What If The US Paid Off Its Debt?

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UnFinishedCookie TM : Is it just me or does the audio seem a little weird? (Edit) not the Narrator but the audio itself

ATM GAMING : 6:53 for the answer. Your welcome.

MasterFlamaster : soooooo... The US is just a gianormous ponzi scheme but it's legal

Jason l : Why dose the title screen have two hawiis

Michael Miles : Can't be done under the Federal Reserve system. For every dollar in debt that is paid it's paid with a dollar that has debt attached

Wholesome Lad : Let's just take the debt... and push it over there!

Moe R : Do a video on what would happen if everyone took their money out of the banks.

G T : We borrow everyone else’s money, spend it on weapons, and now when they want the money back, we got the firepower to say no! 😂

Over Watch : Won’t ever happen. We are in the age of slave debt.

Che M : The U.S. will never pay off all of its debt...

Muhammad Wibowo : Dont waste your time guys 6:52

Evo296 : 6:53 *Not much* Other market will flourish. Spending on army, health care, school etc will be drastically down.

Incendiary Bullet : To the US player: Raise stability to 3 Get good allies Tech up if you haven’t Spend extra monarch points on dev Finish all colonies Declare bankruptcy

Tom Perrott : Narrated as irritatingly as a blackboard scratch, the channel could greatly benefit from improved prosody, or maybe accent.

james staggs : It's impossible to repay all of our debt due to how our money is created. As long as the Federal Reserve exists we'll be in debt. Oh and it's telling how you leave out things like entitlement spending from our bill. Yes, we spend far too much on defense, and I'm a former soldier, but we throw a ton of money away on plenty of other things besides our defense budget. Both need to be reigned in.

The Maniac : That's still cheaper than a student loan Edit: thank y'all for the likes, this is the most likes I've ever got I'm bilingual and you shouldn't be toxic about someone's grammar, my mother tongue isn't English

S H Ë P : *_Greece announces debt 2. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras sais it will be greater than before. Donald Trump supports this according to Forbes_*

Angie Ramos : United States: has a debt of 271 billion dollars Trump: Let’s shut down the government and built a wall that cost about 8 or 70 billion dollars

Jonathan Hughes : There will be no debt with ask and receive. No money - no debt.

StrangeLove : Your Audio Is Chopping off at regular intervals, either you didn't have a pop filter or your mic is gated. Sounds really off.

Frozenm16 : So the United States is a giant college student? *Dang....*

IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers : When you make a video in a submarine😃😂

Exosition : Our moneys value would drop extremely low you forgot that part lmao

arish maknojia : $1 trillion will be contribute by apple ;)


GoogIe+ : Fix your audio mate. It sounds absolutely rushed and terrible with those pops and volume spikes. Jesus.

Edward Swanson : you did a national debt video without mentioning social security and medicare? Military is like 20% of the budget. Also we had record tax revenue in 2017 WITH the Tax cut and jobs act in place.

Paracosm Pen : So my understanding is that US investors practically own the United States and create a system to make even more profit, sink the United States into more debt, and force policies that hurt businesses and the people.

Lele Tan at : Democracy 3 shows this very clearly its an underrated game

Jeff Anderson : “Debt is caused by tax cuts” I stopped watching the video once I heard that.

Old Man : $20 Trillion... I can find someone to pay that in exchange of Vbucks

juan felipe michel cors : I don't get it, debt to who?

Bob Crane : This didn't really say what would happen if the debt was paid off, just talked about the history of debt and how debts are closed. In theory, if the government stopped paying; after 7 years it would be non-collectible. If they got sued before 7 years, the courts are US courts and the judge might side with the US (unless he has US bonds that he needs, the gov't could tell Federal workers to sell their bonds, insider trading lol.)

banks615 : "U.S investors" aka the "federal" reserver

fz 69 : 5:14 demonetization symbol

Zackhario : The choppy audio is just awful, its giving me a headache. It needs a redo.

misterx zxc : And it's all because of WAR

Kent Harris : Cut the budget for all programs by 25% and eliminate those that have no constitutional right to exist and eliminate military involvement in other countries.

zepsett : Debt caused by tax cuts? While possible, not always true. Doesn't seem firm enough to include.

pobo1337 : Then we wont be in debt, what do you expect

LucioOh5 : Not even Thanos can make the debt disappear.

xnGwmes TM : what if the us paid off its debt: literally nothing lol

Dr WGA Labriskagni : My question is. What if one person had the means to pay off the debt singlehandedly? What would happen?

Rizix X : 3:52 bOOOnds

Bra Piaza : Expi-dent-sure. Who pronounces expenditure like that?

BarakaPlay : you guys need to reupload this video, the audio is really bad

Federico Zorrilla : I love the production quality of all your vids!

Unsuspecting Suspect : I wonder if a meteor hits directly in big city in US, how far debt will increase? Katrina hurricane for comparison

rdstirewalt : How did it get that high? Thank the dimocrats and traitor o.