Battle of Marawi
Battle of Marawi

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Witness how we rescued Marawi city under siege with over 1000 civilians held hostage by ISIS-inspired Maute Group. This was the longest and deadliest battle in the history of modern warfare in the Philippines since WW2. This is the original video created by Special Operations Command. Written, Edited, and Directed by a Marawi Veteran Himself, 1Lt. Bala Tamayo



joseph walls : You guys kicked ass!! Look to be well trained and disciplined. Respect from the USA

gmc 1570 : Well trained filipino soldiers. From Jungle to Urban warfare the real badass. Its seems, you can only see in the movie the BlackHawk Down.

Sanjok P. Limbu : Respect from Nepal (Gurkhas)🇳🇵🇵🇭

breyv bienfu : Ha... those ISIS dug their own grave. They messed with the wrong country this time..

geneil26 : 6:06 Shot in the face and hand, patched it up and went back to the front line. The other dude had bandages on an eye. Hats off to Philippine soldiers.

Komie : Holy shit even soldiers that are full of bandages are still fighting. They really want their land back. Salute to you.

Lykos : Respect to all those brave soldiers who fought for their people. Respect from Greece!!!

Anton J_Sangaji : Respect from indonesia to phillipines... 🙏

Akif the second : Respect to Philippines, from Turkey.

Gretchlouie Lumancas : as a member of the philippine army reading those comments feels overwhelemed ...thx guys

Walt Mello : I salute Filipino soldier from japan

FallenOak : The Philippines Is One Of Asias Most Well Trained Armys Ive Ever Seen Respect From Norway

Zeek zero : Filipinas Strong!!! Saludos de mexico!!

Naruto of the Leaf : well got to say, these are some badass warriors...... Respect from India🇮🇳🇵🇭

Radoslav Draganov : Salute to Philippines army, brave warriors fighting and sacrificing for their families and homeland! Respect from a Bulgarian

Danger Goose : Respect from Russia to all PH soldiers.

Boss Cogar : @6:08 Head bandaged up, arm in a sling, other guy's face is covered in bandages, and they're still in the fight. Those Filipinos got heart, man. That's some serious grit.

[FuZion] RealPieDiePew Robloxian : Philliphines army from different religion come as one to help hostages escape and flee from a terrorist terrotiry(bad english) was the only thing I like about Philliphines army. Huge respect from Singapore.

four threezee : The Filipino warriors are awesome! Much respect from the United States!!!

RamPaGx Gx : Man i thought this was a movie i am glad i clicked on it and the 1.9k people who disliked it must be isis fighters

Van Vu : Brave men of the Philippines, my deepest respect from Viet Nam. No terrorists in ASEAN. Period

Mohammed Jr : Respect from SOMALIA

メՏհíղíցɑʍí : They still fought even when theyre injured.. respect to u philippines

Icaro Andri : Heros!!respect from Brazil

Derek lone wolf : Nobody loves a soldier ! Till the Enemy is at the gates . Salute you guys 🇨🇦 expat 🇬🇧

Mark G : Respect from the US.....go get them and finish the job.

Alexander demoniac : All my respect to the fallen there, stay strong! Death to ISIS! Those monsters shall die! Respects from argentina

C.W.C Cheater Waifu Caretaker 10 Years old : *Respect from Belarus, Keep The Philippines more Powerful in the Future*

leobeagle R : Very sad that i have never heard about it in germany... Stupid newsletter hide everything.

Brain : Respect from America ✊

will m : My fiance was a nurse in that war. Living only a few miles from the area. Taking care of the wounded

Josip Bosnjak : Respect and love from Croatia and Austria! This is real loyalty to their families, homeland and life!

Mejai Crespo : Don't mess with our army. They maybe short in everything but never on courage.

Ryle Guiñez : Look at that Injured man at 5:46 he's still smiling

engine G : I always come back to watch this video My 1st cousin went to fight for our country Thank God he survived But he lost some of his friends My cousin has a wife and kids And his friends who died left them Rest in peace soldiers....

วรวิทย์ จุนเด็น : love Philippines from Thailand.

Роман Сергеевич : Be safe,brothers..... Ukraine

Henry McNeil : these philipinos are not only brave af but they're pretty good fighter too

Ronnie Dimaudtang : Salute to PHILIPPINE ARMY and to my DAD who fight ISIS in Marawi

Vishal k : We support and encourage , war against terrorism . Respect from India

Slushii's Sister : Don't underestimate the Philippine army! Respect from Japan!

梦鲲 : Respect from China

Snizzy_ Sufyxn1711 : OMG I feel so sad for men's who lost their life risking for their country. Respect to the Philippines from Singapore!

brother_ station : Great job brothers ❤️❤️ From iraq🇮🇶


Kriegen officer 056 087564 : Respect from Ireland 🇮🇪

RECKLESS V : Respect from 🇭🇹 Haiti

Celestine Maureen : Respect. All the way from Kenya.