What If The US Paid Off Its Debt?

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The Infographics Show : Is debt logic hard to understand? There's a lot of good comments on what debt is. Do you think you are good at balancing your finances?

The Bear Minimum : And yet I'm a bad guy for not making enough money to pay my student loans...my government is setting a terrible example.

WigWoo1 & Skip & Jay : So why don't debt collectors go against the entire country and just sue the country for not paying it? Can't we just declare bankruptcy to get rid of the debt?

tj o : So alot is owed to the uk? They are the BIGGEST foreign investor after all, with japan coming in 2nd. In too deep to pull out now. Plus you can't abandon family, even traitorous family! In it to win it ha

DarknessOverlord : Wait... Since 1776 we've spent 225 years in war and 21 in peace... thats 246 years total. Correct me if I'm wrong but 246 years after 1776 is 2022. Holy shit.... They're time travelers!

Terribly Charismatic Duck : 6:55 is the actual video's start.

BarakaPlay : you guys need to reupload this video, the audio is really bad

Millicent Sisavath : Not even 1 mention of Obama... lol

Steve Martin : Was going good until the clear political bias.

Austin Nichols : And that’s when I realized I just watched an 8 minute commercial

J Crouzer : I love how they show trump when mentioning that a president can come along and ruin good years towards lowering the debt. Not saying he wont add to the debt but come on. Obama added a massive amount to that debt during his presidency.

Mellow : It is impossible for the USA to pay off its debt, like physically impossible, the way our economy is setup there is ALWAYS more debt than money, ALWAYS. that is just the way our screwed up economy works.

willardx1234 : What BS propaganda

Micahmanx9 : 6:00 it should show Obama instead of Trump.

James 5373 : Liberals: DoN’T wOrRy GuYs We gOt ThIs

theslyn ic : You managed to leave out the part where john d rockefeller gave the united states millions to get out of debt (then we got ourselves back in debt again)

UnFinishedCookie TM : Is it just me or does the audio seem a little weird? (Edit) not the Narrator but the audio itself

Thomas Wills : So much misinformation here. Please fact check yourself next time.

sky choi : You know, in 6:03, you displayed Trump. Despite my libertarian beliefs and disagreements with Trump, you really should've displayed Obama

Viner Youlks : Yup show trump in the video not obama real smart

GoogIe+ : Fix your audio mate. It sounds absolutely rushed and terrible with those pops and volume spikes. Jesus.

Sam Selders : You mic is having "spasms"

Madhav Ram : This channel is now bs

Turner Wright : "Well organized" war on terror campaign? Is that supposed to be a joke?

marraskuunsade : You don't even understand how money works... The debt can never be paid back because the money system is built in a way that there will always be more debt than money in the world. All the money in the world couldn't cover all the debt that exists

LucioOh5 : Not even Thanos can make the debt disappear.

No Name : Thanks Obama.

IQ Game Master : So we’re not going to talk about how Obama put us $10 trillion more in debt...yep ok

Winter Haydn : "Hold on. Let me get this straight. The world is going "bankrupt", whatever the hell that means, because of this idea called "debt", which doesn't even exist in the physical reality. It's only part of a game that we've invented. And yet the well-being of billions of people is now being compromised. Extreme layoffs, tent cities, accelerating poverty, austerity measures imposed, schools shutting down, child hunger, and other levels of familial deprivation ... all because of this elaborate fiction. WHAT, ARE WE FUCKING STUPID?!"

Johnny Crollet : Ha don’t even attempt to say that trump is causing debt. Obama doubled our debt in his presidency. Trump is doing an amazing job slimming down our costs and making more money for us but he is continuously stopped by court. So sad to see how people keep blaming him for trying to fix what bad years Obama had.

Muhammad Wibowo : Dont waste your time guys 6:52

PoDuck : Tax cuts are never the cause of debt. When you go into debt, do you blame it on not making enough money? It is always excessive spending.

Tofutaco11 : And guess who doubled our debt from 10 to 20 Trillion in just 8 years of presidency? And who spent 2 Trillion in just their first year of presidency? That's right. Your favorite... OBAMA!

Tyler Denton : It’s called Obama

peeperpod : I'd like to know where they got this background music loop from... it does a nice job of making inflammatory statements almost sound true..

The Maniac : That's still cheaper than a student loan Edit: thank y'all for the likes, this is the most likes I've ever got I'm bilingual and you shouldn't be toxic about someone's grammar, my mother tongue isn't English

Justin Kasey : Why is Trump depicted when talking about one president going on a spending spree? It seems rather disingenuous or have you already forgotten Obama and what he did to the debt?

Winter Haydn : "If all debts were paid off, there would be no money in existence." -Zeitgeist:Addendum, documentary

Chris Maatouk : Obama added 9.3 trillion dollars in debt, almost as much as every president before him combined, but no mention of him *shows image of Trump insinuating a crashing economy* tho Trump's economy is the best the US has had. So fair

THEGREATR8 : Never trust a edited comment

Wholesome Lad : Let's just take the debt... and push it over there!

James Clack : This sounds like a short politically charged video. I don’t think this is a subject that can be fully explained in under 10 minutes. The whole debt issue is a multi-multi-spoked issue that would take years to unravel.

SPACE DOG LUL : USA is a mess

Caleb Andre : Lets all remember that Obama and Bush caused most of the debt.


Zackhario : The choppy audio is just awful, its giving me a headache. It needs a redo.

David Prebble : President Trump will likely reduce the debt at current spending levels. He has strengthened the US economy so much that the debt will soon be a tiny percentage of GDP.

Lbertarian Armed Fight : 2:55 1835 US debt and expenditure on social assistence systems would rise, SKYROCKET, after civil war. thanks to Linlcom, He ended from day to night slavery, and created at the same time a new giant layer of misery and other social problems in US society to pay, for forever.

Cameron Pitcher : ITS CALLED A FEDERAL FUCKING RESERVE, they are printing off more and more money, they did it during the Vietnam war primarily. The installation of a FEDERAL reserve, caused the debt to skyrocket, you can especially see it in canada, when the privatized their reserve in 1974, pierre Trudeau btw, it sky rocketed in 1975, so it is not spending on the military, which is good for the economy, it is the FEDERAL reserve, so end the fed, simple solution.

A nonymous : Obama doubled up...