How Good Really was Bruce Lee? | Real Sparring Analysis

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Imhim247 : Bruce Lee is a legend period.

Martial Madness : Bruce is showing in this demo how to Intercept. It's not a fight. His real fighting on footage specifically the sparring with Kenpo gloves and no shirt with his student wearing head gear has yet to be released. That was full contact fighting but stills can be seen in his books that have been published. Check them out! It was the Western form of martial arts (point contact system) that was behind it's time. That's why Bruce's Way of The Intercepting Fist was so effective at these tournaments and why Joe Lewis and Chuck Norris became number one. You could still train and fight within the context of bound rules and still be an effective fighter. In Thailand for example they were training and fighting like MMA does now back when Bruce was alive. So these movements weren't anything new to fighters of the far East who had been trained more effective and realistic style fighting. Bruce was the one to translate it to Western audiences. What your are seeing is a single digits percentage of what kind of fighter he was. Check out his Longbeach International footage.

tubekyle2 : Am I the only here thinking that Bruce Lee wasn’t even remotely serious in these sparring matches?

Daniel K : His body language in this spar shows he's not taking it very seriously in my opinion. I believe he's not particularly trying here, and not even approaching full speed.

Tnb Spotter : So sure footed and deliberate. He moves like a boss. You know you've already lost before the fight even begins.

Damian Eadie : I don't know anything about this subject and I have no idea why YouTube suggested it... But this analysis is fascinating even for me and helps me appreciate how Lee's legendary name will live on. Thanks :-)

Novastar (SaberCombat) : Hey there... just want to say... REALLY good observations on all of this. :) GREAT ANALYSIS. Seriously. I'm an older gent here, BL has been an inspiration for me for ages, and... I'm glad you are seeing the actual STUDY and PEDAGOGY BL employed during all his study of martial arts in general. Most people do not understand that BL studied all sorts of martial arts, and dedicated himself to learning... well... A LOT. So... NOT just "keeping to one art". In fact... his footwork--is mostly inspired by a combination of western boxing and (of all things, ironically to some) western fencing. As a saber fencer and instructor... I completely understand why, too. :) Lee was indeed WAY ahead of his time--in terms of the actual SCIENCE of "combining it all". It took decades later for MMA to truly appear, and... I firmly believe that if Lee was alive today--he'd easily be integrated in SOME FASHION with MMA, training, videos, instruction, and just wonderful experiments. I miss him, and... the MA world would be different if he were still alive.

AWildBard : Intercepting fist means when his opponent moves to strike, he counters with a strike, interrupting the opponent. This throws off their balance and diffuses the power. It uses the opponents energy against them. But it also requires superior timing which isn't always talked about in fighting.

The Narrator : That lead roundhouse kick was insane. And the fact that merely tapped his enemy's head with that speed.

Dean Natuno : *FINALLY, a legit analysis*

JeffRake : ultra instinct ....

kaldemvor : While you made some good points about Lee, he was just sparring with students who were obviously nowhere near his level. Because Lee sacrificed speed, power, and technique for the sake of sparring with these students, it's impossible to guage his maximum potential from this video.

PlanetJigobotTV : Bruce's kicks were so fast!!! Dame that jab was crazy. Right now Bruce Lee would be the greatest UFC trainer today.

Keaos0 : This is a kick ass observation. His stance is so strong, I'd never even think of fighting a guy of this caliber. It is so hard to move with that wide stance he has, it takes a ridiculous amount of physical fitness to make it even remotely successful... I pulled a groin muscle just watching this video.

unlucky m0f0 : sorry but you cant base bruce lees skills on this he was a kid there tri listing to the pro boxer and takwdo master and the streat fighter who all spared him at the same time and lost so heres me saying he would have run ufc thay fight with rules where as bruce dont so he never was restricted and if you want me to back this up ill be happy to forwerd any one the info/people in good standed to colabrate this pont ps sorry for my bad speeling

lynel gardner : Bruce Lee had the ability to concentrate 100% of his concentration on his enemy. That means that Lee could let go of his ego to truly see everything. This takes years of training. What Bruce Lee called fighting without fighting. My teacher who taught Bruce Lee Jujitsu, said that Bruce Lee was extra ordinary.

Atti Ylänen : Bruce Lee never thought he was invincible like some of his fanboys think. Bruce was all about realism. - 1987 book, The Making of Enter the Dragon

Jeremy D : He would be dominant today, too. He might look a little different, but the blinding speed from all that training would not let him down.

bastiaan0741 : Bruce has such an elegant stance; as if he was fencing.

Kenny Lang : Great analysis! Thumbs up! I'm a huge fan of Bruce Lee, but I think you did a wonderful Objective analysis of these sparring sessions. If you watch the Documentary "How Bruce Lee Changed The World" you can see, for sure he was very well ahead of his time and not just in martial arts. Even Dana White does commentary for the documentary and says Bruce Lee is the grandfather of MMA. Very interesting documentary, although the doc came out in 2008 I think, but a very great Documentary including his Widow, Daughter, RZA, Kareem Abdul, Dana White and a ton of others etc. You'll see him in one of his movies where he's wearing gloves that are the precursor of the modern UFC gloves and then he takes his opponent out with an armbar! and yea this was fucking 50 years ago! No one ever saw shit like that back in the late 60's early 70's. In my opinion, he will always be a legendary! :)

John Paik : legend

Grumio Senpai : How you tell which one is Bruce Lee? Look for the one that looks like he's fencing.

MonkGoneGamer : Damnn so fasttt

Borislav Mitkov : Great analysis! Thank you!

José Manuel Egaña : Excellent vid!!! Thanks man!!

Lion King Matiouz : Interesting video man ! Yeah, Bruce Lee was such in advance.

K Law : It just shows how stupid people are to think that this legendary man was not a real fighter, without any doubt he was a "real" fighter. Just because they did not see him perform in any championship matches like a Chuck Norris or some other champion is just silly, he was already beyond those type of matches as he was a master of the art by then. He showed supreme confidence in his ability unlike anyone I've ever seen, his speed was unlike anyone I've ever seen, and for such a small man he hit with devastating power for that size. What this guy giving the analysis doesn't realize or maybe he does is that Bruce's supreme confidence allowed him to do things that most people could not do, this is why he's doing things like walking sideways and crossing his legs. He knows full well that his abnormal speed (best way I can phrase it to say how ridiculous he was-Lol) allows him to recover easily if attacked by someone while walking and crossing his legs and being off stance like that. The guy was just a pleasure for me to watch, just like watching Michael Jackson perform at his art also was a gift to me to watch. People so supremely gifted at what they did it was just a treasure for us mere mortals to behold. Lol

Y-l'yukne Bayonne Addo : Yes, people saying that Bruce wasn't that good, should just see that video. He was so astonishing. The calm, the timing, the speed, the power without really doing his best. It shows so many great fighting skills that he had. For sure, this is the video to show when someone say garbage about this man called Bruce Lee. Thanx a lot for the video and the analysis.

Paul ofTarsus : OMG! "Be water." Enough said. P.S. If you dont know what that means, please dont comment you dot know JACK! God bless, Merry CHRIST-mas.

Bijou Smith : One thing that's clear from this insightful analysis is that Bruce Lee practised and trained like a maniac. Even when just sparring, none of this can happen with thoughtful effort, it has to be all rapid pre-frontal control. To display such instinct, speed and precision... this takes a "Shaolin" number of hours of training. That's what I really love about Lee, his dedication and absolute passion. That he almost made an art form out of his martial arts is all the more impressive. I think if he was training today this would not have been perhaps possible, or would be perhaps side-lined and non mainstream, because the emphasis today is all about winning fights as brutally as possible. I'm not an expert or historian, but I've heard that competition is actually not so true to the origins of many Chinese martial arts, which were in fact (so I've heard and read elsewhere) much more an art form, such as Tai Chi, fighting disguised as dance or art so peasants or monks could gain self-defence skills . Is that true? (From Wikipedia it is not so clear to me.) Anyway, Lee is absolute classic, thanks for posting this dude, it brings back fond memories of my childhood with my friend who worshipped and introduced me to Lee.

Lonewolf : Moral of the story, play Absolver

dragonslayer015 : Well it's a good analysis, but because it was sparring with a student it seems like he was holding back. Pretty sure if it was a real fight Bruce will be doing much more.

Oprea Codrut : i love how his student tried to kick him and he blocked his leg at like 0.1 s after he lifted it from the ground lolz

Denis Alves : Every word is precisely what Bruce had always said. Even in the movies. "Hits before the kick even lands" "Keeps the balance" and many others... they are all in his book. Nice video, nevertheless. Thanks.

Torin Rodriguez : This wasn't Bruce Lee at full speed, my father saw him in action and said this film doesn't show him at full speed, Bruce would destroy any current fighter according to my dad and others that saw him then. There are few that could go toe to toe with him even in today's era. I unfortunately was born in 1972 and didn't have the opportunity to see him myself but I do have the picture's that my father took of him, you could just tell he was the real deal.

chad wran : lb for lb, he is ridiculous. if he was given steriods and all that 2017+ can give him like people today can use.... he would be a god like fighter

Shelia Burt : Bruce Lee was a great marshal arts phenomenon!!

J Colton : My Sifu's Cam and Tony, students of Greco Wong, always tried to reinforce our wing chun punch as that "bruce lee jab". The concepts of center line and sort of "bulldozing straight in" with that punch is a strong core concept of wing chun, which had a big impact on Lee's Jeet Kune Do (way of the intercepting fist) thanks to his training under Ip Man. I wish I'd gotten to meet the Legend Bruce Lee, even learn from him.

Lenny r : you can't do an analysis on a training video it will almost always never show much of either fighters true ability speeds bruce lee, he could be just showing technique to the chap do a proper analysis on distances timing speed hip rotation leg distancing power of punching on an actual fight, he was a man amazingly ahead of his time. too fast for even old fps cameras and had to slow down for movies he even wooped chuck norriss

Allan Johnson : GREAT video! Good, legit, deep analysis, bro! Great job!!

Leon Hallal : And that was only when he was still young.. imagine how much his abilities grew with time

lycan gypsy priest : great video and commentary

Logan Lorn : Enjoyable analysis! Thanks!

Yang Shen : You've done a fantastic job of taking one of the most interesting topics in martial arts (even 50 years later) and keeping it simultaneously clinical AND interesting. all while exhibiting the objectivity that martial arts journalism (well, all journalism, actually) is so in need of. Well done, Sir.

alfarabi73 : Fascinating stuff.

filthy fuk : really cool vid. I respect your analysis

Jack Ripper : He wasn't missing with those head kicks, he didn't want to connect! You don't display precision like his, then complete misses like that. The speed with which he kicks, those opponents are not moving their heads fast enough to avoid. There is also a video somewhere here on youtube where they study his influence on todays mma and he is the Godfather of it!

Justin Koppel : That’s cool how he changes stances to create space or angle instead of backing up, so much quicker.

Alex N : how good was an actor who never fought anybody who was anybody at the time? Is that even a question? He popularized martial arts in the West, we can appreciate that and end it there.

ShamanMafia : well composed video, good writing, and good bias exclusion. I must agree, you can see that bruce is a machine, a robot. he built and trained himself to be able to throw a hit on target from any position any time