inside Chernobyl ЧАЭС sarcophagus 2016 - reactor #4 control room and lead-lined corridors
One of the best urban exploration videos in the world Chernobyl control room

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today, we're venturing into the "shelter object" via the "local zone"... for the last time before the area will be covered with the "new safe confinement". curious about the looks of the INTACT Chernobyl NPP control rooms? check my video including CR #3 here: this trip was a joint venture with Carl Willis, be sure to check out his youtube channel for more Chernobyl & radiation-related videos:


eee : You know it’s real when no one even puts graffiti on the walls.

Thanasis Georgiadis : Is Dyatlov still in the toilet?

loren lolita : I feel like my smartphone has been contaminated by playing the video

November Alpha : People roaming around... Reactor 4 : "am I a joke to you?""

Gustavo Luiz : he is delusional, take him to the infirmary

Ashton : How I shaved off 50 years of my life with this simple trick. Scientists hate him find out how with this one simple trick

Jeff D : 7:05 "12 millRoentgen? Not great, not terrible..."

Brian Austin : He actually said it...”not terrible” lol

Aleksandar Milvanovic : By tomorrow they will begging for that bullet!

Tim Mosley : Watching this just after watching the new Chernobyl series on HBO. Holy shit.. everything looks identical. Spooky yet very well done HBO. Can’t wait to keep watching more of this incredible series and incredible true story

Jason Goodacre : When your bored with Disneyland go to Chernobyl where the 6 foot mice are real.

Danijel Ćelić : Imagine you have a cancer 20 years after and then you remember the time you had a tour of Chernobyl

August Von Mackensen : Entire new generation of nuclear physicists brought to you by HBO, motivated by Chernobyl mini series...

MrBrownstone8881 : How does an RMBK reactor explode....? Lies... it explodes because of of lies.

Raphaël R. : nobody : Dyatlov in 1986 : Press AZ5 to pay respects

Vinicius Portugal : "Let's find some hotspots" * Alarm constantly beeping since the beginning of the video *

Hasn M. : "Do you taste metal?"

Charlie Cowie : Life expectancy down to 38 not great not terrible

James Bond : You did not see graphite on the ground !

Vlad Ratiu : not great, not terrible, I've been told entering the sarcophagus is the equivalent of a chest X-ray

Ziomek : Congratulations, you now have cancer. Task failed successfully.

tvdude29 : RBMK Reactors cannot explode, how many times do we have to say it! Now pump water into the core so we can all go home.

J& K : I always get the creeps knowing men who STARED into the reactor met up in that room to try and discus solutions to a problem no one had faced at this level...

Vac Singh : Everybody gangsta until dyatlov enters the room

kolboy757 : Looked up Chernobyl once, have been bombarded with recommended videos

Michael Martin : I enjoyed this visit more than you did, I'm not getting the radiation!

xed alpha : 'Lets find some hotspots!' How about no...

BigJoe6669 : you didn't see the control rod BECAUSE IT'S NOT THERE !!

bluedasher74 : I would be scared to go there even if the radiation levels have dropped during the last 30+ years.

A Blue Whale : I got radiation burns from watching this.. Where's my iodine pills 🤕

Syok : the thumbnail looks like a 90's point and click game

SWAPNIL MULAY : YouTube algorithm is hyped up to let everyone see Chernobyl. Recommending all the videos of Chernobyl

Jmont : "Not great, not terrible" this man predicted the show

ORLY DOTGIF : “Beautiful and creepy” she says as her chromosomes begin to literally deform due to radiation. Just wow.

really? : Dude, i can feel the radiation through my laptop screen

Traveller : Kid: "Mom! Flat Stanley came back to school today." Mom: "Great, so tell me where he went?" Kid: "Some place called Chernobyl." Mom: Ahhh, yeah...go take a shower, bury your clothes in the backyard, then take a shower again."

Giovani Mansani : "IT'S 15.000 ROENTGENS PER HOUR!"

DigiSpecMedia : For reference the meter she's using is measuring in microsieverts measuring the dose she's receiving. The show measures radiation exposure in Roentgens but a quick conversion of microsieverts/hr to Roentgen/hour reveals that 1 microsievert = 0.0001 Roentgen. The nearest roof to Chernobyls core was measuring at 12,000 Roentgen.

downgoesigby : The beeping and screaming radiation detecting instruments are anxiety-inducing.

Mario Gámez : 15 thousand Roentgens that is a mistake, it's 3.6 Roentgens because I said so...

NORML : You know that machine is yelling danger and your all just cool like the other side of the pillow... 😳

Sigma loves energy drinks : 99%:memes and series-realated stuff 1%: other comments

Jawbreaker Gito : Wow the tv mini-series of Chernobyl did a really good job on reconstructing Chernobyl

Klaüs Smooth : 0:35 Enters NPP *_IMMEDIATE STALKER NOISES_*

cioozawa : 04:54 push that button (AZ-5) Kamerad Toptunov

Kyle Gardner : 3.6 not great not terrible

Dan Druff : In mother russia, you react to reactor.

Lorena Jordan : I bet these radiation meters feel like "I'm telling you to get the hell out why aren't you moving?!"

tublue32 : 3.6 roentgens per hour. Not bad, not great.