That Time It Rained for Two Million Years

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PBS Eons : Just a note of thanks to Dr. Joe Hanson of It's Okay To Be Smart (, who first told me about the CPE and said we should do an episode about it. Thanks Joe! (BdeP)

Cities & Skyscrapers : When the whole world is Ireland

Taikamuna : Sounds like your average million years in Finland

Jeremy Blair : Dinosaurs used to sing: "I bless the rains down in Pangea"

1217 BC : I love “The Chronicles of Carnia”!

indighoul : "That time it rained for 2 million years." - UK, probably.

AceAlbatros : I bless the rains down in Pangea!

Joe Tairei : 2.8K dicynodonts, rhynchosaurs, and early crurotarsans disliked this video.

First : Image being alive then and its been raining your entire life then it stops and your dry for the first time ever.

Sam Starr : I remember when that happened, it sucked. My rubber boots fossilized on my feet after 147,003 years.

GavinMK : How’d the weatherman still have a job after say, a million years?

Harshil Dadlani : Kyogre was responsible for it.

AmaZe : Yknow the other day when it rained for 2 million years

Can we hit 2k subs without any videos? : Its just a normal day in Beautiful Florida

Pedroca 7 : England simulator

Iain Hansen : Or as it’s known in great Britain...................

Luis Aboga : the host is such a dad.

nally stanyer : Oh yeah...I remember that. The whole two million years of it.

Kiwi Borb : Pangea: I'm bReAkIng Up WIth yOu

Dave M : Gotta watch at 75% speed

Galo Arizaga : I'm in South Florida dude its been raining nonstop for 3 weeks going on 4 I feel like I'm living in this video

life is Boring : Earth is scary

insert cool name : I wish there was a way to go back and witness all these amazing events and organisms. Kind of like a magic school bus thing.

Marcus Estrada : “Rain rain go away” Rain: no u

Thanos shrek Thanos shrek : The rains down in Pangaeaaaaaa

Iain Hansen : Honestly the chronicles of carnia would have been a beautiful pun title

Gerhard Kraider : Noooooo! The chronicals of Carnia would have been an AWSOME title!

True Bandit : Welcome to England

Zeithri : I lost it at " _The Chronicles of Carnia_ " .. I'm such a nerd I guess x3 I love these stuff. Evolution, planetary changes of the past etc. Always fascinating.

Javed Chowdhury : Lmao anyone else remember that one time it rained for 2 million years

Critique Truth : So that's how big trees 🌲 were originated. I really wanna see same big trees like dinosaurs era. Tree is such a huge life saver.

Alberto Alegria : So glad this guy appeared on my recommended feed. This channel is awesome!!! Thanks!!!

canag0d : I think it’s pretty rare for a show to have 3 hosts. I would have thought I would have a favourite host or a disliked host in this situation, however I genuinely like all 3 hosts equally! You guys are all awesome. I’ve seen every video at least 3-4 times and I just keep watching the videos over again. I play a game every time I start a video guessing which host will be doing this video! It’s a lame game but whatever lol. Thanks for the superb videos PBS EONS!

Jemil : Sounds like seattle

Bob Didlboc : That sounds amazingly relaxing and peaceful.... besides flooding of course.

DΞMIΓЯIЖ DДMДSΓΞЯ : When Seattle becomes the whole world

zozo : Day 753,853....still raining.

TheThunderwars : It happens in France, it is called the "Bretagne"

jaacee moore : I bless the rains down in paaaaangeaaaa

SaiK0 : Only 90s kids will remember

Pradhyoth Sai Manohar : Imagine the day it stopped

Bianca Lim : This guy's a delight to watch

Xenarzio : I hate it when that happens

Snow Mori : Chronicles of carnia would've sounded awesome! Im 9 btw..

Sarah Austin Kitchen : The Chronicles of Carnia, LOVE IT!!

Caroline Goodrich : When you said "Wet soil in Utah" I laughed.... so hard... Holy freak it hasn't rained in a while

M D : It’s been raining the last 2million years in Galway

Druganja : *I hear the drums echoing tonight*

Professor Politics : *"That time it rained for 2 million years"* You mean Florida, right?

Petrol Key Planet : Weather Man: Forecast tommorow is raining, forecast for the next 20 Million Years... Raining as always