Liam Gallagher Vs Cute Kids

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First Last : "I had a brother" hahaha

D : The ending got me, nice edit guys!

TheShadowProtocol : "Do you get sweets?......Yeah, sort of" HAHAHAHAH

Ben shawyer : what a decent man Liam is ... National treasure

Beatle Stories : Very funny. Liam seems a lovely bloke

blipzey : Mans not hot brap brap brap haahahaha

Josh Reeves : Baby Minnie Driver had all the questions lol

TwixtheWizard : "do you get sweets after" "Sort of" Hahaha Drugs.

phan is not debatable : the best video on the internet

Michael floyd : Jared fogle vs CuTe KiDs

internetmaster1 : I almost thought that kid was going to say Gorillaz but that would be an obvious prank wouldn't it?

Mr ASG : The ending, "Mans not hot, Brap, Brap, Brap" 😂

JLT1998 : I can only imagine how fucked off Liam is about Wigan. Imagine if they did this Q&A after that game, he'd probably drop kick one of the toddlers

ThAdonis : Take Me is a tune.

Ape Boy Lou : How does Big Shaq always end up in the conversation

Juunasd : Sort of... 😂

Rythian : 6ix9ine vs cute kids

MadferitEurope : We love you Liam!

Rythian : “Right, go on then.”

MikerLiker97 : Good player that Sergio Aguri lad

Eliza F : See even these kids understand Liam perfectly and there are adults who can't understand him at all 🙄😒

John Gallagher : Noels about your height and shoe size... LMFAO brilliant

Davide Tela : *Ahahahahah number 1.*

grindcoremaniac : That was great. I love that the kids were pissing him off talking about Noel

Nowheremovies : 0:18 rip in piece headphone users

Max Shatford : “you lost against liverpool” - lost against wigan too mate

Universalgleam : This is great.

Marc-André Giroux : I'm having a shit week and this made me feel good for a few minutes.

Jac S : 1:28 this girl is too cute!!!!

Scrubbini : I love Liam Gallagher

Shane Phillips : That was funny do u get sweets after u play a concert sort of that was hilariuos

Jake : Did anyone else see the title and think it was Shameless?

Afrizal Hakim : That kid Mia, she's too cute even Liam cant be mad at her

Jelle Lemstra In Gesprek Met Zichzelf. : This is the first Liam Gallagher video without the cursing from him all the time you know what i mean? xD

PaulMcCartney4Ever12 : "You're very naughty" "OK." hahahahahaha

chescarino : had a brother?! he's not fucking dead

Andreia Belesa : This just proves how kind and nice Liam is. He is unique ♥️

Ricer Vapestain : Mans not hot, brap brap brap....😂😂😂

Celestial Teapot : Have you been CRB checked?

Moonlightslullaby : MADE MY DAY (not week though 'cause I'm seeing Liam on Saturday hahah)

Bubblez Beano : I think Liam may have found a vocation that truly honours his natural talents: being an obnoxious clown at children's birthday parties.

Cc dcf : Take me is actually in my top 15 favourite oasis songs

J R : Whoever thought of this is a genius

Khal Drogo : Mia can melt your heart off

fede018 : 2:20 that kid actually looks like Noel when he was a kid in that old photograph

タナカスズキ : I never can imagine Liam watching Finding Nemo

Alejandro Lopez Giungi : Seryo auwero

chaoticfirearm : Had me legit laughing

RhythmGrizz : Legendary

ゼノンZeno : *Kevin Spacey Vs Cute Kids*