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Finally, we can all see the backstory we've all been waiting for: here's the first teaser trailer for Sand: A Star Wars Story Track on Patreon: Other places to find us: Production/Mix with Aaron Beaumont Assistant editor: Amelia Burger The First Trailer for Sand: A Star Wars Story, where we finally find out what caused everything to go so terribly wrong. Track on Patreon: #SongifyTheMovies


Scott : Clever of obi wan to hide Luke on a planet covered in sand.

RedRiot : Finally the truth behind star wars comes out

Elora Maxwell : "Its over Anakin, I have the sand." -Obi Wan Kenobi 2018

Ultra Nerd : This is the most effort ever put into a prequel meme.

o O 0 : Is sand called sand because it's between sea and land

Markus Junnikkala : The true feat of Anakin was to still be able to get laid after those cringy awkward advances and touching

ChardBotham : “He doesn't undersand"

Dingdong : Episode 1: The Sand Menace Episode 2: Attack of the Sand Episode 3: Revenge of the Sand Rough One: A Sand Wars Story Episode 4: A New Sand Episode 5: The Sand Strikes Back Episode 6: Return of the Sand Episode 7: The Sand Awakens Episode 8: The Last Sand

JuodaanVinaa : "Here everything's soft" while brutally murdering rebels

BootlegFightVideo : So ironic because blowing up planets just turns them into sand flying through space.

Ahmad Nadeem : This is a r/prequelmemes wet dream

Trishan Fernandopulle : This should be played in the credits of all star wars movies instead of the main theme

Mohamed El Kayal : The sad tale of how Anakin fell to the dark side because of sand

The Gregory Brothers : once you research Vader's actions, you'll see that he's almost ALWAYS on spaceships where it's smooth / not coarse. only exceptions are -Hoth (he knows icy terrain keeps it smooth) -Bespin (smooth cloud city) -Endor (he stays away from soil by standing on concrete)

RoyishGoodLooks : Wait. He doesn't like what? I think I missed it.

bruce : and when he's on the lavabank, he's laying in the coarsest sand yet

Miracle Sims : "I wish that I could just wish away my feelings" ~same

Jortus Pelatus : *"I want to know what happened to the sand!"* Asking the real questions there Darth...

SIMMAN99 : “I love sand... -LIAR!”

laalaa99stl : If you strike me down, I shall become more sand than you can possibly imagine.

Ascalter : May the sand be with you

Struna : I lost on "sandpeople" xD

EckhartsLadder : Oh, sultry.

Lightnings : I'm haunted by the sand. In my very soul.

drinndalynn : Use the sand, Luke.

Walter Heisenberg : -Commamder: He was armed only with this *Shows the hand full of sand* -Vader: Nooooooo Lol I laughed hard in that part

A guy wearing only shorts : I think Anakin doesn't like sand


Adrian Ortega : Sand is the path to the dark side. Sand leads to coarseness, coarseness leads to roughness, roughness leads to irritation, irritation leads to suffering.

Fazntic 05 : I just realized that when Anakin says he hates sand, I realized that he was born and spent most of his childhood on a planet of sand

Twigryph : Can't deny that if I grew up on a single-biome desert planet in total slavery...I might not be particularly fond of sand either...

The All in one gamer : we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; however we shall not fight on the beaches, because i hate sand

Batabii : Is there sand at Tosche station

Dr. Wah : "Be careful not to choke on - SAND"


Klondike : It's over Anakin. I have the sand.

Star LoL : He was traumatized from sand that’s why he Destroyed Alderaan

Dids : That was quite sa(n)d.

Saltgurkan55 : Be careful not to choke on sand!

Lawrepunts Avenius : Just solo more video before going to sleep...

Star LoL : Ironic he lost to obi wan on Sand, ain’t it.

The Narrator : "Who's your favorite Character from naruto?" Anakin: Anybody that isn't gaara.

TheMrchachalaka : Next level shitsonging

Johnyliltoe : I strangely got emotional when Darth Vader started bringing up his tragic past with sand.

The Gamer Fox : best part of this was, "Its over anakin! I have the sand!" ~throws sand in the air~

Bryan T : you're with sand! rofl

Brenden Bond : I finally get it! Thematically, Obi Wan is the physical embodiment of sand! From the way his dresses, his coarse beard and rough attitude, the fact that he always seems to be everywhere getting in the way of the sith's plans! It all makes sense now!

Anne Sherron : It’s all Obi-Wan’s fault.

SilverWorks Studios : "Don't try it Anakin, I have the *SAND* "