Choice Paralysis - Too Much of a Good Thing - Extra Credits
Choice Paralysis Too Much of a Good Thing Extra Credits

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Game designers must decide how to segment and present choices so that the player isn't overwhelmed. From character creation to strategy, there's a lot of complexity to the user experience. Also, this is Dan's last Extra Credits episode. Next week we'll be introducing a new narrator/show host, Matt. Thanks to Daniel and Carrie Floyd for making Extra Credits awesome all these years. Subscribe to Extra Credits for more episodes every Wednesday! ___________ Get your Extra Credits gear at the store! Watch more episodes from this season of Extra Credits! Thanks for participating in this week's discussion! We want you to be aware of our community posting guidelines so that we can have high-quality conversations: Contribute community subtitles to Extra Credits: Talk to us on Twitter (@ExtraCreditz): Follow us on Facebook: Get our list of recommended games on Steam: ___________ Would you like James to speak at your school or organization? For info, contact us at: ___________ ♪ Intro Music: "Penguin Cap" by CarboHydroM ♪ Outro Music: “Secret 1000cc Mode” by CarboHydroM


TierZoo : Wow, bittersweet ending. Looking forward to seeing what you do next! I'll miss hearing you on EC!

ShyPoke : "Hey I haven't watched Extra Credits in a while, let's see what's going on." "I'm leaving Extra Credits." "Oh..."

Micko Dooku : I think that the announcement of Dan's departure should have been a bit less hidden in a random video

Conroy Paw : Oh man... your voice is what got me hooked on Extra History. I will miss you.

Henry Allen : I'm not crying you're crying

Mother's Basement : I'm gonna miss you, high pitched Dan. You've been a real inspiration to me as a creator, and hearing your voice in videos has been a regular fixture of my life for years now. But hopefully this will mean regular-pitched Dan can get some much-needed rest. I still don't understand how you managed to keep up all these series while working a regular job. And it goes without saying, I'm really looking forward to Extra Frames.

Hugh Azuril : Wow. Dan leaving hit me way harder than it should have.

Astolfo of Charlemagne : Dan: announces his leave with Carrie This is where the real men cried. For real. The notice hit me like a thousand bricks. I'll still gladly follow the show weekly for as long as it keeps running, but you take a big piece of all of us with you, Dan. You will obviously be missed.

Jeffrey Knipe : Ladies and Gents.... or lady and gent.... never mind, thanks. From the bottom of our hearts, for opening our minds and being honest even when it wouldn't pay to be. Extra Credits is the gold standard I point people to when I want them to understand that games are more than just a game and that there are a thousand factors in play when one is made. Keep rocking the web and we'll be watching.

GhengisJohn : This was me in/after highschool. *Meet with the guidance councilor* "You can be anything! With your intelligence and scores, you can _do_ anything!" Okay let me take some tests. "Your tests are back! Your scores are great! You can do anything you want!" "I don't know what I want. I want 100 different things. What way do my aptitudes point?" _"Everything!"_ All these years later, I've done nothing. And this wasn't just the answer I got from one person, this is the answer I got from a _lot_ of people. Maybe what I _should_ be is a guidance councilor who never gives a kid who clearly wants some advice the most bullshit answer ever.

Daniel Adrian Mordekai : This.. this is sad. Dan. I don't know if you will ever read what I have to say. I hope you do. my name is Brandon Soto. I remember being tired a long while back. A little over a year ago now. This was back when I was still fighting my demon's and battling depression. It had been a long day and I figured "ehhh screw it lets check extra credits" I had found the channel through a games you might not have tried episode and since then I'd check in everytime I wanted to think. But that day I was surprised. Instead of green there was an orange episode. I spent that night as hilarious as it sounds binge watching the 2nd Punic war... Dan you and the extra credits team as a whole have become a very important part of my life. You have helped to teach me history and design and even consider some philosophies. The difference between rage and sadism, the many lessons history has to teach us and especially the Injustice episode..As someone who still has scars (both literal and figurative) A Frank examinations of the effects of trauma was ironically enough the thing that made my day. It was something I could show my dad when he had trouble himself understanding what I was going through. In short.... In a lot of little ways you helped me change my life. So am I happy for you? Absolutely! I wish you nothing but the best in your new Ventures with the person you care for. But regardless I still cannot help but be saddened. Not the kind of sadness that comes from a death in the family but more the quiet kind that comes when a friend moves away. They're still a part of your life and you still touch base and say hi. But I can't help but feel a twang of melancholy as I say: Fare Thee Well.. and thank you.

Alf Stølen : You got me interrested in history. I remember saying something super generelising and racist about Japan, but then my brother showed me the sengoku jidai series. Your voice instantly hooked me and ever since that, your voice has been my favorite on the internett. Nothing comes close to your slightly auto tuned voice Dan. I reacently watched the flu epedemic video and Matt (?) does his job well, but I'll never the less miss you å lot.

Sky Fantasy World : "It's been awhile since i last watch extra credits" *hears new voice actor* "did daniel get more masculine or what ?" *watches few videos and finds this video and sees that Daniel will be leaving* ";^; my fav voice actor... im having mixed emotions, should i be sad or proud ?? im confusedletz"

Bearded Eddie : Oh no... You're leaving. Best of wishes my friend. I seriously feel like crying a little ;__;

Game Maker's Toolkit : Good luck, Dan and Carrie!

Dusty : Wait Dan is leaving???? Will it even be Extra Credits anymore???

ILoveEverything : I respect Dan's choice to leave very much... And he has EVERY right to do so without ANYONE saying otherwise... It just sucks that I am not the biggest fan of Matt... I am also scared some people will leave because of this change... I don't want to stop watching this channel...

Leo 9 : goodbye dan I hope you move on to better things

Black_ Fog : I dout he will ever see this comment but if he does Dan. I'm proud of you, and what you did with this channel. I hope what you have planned for next turns out atleast half as good. As a certain number one hero would say "Plus Ultra" Dan. We will miss you.

V D : "Oh hey, a new EC episode, just when I need something to pique my interest and lift my moods." ... "I was not prepared for all them feels."

A C : If this channel stands for a thousand years,viewers would still say,this is our finest hour.Always remember,history is written by the victors.Then the evangalion theme song began and Dan and Karrie left.A perfect ending for this

RestingTea : EC will never be the same.

Tony TheTGR : We're just going to refer to Matt as X-Dan.

משה רובין : wow.... dan, dude, i am here for a long time and not hearing your voice in next videos is gonna be weird, you guys made me realize this dream is possible, thank you for every thing.

Lulink : Basically, don't be Dwarf Fortress.

Creature Feet : Extra credits simply won't be the same without you, thank you for all the great videos you were a part of. Good luck in your future endeavors.

András Fogarasi : *Then comes some nerd who uses math to maximize damage.*

Genuine Angus Beef : Holy End of an Era, Batman. I'm super sad to see Dan go. Extra Credits was one of the very first channels I ever consistently followed on YouTube, and realizing that I was in middle school when that happened blew my mind. I swear, his style of narration is so ingrained in me that I end up mimicking it out of habit when lecturing peers, and I never noticed until someone actually pointed out how high a pitch I was talking at. It's a rare thing for me to say for this kind of content, but Dan was a large part of this channel's experience for me, and this may end up being one of those significant reminders for me that life changes things all around you. Best of wishes to Dan and Carrie. And best of luck for the incoming Matt!

Just Write : I've been watching Extra Credits since the beginning, so it legitimately hurts that I'll no longer have your pitched up voice in my ear any more, Dan. Best of luck on your next project, and thank you!

MagicMaster667 : I feel old now. Where have all these year gone? - Anyways, I wish you all the best. :D

Christopher OBrien : We salute you Dan, good luck.

ArmyAnts Studios : 8:56 if you slow the footage down you see that dan tie turn into a snake no really

SuaveNerd2000 : wow... the ending just made me feel like the ending of Fresh Prince of Bel Air... or Friends... It's not a true ending, it's just people moving on with their lives. It's kinda a good feeling despite it feeling a bit sad.

Nick K : DAN! Good luck man. It's been amazing. Your voice is the voice I hear when I'm thinking about games on a design level. I can't wait to see Extra Frames continue, and I'll follow what you do next, but I will miss you here. Good luck man. And Matt! Welcome! Hope you enjoy the podium! also, Dans for Smash Bros 2018.

Gojirasans 228 : Bye Dan and Carrie we're gonna miss you!!! Edit: I forgot the '

Sebastian Gamero : Noooooo! I've been a fan since the original "Video Games and Storytelling", and i will follow your future work no matter the channel.

B Bee : Came randomly in the Punic Wars stayed and it hit me hard when I realised Dan left, a year too late but, I’ll miss you Dan, you’re voice is gold!

TotallySeriousNotKidding : I am very sad about Dan’s departure “Its a bit sad to loose Carrie but I haven’t heard or known much about her “ because it’s his voice that made me feel so comfortable while watching these videos. But if it makes him happy to step down from this channel I can let go of a dear man that I enjoyed watching since I encountered this channel. Anyone who’s been here a long time or has grown to love Dan is going to be sad “or cry I did that when I heard it about the change of hands” the point is that it’s ok to be sad about this.

Blizzic : Thanks, Dan, for everything. We'll miss you!

mattlore : Wow...I gotta say Dan I'm going to miss you on Extra Credits. I first discovered your series during the Escapist days and (I think) the first episode that I watched was your look at Gamiification in life. It really resonated with me and I ended up binge watching everything up until that point. I've been a huge fan ever since and have always looked forward to seeing what you and the guys would create next. I may not have agreed with EVERYTHING you said, but I absolutely loved how it was delivered, each and every time. God speed Dan and best of luck on your new adventures!

TheSmilingWalrus : Oh boy... I just added your channel to my subscriptions lately, after started watching Extra History at work (I work at the front desk during the night). Over the last 3 months I really got used to your voice. 😅 And even if I wasn't there since the beginning, I still feel a bit sad about your future departure from the crew. 😣😗💨 By listening to your voice, I've learned more about history and historical personalities then the years I've spend at school. 🤷 I got inspired over the dedication and personality of someone like Potemkin, Hiawata, Mary Seacole and Yi Sun-Sin and pulled up my own sleeves to get things done and inspire people. ✊🙁 I am aware, that it is a group effort, but you are the spokesman of these efforts, so, the biggest connection to all of you is your voice. I could prolong this by typing more emotional nonsense, but I think it's better to end this comment by telling you this: Thank you for your service, Sir. You helped to make the world a better place by presenting knowledge to create understanding in times of misunderstandings created by the lack of knowledge. I salute you and wish you and your family the best of luck. Greetings, Florian Fichte.

Michaell X : I'll miss you Dan

Vocalcoyote : I am going to be honest I will never like the new host as much as i Loved turning on EC and hearing Dan's voice, but I will still watch the channel and to know your still going to be making content makes me happier than if you were going to just fall off the face of the earth

Craft_Warrior1 : 8:58 Set the video to 0.25 and look at his tie... It's a snake!

Quiwi Lin Lisolet : End of an era. Goodbye Dan and Carrie. You will be missed. Hope you have fun with whatever you do next

Max Chan : ''Im leaving extra credits''... Goodbye Lad,thank you for such a good series to this day ,thank you for the 3 am videos that i watch...thank you for soo much... i just wanna say goodbie boi edit wait ARE U BRODERS?

Bearded Eddie : Analysis Paralysis! Analysis Paralysis! Analysis Paralysis... That is fun to say! :P and strangely fun to hear... I smiled every time you said it. ^^

TheMarioaddict : Dan, if you're leaving, that makes this my last chance to say this: Thank you. Because of this series, I had the courage to try and become a game designer. Not video games, mind you - I've been working on a card game actually - but hey, a game is a game. It's been a long, tough journey, but it's going pretty well so far, and I'd never have thought that I could without the lessons and inspiration from this series. So thank you. I'm sad to see you go, but I wish you the best in life.

David Kolb : It’s been nearly a year and I’m still crying 😭😭😭😭😭