Liam Gallagher Vs Cute Kids

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Witness the breaking of the internet as Noisey invites a gang of cute kids to ask rock’n’roll icon Liam Gallagher any questions they want. They discuss everything from naughty brothers with small feet to whether humans can fly and whether Liam gets treats after a show. Thanks to ACE Hotel, London You Should Subscribe Here Now: ** Subscribe to Noisey on YouTube to stay updated on our daily releases: Videos, daily editorial and more: Like Noisey on Facebook: Follow Noisey on Twitter: Read our tumblr: Check out our Instagram: More videos from the VICE network:

Comments from Youtube

TheShadowProtocol : "Do you get sweets?......Yeah, sort of" HAHAHAHAH

First Last : "I had a brother" hahaha

TwixtheWizard : "do you get sweets after" "Sort of" Hahaha Drugs.

grindcoremaniac : That was great. I love that the kids were pissing him off talking about Noel

Beatle Stories : Very funny. Liam seems a lovely bloke

Chris Kasatka : The Gallagher brothers could spend the rest of their lives doing interviews and no one would get bored.

Afrizal Hakim : That kid Mia, she's too cute even Liam cant be mad at her

Lane Boy : Our Kid Vs Cute Kids

John Gallagher : Noels about your height and shoe size... LMFAO brilliant

Jelle Lemstra In Gesprek Met Zichzelf. : This is the first Liam Gallagher video without the cursing from him all the time you know what i mean? xD

Yung Rythian : “Right, go on then.”

PaulMcCartney4Ever12 : "You're very naughty" "OK." hahahahahaha

Mo 2k : I like that these are normal kids not weird woke ones from America who would ask about bitcoin impact on global warming and hemp clothing

Ben shawyer : what a decent man Liam is ... National treasure

blipzey : Mans not hot brap brap brap haahahaha

phan is not debatable : the best video on the internet

Alan Rodrigo : Saddest moment when he says "I HAD a brother". Really painful to hear, for the ones who love them :(

Khal Drogo : Mia can melt your heart off

MikerLiker97 : Good player that Sergio Aguri lad

Eliza F : See even these kids understand Liam perfectly and there are adults who can't understand him at all 🙄😒

Warren Chrismas : "Mummy says you're my dad...."

He Man : Legend has it, that Liam released 100 swear words after this interview that he was holding in

Nowheremovies : 0:18 rip in piece headphone users

Val : "What's the song?" Oasis... 😂😂😂

Mr A : The ending, "Mans not hot, Brap, Brap, Brap" 😂

Rodrigo Casagrande : "sergio agüero.. hat trick hero"... nice present from the fart's kid

Jayant Bakshi : 03:08 Liam makes a Live Forever reference. Pity no one got it in the comments.

Ed Zehoo : That's not Liam Gallagher. I didn't hear a single F-Bomb throughout the interview.

Camila Diana : Best video ever!!! It’s killing me! “Do you work for The Sun?” Hahahahahahaha

Anita Septiani : I think they're the same age thats why they get along

Jac S : 1:28 this girl is too cute!!!!

Bubblez Beano : I think Liam may have found a vocation that truly honours his natural talents: being an obnoxious clown at children's birthday parties.

internetmaster1 : I almost thought that kid was going to say Gorillaz but that would be an obvious prank wouldn't it?

HMat : *I had a brother*

Juunasd : Sort of... 😂

J R : Whoever thought of this is a genius

Alex Turner : "Do you get sweets?......Yeah, sort of" If you know what I mean...

Noël : This is the best thing ever. A kid being interviewed by other kids LOL. I love him. I love the way he said he's nauthty Y de repente comentario en español aparece cuando Liam dice Sergio Aguero!. VAMOS ARGENTINA!

Billy Reed Music : "Do you get sweets after?'re very naughty!" Lol!!!! These kids are so cute!!!

Shiloh : *Kevin Spacey Vs Cute Kids*

Vegas Martino : These kids are straight savages mocking his Man City off like that lol

Kris Owens : Big Shaq, please give Mia your jacket

Max Shatford : “you lost against liverpool” - lost against wigan too mate

La Porta D : The best is the brap brap brap girl. Hands down.

Pete Zatyme : Mans not hot, brap brap brap....😂😂😂

Nikki Mc : I’ve watched this about five times and I can’t stop smiling

Scrubbini : I love Liam Gallagher

samo vlogs : We don’t deserve Mia

Andreia Belesa : This just proves how kind and nice Liam is. He is unique ♥️