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schmoyoho : finally, the first trailer for Sand: A Star Wars Story, we can learn what really happened at 1:37 if you spot all 3 of the male Gregorys and comment their wherabouts, you get A FREE IMAGINARY POTATO AND 0 V-BUCKS

The Gregory Brothers : once you research Vader's actions, you'll see that he's almost ALWAYS on spaceships where it's smooth / not coarse. only exceptions are -Hoth (he knows icy terrain keeps it smooth) -Bespin (smooth cloud city) -Endor (he stays away from soil by standing on concrete)

RedRiot : Finally the truth behind star wars comes out

Markus Junnikkala : The true feat of Anakin was to still be able to get laid after those cringy awkward advances and touching

Trishan Fernandopulle : This should be played in the credits of all star wars movies instead of the main theme

ChardBotham : “He doesn't undersand"

EckhartsLadder : Oh, sultry.

Fazntic 05 : I just realized that when Anakin says he hates sand, I realized that he was born and spent most of his childhood on a planet of sand

o O 0 : Is sand called sand because it's between sea and land

Elora Maxwell : "Its over Anakin, I have the sand." -Obi Wan Kenobi 2018

RoyishGoodLooks : Wait. He doesn't like what? I think I missed it.

laalaa99stl : If you strike me down, I shall become more sand than you can possibly imagine.

Scott : Clever of obi wan to hide Luke on a planet covered in sand.

StarTrends StarTrends aka Starpopman2 : He was traumatized from sand that’s why he Destroyed Alderaan

Lorentz : Just solo more video before going to sleep...

A guy wearing only shorts : I think Anakin doesn't like sand

Ascalter : May the sand be with you


The All in one gamer : we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; however we shall not fight on the beaches, because i hate sand

The Narrator : "Who's your favorite Character from naruto?" Anakin: Anybody that isn't gaara.

Ultra Nerd : This is the most effort ever put into a prequel meme.

StarTrends StarTrends aka Starpopman2 : Ironic he lost to obi wan on Sand, ain’t it.

Dids : That was quite sa(n)d.

RarestJeff : and when he's on the lavabank, he's laying in the coarsest sand yet

Mohamed El Kayal : The sad tale of how Anakin fell to the dark side because of sand

jackpepsic heart : I just remembered the first video of this channel.... BRUH!!!

Bryan T : you're with sand! rofl

Lorenzo Heredia 64 : Still incredibly better than Star Wars TLJ

Sharp Design : Someone show Hayden this.

Lightnings : I'm haunted by the sand. In my very soul.

olivP 26 : I'm going to the beach about 2 weeks. Oh yeah, sand sand sand sand sand sand sand sand sand sand and so many fuging sand

JuodaanVinaa : "Here everything's soft" while brutally murdering rebels

Jortus Pelatus : *"I want to know what happened to the sand!"* Asking the real questions there Darth...

Kuba Kočí : Well , i think he doesnt like sand ?

SIMMAN99 : “I love sand... -LIAR!”

Ryan Wollaston : Hates sand, makes a song about it. Ironic.

drinndalynn : Use the sand, Luke.

Miracle Sims : "I wish that I could just wish away my feelings" ~same

Struna : I lost on "sandpeople" xD

BootlegFightVideo : So ironic because blowing up planets just turns them into sand flying through space.

Saltgurkan55 : Be careful not to choke on sand!

Saran : Finally, Now i can die!

Neanderthal Tom Cave Beast Sociopathic Parasite - : So that's why R2D2 took the plans to Tatooine.

TheMrchachalaka : Next level shitsonging

Kwame A.B. Nwanwah : It's over Anakin. I have the sand.


Johnyliltoe : I strangely got emotional when Darth Vader started bringing up his tragic past with sand.

Dingdong : Episode 1: The Sand Menace Episode 2: Attack of the Sand Episode 3: Revenge of the Sand Rough One: A Sand Wars Story Episode 4: A New Sand Episode 5: The Sand Strikes Back Episode 6: Return of the Sand Episode 7: The Sand Awakens Episode 8: The Last Sand

Sierra Maniac : I guess we now know where Luke gets his obsession obout Tosche Station from.

Fantasy Couch :