Pay for Your Sins the Easy Way with Sinmo - That’s an App?

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Eve Kohley : _only_ 25 mil for a genocide! WOW, WHAT A STEAL!

Justin Riley : Religion just face palmed wondering why they didn't think of a app first

Erald M : Anyone else searched the app on play store???

Joel Benitez : Is it a sin that I laughed so hard?? If so, how muchdo I owe?

eraZure : God inseminated our phones? I don’t remember giving consent to that

Bywater Labs : “Oh, Bobby?”

MWSZ : LITERALLY an app out there called Sinup that does this! 😂😂

A JK : Sinmo - from the makers of the prosperity gospel.

Sifou Ookami : So rich people can sin more and still get heaven

George Hitchens : for the wages of sin is debt..

Javier Fernandez : Please be a joke please be a joke please be a joke... hooh. Yea that was a funny chapter in Catholicism. All things considered..

Gabor Vadask : Leo X actually implemented this app in 1513 , the first day he took the office of Pope ...... Of course he was the son of the Medici bank family ....

david david : Approved and endorsed by President Donald Trump and his evangelical followers. ALREADY IN PRACTICE. Getting away with killing a reporter is only a matter of money, according to Trump.

NATHAN M. : I don't know if you guys know this but Jesus already paid for your sins. You don't need an app, you need Jesus. Can I get an amen?

WaterxDragon : Run, Bobby!

Kyle Danner : Its 2018 and this doesn't already exist?

Andrew Booboo : Y'all going to hell for this lmao

Learn&teach2Learn : Who actually looked up the app?

Hussein Sawli : Run Bobby RUN!!!

McMexicans : *Martin Luther* would like to know your location

Precious Mba : God will judge u Money can't pay for sin This is a lie from the pit of hell ITS THE END The wages of sin is definitely death

The Greek Freak : That pasta in the beginning made me hungry

Yowas Hassan : [11/22, 07:58] Roman: Psalms 49 : 7 says No one can redeem the life of another or give to God a ransom for them the ransom for a life is costly, no payment is ever enough  so that they should live on forever     and not see decay. [11/22, 08:01] Roman: Romans 6 : For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. [11/22, 08:05] Roman: 1 peter 1 : 18 For you know that it was not with perishable things such as silver or gold that you were redeemed from the empty way of life handed down to you from your ancestors, 19 but with the precious blood of Christ, a lamb without blemish or defect

Okwssop GOD : This is how churches become so rich hahahahaha

Ace Diamonds : indulgences are crap - martin luther.

wolfenstar nice : SINMO. Goddamn.

Femi Fenojo - MARANATHA TEACHING CHANNEL : Sin(NO)moRE. The wages of sin are STILL death. Don't find out when it is too late!!!!

I don't care, I'm playing widow : Sinmo in tagalog actually translates to "your sin".... I'm so bored

Boudreaux99 Buddy : Apps a COMPLETE scam, only shows venial sins ..So I Redownloaded it and the mortal sins now show, but don't select when u click them..and not to mention always crashes! .. worst download ever.. 1 STAR :/

Russell DoFrane : More Christian mockery. Try making fun of Islam on you tube. Can't do that.

LAYLOW : Wow you ppl are sick!

AdriEl Amadi : This is stupid, Jesus paid for our sins. No amount of money can pay for sins. All we have to do, is master the art of love. Love one another, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you. This is the message of Jesus, this is the message of Christianity - LOVE

Michael Hake : This is hilarious. People actually believe in "sin", which makes it even funnier.

Samuel McCallister : 2016's timeliest sketch

Dr.Pain : Can't decide which palace will this app come from heaven or hell

hermitNIK : Muh inseminated phone 😄

Carlos Banderas : The Problem is that protestants are worse than catholics. Way worse, Just Look at the us

Mozar Martin Abubakar : Wait.. chronic masturbation is a sin? 😫😩😭

pooja prabhakar : I think as humans one should understand that it’s highly unacceptable to sit and make fun of serious stuffs!!! If you can’t promote good!!! Don’t promote bad stuffs atleast!!


Thulisile Mbatha : This is satanic and deceives people .No verse in the bible that says we can but pay .....The end is near

pipos pipou : Can you do one with Muslims or that's not ok ?

Make Money : This actually brilliant idea😁🤑

Dani Fran-nava : This is funny as hell!!!!

pewdiepie marzia : I need this app

Seto : This is great

WE LOVE BODY PAINTING DO YOU : who receive all the more ?

Ry Laraza : Everyone will get broke with this app lol because everyone is a sinner, and everyone need a Savior and that is Jesus Christ! Fallen world!

David C : The idea that appeals to people isn't really about forgiveness. The humor is that people really just want the ability to buy more sin, to purchase the right to keep sinning and sin even more. Where repentance is free- but it requires you to change your heart and mind, with Sinmo- you don't have to change a thing in you. Be a scumbag for the low low price of... I found it hilarious even as a believer.

johnpaul torreda : wait so it's this antic-christ or something ???