and have been to the queen mary multiple times, around halloween they have a haunted maze like event. It used to be called Queen Mary shipwreck but now they just call it Dark Harbour. It's fun and creepy. A few years back me and my girlfriend attended the event and decided to rent a room on the ship hotel. We were out roaming the ship until around 3 am just having a blast. But the ship definitely has an eerie feeling to it, the hallways are long and windowless, kinda creepy. If you're ever around long beach between the middle of september all the way up to halloween you should definitely go check that place out. Walking down those hallways at 3 am, you just feel like you're being watched. My girlfriend was spooked the whole night. Couldn't even go to the restroom unless i stood just outside the door. As for the hollywood sign, i've never gone up to it personally. Just cool to look at while driving around Hollywood.

Anshuman Guru : I hope you see this comment.Plzz make a video on the most haunted locations in India for episode 3 bcuz of its rich ancient history and possibly the country with the most invasions (cuz it was the richest at that time)resulting in a lot of deaths and so a lot of locations being home for spirits.Love your videos btw

Ozzy's Gang : You should do Mexico 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽!!!!!

Thor Odinson : Because its a very small country. I'd sure love it. Can you do this on The Netherlands.