Choice Paralysis - Too Much of a Good Thing - Extra Credits

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Extra Credits : Daniel and Carrie Floyd are amazing people we’ve been so proud and happy to work with for all these many years (since 2008!). We can’t wait to see what they work on next! (You'll still be enjoying Dan's classic cartoon voice in pre-recorded episodes airing next month, like our next Extra History series!) We're also excited to show you all the cool projects we have coming up in the rest of 2018, starting with the introduction of Matt you'll see next week in Extra Credits. We'll still keep making the videos you love (and then some).

GiggitySam Entz : Oh wow... That's quite something to see you go after all these years... Thanks for the great shows, excited to see more Extra Frames ! But no rush... We can be patient ^^

Alex Baldwin : I'm getting choice paralysis on whether to cry about Dan leaving or be proud of him...

GiggitySam Entz : Try being vegetarian to reduce choice paralysis XD

GhengisJohn : This was me in/after highschool. *Meet with the guidance councilor* "You can be anything! With your intelligence and scores, you can _do_ anything!" Okay let me take some tests. "Your tests are back! Your scores are great! You can do anything you want!" "I don't know what I want. I want 100 different things. What way do my aptitudes point?" _"Everything!"_ All these years later, I've done nothing. And this wasn't just the answer I got from one person, this is the answer I got from a _lot_ of people. Maybe what I _should_ be is a guidance councilor who never gives a kid who clearly wants some advice the most bullshit answer ever.

Mother's Basement : I'm gonna miss you, high pitched Dan. You've been a real inspiration to me as a creator, and hearing your voice in videos has been a regular fixture of my life for years now. But hopefully this will mean regular-pitched Dan can get some much-needed rest. I still don't understand how you managed to keep up all these series while working a regular job. And it goes without saying, I'm really looking forward to Extra Frames.

Jeffrey Knipe : Ladies and Gents.... or lady and gent.... never mind, thanks. From the bottom of our hearts, for opening our minds and being honest even when it wouldn't pay to be. Extra Credits is the gold standard I point people to when I want them to understand that games are more than just a game and that there are a thousand factors in play when one is made. Keep rocking the web and we'll be watching.

Leo 9 : goodbye dan I hope you move on to better things

LDBlokland : I'm going to miss you Dan. But i do understand why you're leaving, 10 years since this started, it kinda becomes to repetetive making these. So moving on is in my opinion a good choice. Goodbye Dan!

ShyPoke : "Hey I haven't watched Extra Credits in a while, let's see what's going on." "I'm leaving Extra Credits." "Oh..."

TierZoo : Wow, bittersweet ending. Looking forward to seeing what you do next! I'll miss hearing you on EC!

DodgeThisBam : Dan, Your goodbye brought a tear to my eye. Good luck!

Clashingharmony : We are going to miss you Dan! All the best in your future work!

Hugh Azuril : Wow. Dan leaving hit me way harder than it should have.

Gabriel Hastings : I sincerely hope your future endeavours are as fruitful! Welcome Matt!

Comic Drake : Been a fan since the Escapist days so I'm no stranger to great talent having to leave the channel, but y'all still did amazing work and will be missed. From the bottom of my heart, thank you guys for all the amazing content!

Bearded Eddie : Oh no... You're leaving. Best of wishes my friend. I seriously feel like crying a little ;__;

Ssure2 : Dan, I wish you the greatest of luck on whatever you are going to tackle next. As someone who has enjoyed this series for many a year, I was quite saddened by your announcement. But you want to set your next step and I fully understand that. As a student who wants to become a game designer in the furture, your video's have helped me a lot over the years. I thank you for that. And good luck, I'll see you again someday. Also, I wouldn't mind if you'll join in with a video one every season or something, just to hear you again. But that's up to you.

Lulink : Basically, don't be Dwarf Fortress.

Ben Dolder : You will be missed Dan. You changed the way I think about games forever. Good luck man.

Mark Brown : Good luck, Dan and Carrie!

Jared Burk : Glad to know I can easily follow you on your next adventure, Dan! I'll miss you a lot as the voice of Extra Credits, but I love your Extra Frames Series, and I look forward to see what you have for the future! Stay cool, and have an awesome time!

Bearded Eddie : Analysis Paralysis! Analysis Paralysis! Analysis Paralysis... That is fun to say! :P and strangely fun to hear... I smiled every time you said it. ^^

MrSilender : Jesus Crist, that's totally me :D:D...When there are too many options, I simply quit playing it or doing it and do something what Im familiart with. Dan, I'm going to miss you on this series :(. Best wishes and thanks for doing it :).

Dallas Freeman : Thanks Dan. Wishing you and Carrie all the best.

حسين عبدالله : Aww, Dan is leaving? This is sad. Well good luck to you sir and thank you for for years of education and entertainment. My whole youtube career, which changed a lot of things in my life, was inspired by your work. I just wanted you to know that this project of yours touched and changed many lives across the world. Lives in far lands from you, lives you may never meet or hear from, but make them better your videos sure did. To this day I keep repeating “fail faster” to myself whenever I struggle creatively. Thank you for everything Dan - and to James as well. I hope and pray for you to have wonderful life and career.

katanamaru1 : See ya Dan! Thanks for the years of entertainment and information!

Christopher OBrien : We salute you Dan, good luck.

András Fogarasi : *Then comes some nerd who uses math to maximize damage.*

The Brickaleator : Can u guys get a better mic or better sound mixing because the narrator sounds very robotic.

Blizzic : Thanks, Dan, for everything. We'll miss you!

Grant Dosland : Well that sucks...

משה רובין : wow.... dan, dude, i am here for a long time and not hearing your voice in next videos is gonna be weird, you guys made me realize this dream is possible, thank you for every thing.

Dallas Mann : Damnit. Sentiment kicking in.

Erii Tea : Im gonna miss dan so much. Thank u for all your work guys. Im looking foward to see your new producción :)

keiharris332 : And then there were two... We love you Dan. Best wishes and thank you so much for everything.

Elenzo96 : I came to this video while i was working on a video inspired by your work. Im studying to be an art teacher and i tought this format would be perfect for it. So, coming here, hearing that you leave and think about this is the last ec video you voice... just wow, im doing this basically because i admire the work you guys do here. It won't be the same Dan, the best Dan, i wish you the best from now on. Thanks for the inspiration (and sorry if i copy you and for my english). Thank you, and good job :)

Andreas Delsing : Thanks Dan. Best wishes.

SirSmiley : See you guys. Loved you guys dearly c:

Patrick Quion : Thank you!!! Oh my gosh I'm getting so emotional. Thank you so much.

o O 0 : When you want to decide something, flip a coin. The coin doesn't decide, but what you wish when the coin lands is what you actually want

Shingo Yabuki : Dan: -announces his leave with Carrie- This is where the real men cried. For real. The notice hit me like a thousand bricks. I'll still gladly follow the show weekly for as long as it keeps running, but you take a big piece of all of us with you, Dan. You will obviously be missed.

Michaell X : I'll miss you Dan

Hero plays : Good luck dan and best wishes for you where ever you path leads you you will be missed but not forgotten as the best narrator a Channel could ever have

welcome to hell : *ive got a dan shaped hole in my heart*

holybutternutsquash : Dan!! Thank you so much, above all, for the positivity and encouragement! Not only was this series informative and educational, it was relieving and refreshing to watch. I'm sure that won't change with the introduction of Matt, but I'll certainly be unable to divorce your voice from those feelings. Good good luck with the Extra Frames relaunch, you can bet I'll be right there for it!!

KEVIN LE : Wait what!? Why are you guys leaving!?

RestingTea : EC will never be the same.

A C : If this channel stands for a thousand years,viewers would still say,this is our finest hour.Always remember,history is written by the victors.Then the evangalion theme song began and Dan and Karrie left.A perfect ending for this

ILoveEverything : I respect Dan's choice to leave very much... And he has EVERY right to do so without ANYONE saying otherwise... It just sucks that I am not the biggest fan of Matt... I am also scared some people will leave because of this change... I don't want to stop watching this channel...