Battle of Marawi

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Xyon : *This is the REALEST recent war footage* I have ever seen. This video presented ALL POV of the war.

Rational Viking : These guys are really well trained. Their professionalism is impressive.

I Am Not Amused : ISIS Commander: Ok what country should we invade next? ISIS member: (throws a knife at a world map, lands in the Philippines) You have your answer. ISIS Commander: Well then... (5 months later) ISIS Commander: (angrily points his gun) Next time we should decide using our brains and not your goddamn knife!!! ISIS member: coolitcoolitcoolitcoolit....

Gretchlouie Lumancas : as a member of the philippine army reading those comments feels overwhelemed ...thx guys

will m : My fiance was a nurse in that war. Living only a few miles from the area. Taking care of the wounded

Atlanta Light : This should be the next - Call of Duty: Battle for Marawi

Moistilicious : My brother went home after serving this godforsaken war and costs his left limb by a terrorist cannon explosion, and yet he still has the guts to smile in front of our parents, i asked him why and he said, you don't come home and get depressed on some senseless war, you smile to give hope for others in a way that tells individuals that we still have hope that glimmers in a middle of stormy a weather. - He was so mature now, used to remember playing with him on computer cafes playing battlefield games and such. Thank you brother, god bless you still exist today..

asviles gmailacct : Isis fucked up by trying to mess with the phillipino people. Respect from Texas.

Danger Goose : Respect from Russia to all PH soldiers.

The guy never been notice : Translation 1:45 Stay here before you leave 1:48 Try make a hole to see them 4:03 Go 6:14 You got hit? Note:Not all Filipino have same meaning per word different province have different meaning in their words

Ronin1706 : España con el pueblo Filipino.

Yogiyoboy : Huge respect from Indian, let terrorism end, support from INDIA

joseph walls : You guys kicked ass!! Look to be well trained and disciplined. Respect from the USA

Sanjok P. Limbu : Respect from Nepal (Gurkhas)🇳🇵🇵🇭

Zeke Zitch : İsis is not muslim. We need destroy them. Respect from Turkey! 🇹🇷

Donut Operator : This is the first time I've heard of this, great video.

Walt Mello : I salute Filipino soldier from japan

RamPaGx Gx : Man i thought this was a movie i am glad i clicked on it and the 1.9k people who disliked it must be isis fighters

leobeagle R : Very sad that i have never heard about it in germany... Stupid newsletter hide everything.

Van Vu : Brave men of the Philippines, my deepest respect from Viet Nam. No terrorists in ASEAN. Period

wahleed taula : Wow! actual war being filmed? This is very interesting. Salute to all PH soldiers!

kelechi View : Respect To all the fallen soldiers. They'll all be remembered.. Marawi was liberated. Greetings from NIGERIA. Philippine Soldiers.

Richard Chen : People who ask for war on the internet should see this and realize that war is not like games.

Алексей Фролов : Full support from Russia

Derek lone wolf : Nobody loves a soldier ! Till the Enemy is at the gates . Salute you guys 🇨🇦 expat 🇬🇧

gin pomelo : Grabe ang galawan at diskarte ng mga sundalo.. Ang galing.. Professional talaga.. Para sa bayan handa ialay ang kanilang buhay.. No retreat no surrender! Taas ng tingin ko sa inyo.. SALUDO SIR! 🇵🇭✊

Sibusiso Ndhlovu : These are true heroes! Much love from a South African brother!

Boss Cogar : @6:08 Head bandaged up, arm in a sling, other guy's face is covered in bandages, and they're still in the fight. Those Filipinos got heart, man. That's some serious grit.

Radoslav Draganov : Salute to Philippines army, brave warriors fighting and sacrificing for their families and homeland! Respect from a Bulgarian

w0w : Looks like the Navy Seals and Special Air Service needs these guys, respect from Britain.

purpleheiress : =....( thank you so much to all the soldiers who fought for our beloved country.

HSIAO-WEI LIN : I am a Taiwanese, I thank Philippines as our neighbor and fighting against terrorism

A. J. : I'm a little upset that while our US media tries to distract us with what and how Trump said something, there are real world situations like this happening. Hats off to these brave troops who risked their lives to liberate! -US Army Combat Veteran

C.W.C Cheater Waifu Caretaker 10 Years old : *Respect from Belarus, Keep The Philippines more Powerful in the Future*

Noah Sawyer : Respect from United States 🇺🇸

bak j : Damn Philippine soldiers were brave Respect from south Korea

Olich : Respect from Sweden these guys are true heroes

Pascal L. : oh gosh. Just have seen the video produced by Rappler Philippines (153 days of war in Marawi) last year but that one gives another terrifying insight into that conflict, the warfare in general and shows under what difficult and very dangerous circumstances Special Forces operate. And this with a clear head, a certain level of composure and precision. However, Thanks for that video. Even you might be a well trained member of the Philippine Special Forces that kind of operation does not pass without a trace at you and I hope you and your fellows are doing well after a year... RIP those killed in action. God bless you, your companions, your families and all the troopers worldwide fighting for peoples freedom, human rights and democracy...

baha ers : Respect from Türkiye


Savak : My respects to these heros/warriors

Mejai Crespo : Don't mess with our army. They maybe short in everything but never on courage.

Vont : all my respect from Chile philipines brothers

Josip Bosnjak : Respect and love from Croatia and Austria! This is real loyalty to their families, homeland and life!

梦鲲 : Respect from China

Prixon Priz : Wow I didn't knew our forces was strong damn

Paxion202 : One shouted “ you can’t beat the mujahadin “ then Bang! ahhhhh he was shot dead 💀

_ Iήsͥⱥnͣeͫ : well got to say, these are some badass warriors...... Respect from India🇮🇳🇵🇭

Sukma wijaya : much respect from indonesia, as an indonesian i feel shame some of this scum coming from our country. we're trully sorry for this.

sagidegon : Respect from Israel. Freedom isn't free