FIRST EVER Doppelgänger DNA test - Twin Strangers

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RobinThangMusic : I really wanna see someone who look like me

SAK- SOON : I feel bad for my doppelganger because I'm not pretty 😶 I hope she has better life at least!

Meow Rchl : IVE ALWAYS WANTED TO FIND MY TWIN!!!!!!! THIS IS LITERALLY MY DREAM!!! did you take both your DNA and put it on top on another???

MissDiamond YT : They don't even look alike. They only have the same clothes, makeup and hairstyle

Tall Random Guy : I'm 6'9" with red hair and a birthmark on my cheek. I'm pretty sure I don't have a doppelganger 😂

sooz lecter : You can't just look the same and tell me you're not even related

Southernburrito : THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE! FIGHT!!!

The 80's Wolf : Not the same chin, mouth, nose, eyes, eyebrows etc. Clickbait

Prath Andres : No joke, I actually met my dobbelgänger when I was on a class trip 8 years ago. His class mates and my classmates freaked out, he used glasses though.. Wish we took picture or something.

bogs : I mean, let’s be honest and say you don’t look that alike. Make up and camera angles will do that for you. I’m sure if you met these two in person they’d look entirely different

Lloyd _ : I look like a failed attempt at making a man

Angel Lee : Am I the only one that is sexually attracted to myself? I would hookup with myself lol Where is my Doppelgänger?!

Midousuji Akira : Dang my doppelgängers are lucky to share this face

Merz : So good to know that someone out there is just as ugly as me

wayamayafey : I've never met anyone who looked like me that would be so trippy

Catti Rae : At least they get along better then Elena and Katherine 🤔

Evan Westmoreland : I mean take the makeup off and we might be able to really tell lol amirite my guys

cra0cristal : Fun story for you guys: I live in south america. I used to date one guy who went to live in England for a year. he found my doppelganger in London.... and found her very attractive as well and hooked up with her for a while. I can say he has a type hahahaha

littleteethkeith : My Dobbleganger is a unfortunate homely woman who works at a gas station and lives two states away from me. I got hosed.

Celineee * : Wait what if the person reading the comment is my doppelgänger and I’ll never know it

MissAriix : Who else thought about the Vampire Diaries??

Saff A : I’m a girl and I found my doppelgänger on some meme page on instagram😭 It’s a disabled, bold kid, (a boy), doesn’t have any teeth and doesn’t speak English but he looks so much like me it’s scary. When I first saw the video I thought it was me. Crazy

The President of The Internet : Sorry but those geographical DNA tests are total bullshit - somebody did one with a group of Aussie Aboriginals and it had them from Russia, Europe, Africa etc which is literally impossible - its pseudo science to sell you on globalism

Amanda Sheep : I used to always get confronted by people saying they saw me at parties, the sidewalk or a concert. It was always infrount of my bf. Ha. Apparently my doppelganger lives close by and has more of a life than I do!

Its Jenna : I have a twin so i guess my twin has a twin and i have another twin

63142 : I have a doppelganger living in the same small town . We have never met. I seem to always miss her by about 5 to 10 minutes. I get questions like, Did you forget something ? One cashier said You guys must eat a lot of food, this is the second time today you bought a cart full of groceries. Then I have to explain that there is a lady in town that looks just like me but I have never met her. I have even had people tell me wow your hair grows really fast, didn't you just get a hair cut?

Jack Lyons : All a mitochondrial haplogroup is is your maternal line (your mother’s mother’s mother’s mother etc. etc.) so even your paternal first cousin wouldn’t have the same haplogroup as you. In fact, my cousin who’s the offspring of my father’s sister AND my mother’s brother doesn’t have the same maternal haplogroup as me. I believe all Europeans share a common ancestor in the 1400s if the math holds water.

this charming woman : A friend sent a picture of a girl to our groupchat and at first I thought "When did I take that picture?" and that's how I found my doppelganger. Weirdly my sister went to the same high school as my doppelganger(after she graduated) and everyone asks her if she's the sister of my doppelganger-my sister looks a lot like me too- anyway dna is weird

LeyLey : You guys should switch lives for a day to see if anyone notices.

Jazzy-J X : Ugh, I wanna find my twin.

Vercingetorix : I think you misunderstand what haplergoup means.

Hello People : I look a lot like many people I have been mistaken for others plenty of times

Bea Co : Had a co-worker who has a doppelganger. One day , someone walked up to my co-worker, called the doppelganger's name , and then slapped my co-workers face. What if your doppelganger is known to you, lives nearby but is not leading a good life ? I have never met my doppelganger, and don't want one, at least not living anywhere near me. Never know what their life is like. You may be mistakenly​ identified and face negative consequences from other people. Who wants an evil twin, look a like walking around.

Jenni royce : my mom always told me that there are 7 other people in this world that look like me

Watermeloon : They both are European and Idk but someone told me you have to live across the world to have a doppelgänger.

jimmyfly : I took a picture of a woman at a party and sent it to a friend, asking why his wife was there but he wasn’t. He sent back a picture of him sitting next to his wife, saying she wasn’t at the party, she was with him. But the picture I sent looked so much like his wife that they came to the party to meet her... they look like they could be twins, but they’re not related at all.

han solo : One of my brothers met his doppelganger a couple months ago, the resemblance was so striking that both guys just stopped and looked at each other for a moment, and at the same second asked each other's last name. The weird part is, it's the same last name. True story, hand to god.

Mzaahir H : I hope to god i can bump into my doppelganger self, itd be amazn let alone itll be mad af

Temisnotonfire : Apologies to anyone who looks like me

Smith Hoowe : Those two are too adorable, just be sisters anyway lol

zeryphex : Just means that Niamh Geaney and Irene Adams have similar homeobox genes or hox genes. Their genomes dictate their same eye color, shape/size of each facial feature, where it's placed, how it's placed, etc ... and they just happen to coincide. Besides the "looks" genes ... the insides of their bodies are probably different ... like maybe blood type, what they are each allergic to, who their ethnic ancestors were, types of metabolisms, personalities, etc.

finsclapping : I can make a mate of mine dress up like a clown and dress myself up with an identical costume and on that basis get a DNA test to see if we are related? Girls. You dress the same, that's not the same as having the same genetics.

Dian Ayu Merdekawati : I have found my twin, and she become my best friend now ! Even we are not related ! So happy to find her

Russell Singh : I feel sorry for someone who looks like me

Chris Bishop : That was interesting. Thank you 👍

RandomNest : That is wild!!! They look identical.. Mind blowing! 🤯

Wolfie _the_wolf_fox : I met mine in the mirror

Alexandra Blanco González : My Doppelgänger anywhere?😂 P.D.: I'm so sorry for her jaja.

Laura Furlan : Lol I look like kaia gerber 😂💀

Fame Violet : That’s what I am about to say cause Mesopotamia and South west Asia is just the same region, so maybe their ancestors are related and their ethnic background years ago are the same, so there’s a chance they are from the same people back then. For me, they kinda look like they have Israelites or Egyptian ancestors based on their features and their data did show it. They both do look and have middle eastern origins.