What If The US Paid Off Its Debt?

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The Infographics Show : Is debt logic hard to understand? There's a lot of good comments on what debt is. Do you think you are good at balancing your finances?

The Bear Minimum : And yet I'm a bad guy for not making enough money to pay my student loans...my government is setting a terrible example.

IQ Game Master : So we’re not going to talk about how Obama put us $10 trillion more in debt...yep ok

Sam Selders : You mic is having "spasms"

Chris Maatouk : Obama added 9.3 trillion dollars in debt, almost as much as every president before him combined, but no mention of him *shows image of Trump insinuating a crashing economy* tho Trump's economy is the best the US has had. So fair

Lbertarian Armed Fight : 1:41 War on Terror -> the biggest lie and manufacturated false flag in US history.

BarakaPlay : you guys need to reupload this video, the audio is really bad

Turner Wright : "Well organized" war on terror campaign? Is that supposed to be a joke?

Micah Sidwell : 6:00 it should show Obama instead of Trump.

PoDuck : Tax cuts are never the cause of debt. When you go into debt, do you blame it on not making enough money? It is always excessive spending.

Mellow : It is impossible for the USA to pay off its debt, like physically impossible, the way our economy is setup there is ALWAYS more debt than money, ALWAYS. that is just the way our screwed up economy works.

James 5373 : Liberals: DoN’T wOrRy GuYs We gOt ThIs

Viner Youlks : Yup show trump in the video not obama real smart

iSolar : AKA OBAMA

Truth and Downfall : This is entire video is so disingenuous. War is making up a tiny fraction of why the us is in debt. At 1:47 they say the total cost of war on terror is 1.9trillion. However the us is in debt to the tune of 20 trillion. So where do the other 18.1 trillion come from? The answer is Welfare. But why care about facts. Muh poor people needz da money.

Muhammad Wibowo : Dont waste your time guys 6:52

Michael Miles : Can't be done under the Federal Reserve system. For every dollar in debt that is paid it's paid with a dollar that has debt attached

Trecker : I primarily blame national debt on the legislature, not the executive. Starting at the end of the bush presidency and continuing until now, the legislature has failed to compromise and pass budgets, instead pursuing partisan agendas exclusively, then u-turning to completely different agendas when the next party comes to power. War - pull out - beef up. Trillions wasted when a unified decision may have cost a lot less. Health care - privatize - nationalize - privatize, leaving us with a system that serves no one. Most other nations with private health care carry the compromise that employers pay health care costs. Most nationalized health care systems shoulder the bulk of health care burdens. In the US, everyone is required to pay for some form of health care privately. Those that can't afford it pick a do-nothing option that gets insurance providers rich, than avoid hospitals when injured for fear of bankrupting their loved ones. Unsustainable mess due to conflicting agendas that costs the government money for nothing. Add to that the fact that taxes haven't increased since WW2. The government can't make money and be re-elected. And we have a recipe for debt, regardless of which president watches over what's happening in congress.


Andrew screen : i like how they show trump when talking about spending money when obama doubled the national debt and didn't even benefit us much and trumps added almost nothing ( also i am being sarcastic lol i don't like it)

GoogIe+ : Fix your audio mate. It sounds absolutely rushed and terrible with those pops and volume spikes. Jesus.

Jackson Oaks : far Too bias. For instance, the mention that the government should reduce military tax spending to boost other industries is ridiculous for the reason that the government is only supposed to provide protection and law enforcement. It's also ridiculous for the reason that in 2017 some stats show it took up 15% of the total federal budget while welfare spending took up around 37% Also what was with the claim that tax cuts cause an increase in debt? Seeing as whenever we cut taxes it is followed by great economic growth?

Edward Swanson : you did a national debt video without mentioning social security and medicare? Military is like 20% of the budget. Also we had record tax revenue in 2017 WITH the Tax cut and jobs act in place.

A nonymous : Obama doubled up...

SteakFries69 : Why not to double check the audio quality before uploading the video? The audio sucks

Zackhario : The choppy audio is just awful, its giving me a headache. It needs a redo.

nathan carr : They just had to put that ugly picture of trump

2K Subscribers No Videos ? : We The People will not be held accountable for debt of its corrupt government. We The People will not tolerate the treasonous acts committed upon us. We The People will not justify the actions of its tyrannical government. 🇺🇸We The People 🇺🇸 📜

S.A : Theres nothing hard to understand when you study who the debt is to... its just somehow ‘anti-semitic’ to possess or mention such knowledge... liberty by the balls lol

rolay 7 : Why aren't we taxing churches if this is so bad?

UnFinishedCookie TM : Is it just me or does the audio seem a little weird? (Edit) not the Narrator but the audio itself

Psaikodelik : 1.9 Trillion is located in the pockets of Lockheed, George Bush, Bin Laden Family, Saudi Princes, Bank CEOs and other crazy rich individuals around the world. Seize that money instead of increasing taxes and condemning people into student loans, mortgages, health debts etc

Yazeed : Most of us debt 68% is debt held by the USA citizens which includes government liabilities towards population.

Tankertang : Oh yeah yeah

Method9 : Stop creating your own currency as debt at interest to private banks with deceitful names.

The Maniac : That's still cheaper than a student loan Edit: thank y'all for the likes, this is the most likes I've ever got I'm bilingual and you shouldn't be toxic about someone's grammar, my mother tongue isn't English

Bryan McIntosh : There is so much wrong with this video. the very first is that we should pay off the debt. First question is federal debt actual bad, or conversely, is paying of the debt good. The answer to what happens if we pay of the debt. it would most likely trigger the collapse of the global banking system. US treasuries are the foundation of banking system. they are the worlds savings. Banks cannot survive without them. we would have to create some new financial instrument that behaves the same way. Take down this video.

billy20069 : No mention of Obama yet his name is synonymous with debt.....feel like that was intentional....

Vote Your Conscience : It won’t happen until the Libertarian Party is in office. Adam Kokesh for president

Robert Taylor : Why don't they force the banks to subsidize the country's debt at super low interest rates to help compensate for that crap they pulled? The auto industries can help too, they have financing departments lol. Just chip away over time, we will pay less interest.

Wholesome Lad : Let's just take the debt... and push it over there!

Abrams Zahid : I wonder if a meteor hits directly in big city in US, how far debt will increase? Katrina hurricane for comparison

Max SMoke : Before Obama it was 10 Trillion, after nearly 20 Trillion. That's a rise of over 1 Trillion for EVERY YEAR he ran things. Despite the leftist idiot that animates these was implying, under Trump it's gone up 1 Trillion in almost 3 years. Under Bush senior, it started to drop. Every time the GOP is running things, it slows or even drops. Why is this even debated?? This is not an argument leftists want to have, they will lose BIG.

arish maknojia : $1 trillion will be contribute by apple ;)

ewafnfgaweiawe : Downvoting this for not showing Obama the Marxist. His college education alone is also known as $0 a year, Professional shit disturber i.e. Protester organizer. Nothing in Obama's education points to job creation. It's straight up underwater basket weaving compared to Trump.

LucioOh5 : Not even Thanos can make the debt disappear.

Maria Beloreshka : Talk about Obama

Jeff Neely : What are you talking about... Trump has not added a single dollar to our deficit if anything he's gotten us out of debt. Did you not think when you made this video, or are you trying to push your biased political opposition through this video. This is exactly what Trump would say fake news. You forgot Obama added 10 trillion dollars in debt. Shame on you you libtard

Just Me : If US starts paying debt!??! THEY WILL CAUSE WW3-classic america

Lbertarian Armed Fight : 2:55 1835 US debt and expenditure on social assistence systems would rise, SKYROCKET, after civil war. thanks to Linlcom, He ended from day to night slavery, and created at the same time a new giant layer of misery and other social problems in US society to pay, for forever.