How Good Really was Bruce Lee? | Real Sparring Analysis

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Dean Natuno : You all should read *"The Tao of Jeet Kune Do"* It would make you understand more of why Bruce fights like that in the video.

5hari : Everyone should remember, Bruce was only 26 yrs old in this. His fighting way evolved a lot after that

R J : Bruce was very smart and dedicated. With time to adjust to today's UFC fighters, I think he'd do well. Who out there has his speed? It's insane. And he has power. I'd like to see him and Conner have a go at the appropriate weight.

Adrian Ramos : Of course he would be dominant today. He is the master of speed and power. He's clearly toying with his students and holding back so much.

Cavemantero : lol...this guy was the greatest athlete/martial artist in the world. UFC is a joke compared to him and everyone knows it. UFC fighters will tell you that. 99% of these UFC guys couldn't land a punch on him without getting knocked out clean. He didn't fight for sport probably because he would've killed people. No one can beat that technique and combination of speed and power from what I've seen.

poot111111 : Well I don't think I have ever sub'd a channel from only 1 video until now!


Tony Rbinson : A modern MMA fighter goes off balance or abandons stance n opens up for a counterstrike when he kicks. Bruce kicks but remains balanced and 100% concentrated and u can't counterstrike him. BL is legend. Father of Martial Arts

Scott Whiteford : One of the best pieces of analysis I've seen, very neutral. It shouldn't be the case that if you don't accept the "gospel truth" that Bruce Lee is the greatest ever then you are open to abuse. At the same time, to think he was only "good for the movies" and wasn't influential is highly ridiculous. Very much ahead of his time, and we might not have had the likes of UFC if not for him. Great video. And massive Bruce Lee fan btw.

Secret Wars : Give Bruce Lee one modern day MMA camp would soak up everything learn everything from footage on his opponent and he would beat anyone in and around his weight class today 125 to 170

OG Gaming : After reading a lot of these comments I have to say one thing about this whole Bruce Lee vs modern day fighters thing. You all realize that its not like Bruce Lee wouldn't be learning and improving on his technique to this day, right? He would not only have access to the same teachers, coaches, and schools of thought in regards to MMA, but he would be above average because he was not just a student, he was an innovator. The thing that separates the lesser and average MMA fighters and the great ones is the great ones innovate, they branch out and learn things that are currently not being used in the sport and try to make them work to their advantage. This is exactly what Bruce Lee was doing during his time. If he was alive today, and somehow still in his prime (around 30) he would be one of the top MMA fighters in the world if he participated in the sport. His mentality and thus his approach to Martial Arts was what was truly light years beyond anyone else during his life... one can only speculate what he could bring to the table in modern times. But, scientifically we can look at the data, see how he was and how he thought back then, and easily make the educated guess that he would bring something very special to the world of MMA if he were alive today. Even as a coach.

Deniz Li : your mic is really good.

King Ownage : Bruce Lee definetly is the fastest fighter, his reaction time is almost instant. incredible! and the delivery of his strikes when he was reacting were fast too of course

First name Last name : I just tested for green belt in teakwondo. Wenesday will be my first time sparring

Nik Zutshi : When I saw the footage of these fights separately on Beerdy's channel, it was very clear he was toying with his students. You could tell he was holding back. There's a tentative nature about him but also a playful aura about him when you watch him. Great man, Bruce Lee.

Dean Natuno : *FINALLY, a legit analysis*

Francesco Favro : he CLEARLY has ultra instinct

John Smith : I love his jab, ver unpredictable

John Smith : If Bruce was shown today's techniques whilst still using his own, he would 100% dominate the ufc today

CryptoHound : This was a teacher to student training. Not an actual match. Great points here though. However a true combat situation would be needed to actually analyze what his true capabilities were. As a fighter and a man of philosophy, he shall remain a legend. One who will be discussed and compared to others in the generations to come.

Wang Chung : As Weasle said, THIS WAS 50 YEARS AGO. Anyone who says he wasn't ahead of his time would be dishonest or ignorant. Lee was on cruise control here as he ALWAYS was. If you listen to any interview with his peers, they will tell you that, had he wanted to, he could've killed them. His "jab", in this video, was not a jab really at all but him using his lead hand as a counter weapon. He could KO someone with his lead hand faster than most boxers can throw a flicking jab to set up a punch. There are videos of him using a jab and it is lighting quick but, in almost all sparring situations, he reverts to countering, using his lead hand to impede his opponents progress and devastating him at the same time. He could knock a opponents down with a 2" punch. He could counter with a kick as fast as boxers counter with punches-faster than most of them. He is holding back on the power of his kicks in this video or else the sparring would be over in seconds. It's amazing that he could pull kicks and punches while still going full speed.

Reel Fishing : You can’t compare a person from 50 years to a person now , be he was way advance for his days

William Breen : There are a lot of other good martial artists through history who need tribute and a solute from time to time! Can we please pay attention to other people once in awhile regarding martial artists and legends in the universe of martial arts? This Bruce Lee nonsense is getting really old people!

Bike Maurice : As much as I cherish Bruce Lee this opponent wasn't very skilled 🐯

fuck you : Hey bruce lee fanboys, look up mike tyson vs bruce lee heavy bag. You'll see bruce hitting a 70 pound heavy bag, and tyson hitting a 250 pound aqua bag. You'll also see bruce knocked off balance after a kick on a heavy bag, and realise why weight classes exist.

Imhim247 : Bruce Lee is a legend period.

Pups Kopf : It is mind boggling how delousional lee fan boys are look video of him hitting a sand bag any 15 year old that had boxing lessons for 6 months does it ten times better

Jason Covers : I love Bruce lee but a sparring match against a student that has alot of respect for him and will almost certainly be holding back , simply doesn't count. You can even see the staggered hesitation with the students which i recognise from martial arts class experience etc.If it was against someone that REALLY wanted to beat him then that would be much more telling. His movement is great though of course.

Julian Alejandro Fonseca Bulla : Awesome analysis

Patriot Priest : Bruce did think outside the box, and he did do a lot to put martial arts on the map, but taking a look at this video would only show you that an aggressive fighter who can also fight on the ground would have been able to handle Bruce or any fighter like him. Bruce was fast, yes, but so are lots of folks. Bruce was powerful for his size and frame, yes, but so are lots of folks. You can't be a counter puncher and think that you're not going to get hit. It only takes one good shot and you're out. He's sparring with a student of his who probably is afraid that Bruce is going to light him up like a Christmas tree. If he were alive today he would tell you to practice your punches, kicks, and of course your ground game in case you get taken down. Practice balance, power, and of course work on your speed. "A good teacher protects his pupils from his own influence." - Bruce Lee There are certain fundamentals that need to be learned by every student of martial arts, but then he/she needs to find their own style to suit their physical and psychological strengths and weaknesses. "Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, add what is uniquely your own." - Bruce Lee The techniques must be trained and understood before the decision is made to either discard or use it.

tubekyle2 : Am I the only here thinking that Bruce Lee wasn’t even remotely serious in these sparring matches?

Kae Pugna : He was a tv actor. Hollywood wants you to think he was a god fighter. Its all a delusion


James Slaughter : The bleed kicks 🕺🏾 does work I have been seeing that for years iam 53 years old so I know 🕺🏾long time u well never forget that 4real Bruce Lee is the KING 💪🏾of Martial arts and I dont care what anybody have to say 4real now Jet lee is fast too but he Retired do to a bad Illness 😪😢😭 and Mr. Ho Chung TAO who played as Bruce Lee is very good also kungfu 🤜🏻he did a lot of 🎬🎥 too its just my opinion 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👍🏾👌🏾🤘🏾🤟🏾✌🏾😁😎

Peter Porter : Unless you were around back then, you really do not have an accurate point of view. Ask someone that was what they think. Bruce Lee helped martial arts be known just like Muhammad Ali did to boxing. You can not take that away from him. He was no fighter. He was an actor

Daniel K : His body language in this spar shows he's not taking it very seriously in my opinion. I believe he's not particularly trying here, and not even approaching full speed.

TheWorldOfSolaris : Jeet Kune Do (Chinese: 截 道; Cantonese Yale: Jit6kyun4dou6; [tsìːt̚.kʰy̏ːn.tòu]), abbreviated JKD. Four ranges of JKD • Kicking • Punching • Trapping • Grappling According to Lee, this range of training serves to differentiate JKD from other martial arts. Lee stated that most but not all traditional martial arts systems specialize in training at one or two ranges. JKD wasn't developed until 1969. This footage was taken in 1967. JKD was a non-stop evolving art. Bruce was constantly adding new moves and taken away. In my opinion if Bruce was still alive JKD would be the baddest martial art of all time. Why do you ask? Because JKD was a never ending process and it was constantly evolving.

Jaysen Ortega : Bruce was and still is the best of all time. Comparing him to UFC is disgraceful. He was a real fighter. People challenged him all the time. Watch a biography or two people who really knew him will vouch. Who knows how much further his abilities would’ve gotten.

dieselrotor : I don't know, Bruce was a cerebral fighter. I think He would have made short work of today's MMA fighters and I think even at His age He would have been, if His back would have been 100%. Even then He would have been a force to be reckoned with I'm guessing. He was spooky mystic skilled. Great video, thanks for uploading.

Perry Morris Media : Consider, besides his phenom skills and knowledge of the martial arts, physically he was also superior and special than most people during that time. If he were still alive today, what makes us think he would not have evolved and still be ahead of most martial artists today. I give him credit that most martial artist today have inherited his genius!

PlanetJigobotTV : Bruce's kicks were so fast!!! Dame that jab was crazy. Right now Bruce Lee would be the greatest UFC trainer today.

Mike S : I don't know... His speed is definitely not better than a good boxer such as Pacman or Tyson in their primes. Both those men were fast with footwork and hands. I feel like Lee is over hyped by his former students without much video proof. Not to say he wasn't good. Just he isn't as good as his Legends say he is.

Spinning Back-Kick : Inconclusive. These are his students and he knows just about everything about them, so it wouldn't be hard to clown them. PLUS, they idolized him and sure as hell, not going to make him look bad, even if they could.

ALLAN FRASER : I don't see anything special here,,good sparing ,,but not great

Eric Wise : The Demetrius Johnson comment is just plain dumb.

bastiaan0741 : Bruce has such an elegant stance; as if he was fencing.

Jaxx : "What's up guys?" I came here to watch Bruce Lee, not listen to another narcissist youtube personality.

tommycorvette : LOL Bruce = fake movie star. Never won a tournament and no real fight footage. He would of got wrecked so bad in todays MMA world.

2Shot : Michael jai white would knock him out fast

dennis mcdade : ...truth: bruce lee was a superb and masterful Hollywood bullshit artist but a lousy actor with mediocre fighting skills...