powerful s u c c vacuum

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namd0l _ : Who's here after the Nyooooooooooom

W̶̷̲̅L̶̷̲̅O̶̷̲̅ғ̶̷̲̅ᴀ̶̷̲̅ɪ̶̷̲̅ʟ̶̷̲̅s̶̷̲̅ : 2 videos two years ago... wat happened to this channel?

Bitterfucker : *_succuum_*

Gorgo : This vacuum a THOT

NatCordian : How has this not blown up

Anabelle Talstein : What if they actually sounded like that.

Decayedgamer72 : *S U C C*

Scarlet Dreamer : the noise those mouth vacuum things at dentist places make (you know what i'm talking about right?)

LoneDestiny GT : Thot detection activated

Paul Godbee : S u c c c

KuraVoid : *a s m r*

Tzadok : Please more!!

TooRouxlsForKaards : succ is dead

lord of cats l : More like *S L U R P* vacuum

sharkmortal : I thought this was the Tubby Custard machine for a moment

nightlight. : *succ*

Elite : Thats a lotta S U C C

Soleil Way : *succ*

bert1029 : Sounds like the Noo-Noo from Teletubbies

Yikes : Oml this is quality

The Artistic Fellow : Me: What kinda of satisfying videos do you like? People that like satisfying videos: it’s complicated

Chipettes eat Chips : This guy did Asmr before it became a thing

whats my name? : I have this trash dyson vacuum, it sucks dont buy it

Metal__Steve : PLS MAKE MORE!!

Hawk 425 : what made me laugh is that i saw the description after watching the video XD

山本 静子 : The real question is why he stopped making videos. That was funny as hell

Iven Siller : Hell I just looked up how a vacuum sucks and decided to put succ and now I'm here

mashie07 : I have the 1st vacuum cleaner and will now make this noise when ever vacuuming ming

Poof Am Gone : 2 vids 10k sub commentary:*am i a joke to you?*

Ayesha Mulla : You had a chance of calling this video 'Succuum'

10,000 subscribers with no video’s Challenge : Mum: *goes past with the vacuum* Me: *starts laughing* Mum: what so funny. My brain: shlurrrp

9ine11ven : More videos more videos like if you want more videos becuz i wanna

Gwinzz7 : you acc made the video seem longer than 20 seconds, good job!

x_Yveltal : Some good ASMR

Captain Morgana : Yo dude why did u stop uploading likr people live this!!! Imma share theese 2 vids of urs!!!

Jake Miller : "We Succ Vaccuums. Because we succ more than any of our competitiors"

Thotslayer69696958695;595996959596959 : Amazing

Bunicu' Ungur : I feel more spiritually developed after watching this video

Коул ПАВ : With Dison digital motor, you can s u c c

RegoXera : that last one should have been a snort :^)

tAcO beLL : why is this so oddly satisfying...

Tony der Echteアンソニー・パベル : This Sounds like literally every hentai.

Violet Hiortdahl : I would buy a vacuum that makes this sound. can you imagine how quickly i could end awkward visits?

The90sBen788 : This channel needs more videos. We want more video dubs

Kobayashi 1121 : i don't want my vaccum to sound like that

Nosuuddo : this makes me mildly uncomfortable

Milannekuhh Games : Make more hahahhhahaah

Ray : Who needs a Roomba when you have this

pau : This is the Cain to nyoom's Abel