FIRST EVER Doppelgänger DNA test - Twin Strangers

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For the first time ever we've decided to conduct a DNA test on a Twin Strangers Pair! Niamh Geaney and her third doppelganger Irene Adams were both tested to find out if they're: - Sisters - Half-sisters - Related in anyway up to 20,000 years ago. The results are in and we present them to you now!

Comments from Youtube

SAK- SOON : I feel bad for my doppelganger because I'm not pretty 😶 I hope she has better life at least!

RobinThangMusic : I really wanna see someone who look like me

Celineee * : Wait what if the person reading the comment is my doppelgänger and I’ll never know it

Catti Rae : At least they get along better then Elena and Katherine 🤔

LeyLey : You guys should switch lives for a day to see if anyone notices.

Zara Jones : I feel there should be like a website trying to find your doppelgänger that would be pretty cool

63142 : I have a doppelganger living in the same small town . We have never met. I seem to always miss her by about 5 to 10 minutes. I get questions like, Did you forget something ? One cashier said You guys must eat a lot of food, this is the second time today you bought a cart full of groceries. Then I have to explain that there is a lady in town that looks just like me but I have never met her. I have even had people tell me wow your hair grows really fast, didn't you just get a hair cut?

uh : I probably wouldn’t even recognize my own doppelganger because I might view myself different than what I actually look like Low self esteem does that to you lmao

Pat rice : How do we know they're not Twins trolling the internet?

Merz : So good to know that someone out there is just as ugly as me

Southernburrito : THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE! FIGHT!!!

MissAriix : Who else thought about the Vampire Diaries??

Nya Smith : I met my doppelganger at camp. We looked EXACTLY alike, we were the EXACT SAME AGE, we we're both born on March ninth, 2004, I was born at 11:32, she was born at 11: 37. What are the odds?

konamiboy : The probability of make-up relationship is 99.99%

sooz lecter : You can't just look the same and tell me you're not even related

Tall Random Guy : I'm 6'9" with red hair and a birthmark on my cheek. I'm pretty sure I don't have a doppelganger 😂

MissDiamond YT : They don't even look alike. They only have the same clothes, makeup and hairstyle

Its Jenna : I have a twin so i guess my twin has a twin and i have another twin

Russell Singh : I feel sorry for someone who looks like me

Thomas Jansen : "Not related up to 20.000 years ago" The blue eye Gene is only 6000-10.000 years old, so well done I guess.

jimmyfly : I took a picture of a woman at a party and sent it to a friend, asking why his wife was there but he wasn’t. He sent back a picture of him sitting next to his wife, saying she wasn’t at the party, she was with him. But the picture I sent looked so much like his wife that they came to the party to meet her... they look like they could be twins, but they’re not related at all.

cam : I wouldn’t call her a doppelgänger, but when I was 14, I once saw a girl, about 8 years old, that looked just like me when I was 8 years old. I didn’t notice her at first but my friend tapped my shoulder and said, “Am I tripping or is that you from a few years ago?” And when I looked up she was staring right at me and that poor girl looked so much like my past self that I thought that was some ghost or something lmao ok story over have a blessed day

Wolf Haley : I mean, let’s be honest and say you don’t look that alike. Make up and camera angles will do that for you. I’m sure if you met these two in person they’d look entirely different

Leens : I would feel really bad for anyone who looks like me tbh.😂😂😂

Amalicious xx : I found my aunt’s friend’s doppelgänger at school, I told my aunt that I saw her friend working at school. I talked to her doppelgänger and she said that she was not the person I was talking about. AND I WAS LIKE WTFF IN MY HEAD

wayamayafey : I've never met anyone who looked like me that would be so trippy

Jane Know It All : Haplogroup is just maternal lineage. I read some theories recently that everyone in the USA is at least 10th cousins and we're all probably 16th cousins. As for twin strangers... I've seen so many of my twins that I asked my parents if they were into some werid shit back in the 70s ;)

Editors (Philosophy Now) : I sat down on the bus and looked around. There was someone who looked exactly like me! I was completely beside myself!

Armchair Christian : I mean take the makeup off and we might be able to really tell lol amirite my guys

All Things With Leo : When I was in 8th grade I played volleyball and I literally met my doppelgänger on the opposing team lmao except she was superrr tall! Everyone was like omg jasmine she’s your twin it was weird

Marieles Mystic Music : Actually you guys could be related. The information about the haplogroup is extracted in females from the mitochondrial DNA which you only inherit from your mothers side. So you could be related from your fathers side.

Johnny Jacob : Do u know why they say there are 7 people in the world who looks like you..... Because ur one in a billion....

Dian Ayu Merdekawati : I have found my twin, and she become my best friend now ! Even we are not related ! So happy to find her

peg jones : I have an old Masters picture of my granddaughter when she was 11,painted around 1890,I got print when she was 7 and at 11 she looked just like it!

this charming woman : A friend sent a picture of a girl to our groupchat and at first I thought "When did I take that picture?" and that's how I found my doppelganger. Weirdly my sister went to the same high school as my doppelganger(after she graduated) and everyone asks her if she's the sister of my doppelganger-my sister looks a lot like me too- anyway dna is weird

Blake Vernon : They don't look that much like each other. If it wasn't for the same haircut and outfits they wouldn't look as similar as they do.

Temisnotonfire : Apologies to anyone who looks like me

Flippaskip Skipparooni : The fertile crescent is in the middle east tho.

Carl : I want my three minutes back.

Keith French : Having different haplogroups does not mean you are not related.

haley mckenzie : hey if anyone is my doppelgänger reply to this comment!! 😂😂

Chalky : I feel sorry for any of my doppelgangers.

Sagilicious looshish : 😱😱 I have a doppleganger too! Seriously she even lives here in the same town. I only know because strangers have cam to me asking me how I've been or ask how I'm doing. I'm like who are you? But try not too be's a odd situation. It'd be soo trippy to be face to face with her. 😯

RENEE_FAITH 702 : Great video. I have a twin who lives in Vegas. 1990 to 2000 I was mistaken for someone else. My own friends back then said they saw her and went up to her thinking it was me. LoL Onetime my friend thought I was joking when my twin said my name was Lisa. Too funny. I even had to prove to someone I wasn't this Lisa person. Had to show my license. Hahaha.

Smith Hoowe : Those two are too adorable, just be sisters anyway lol

Mzaahir H : I hope to god i can bump into my doppelganger self, itd be amazn let alone itll be mad af

noah : Plot twist : they are twins in real life but they are paid to act like this


Aalia Hasan : Was wondering about this in my genetic's class!!! Wait Did my phone heard me ?why is this in recommendations ....bit scary😂