That Time It Rained for Two Million Years

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PBS Eons : Just a note of thanks to Dr. Joe Hanson of It's Okay To Be Smart (, who first told me about the CPE and said we should do an episode about it. Thanks Joe! (BdeP)

Cities & Skyscrapers : When the whole world is Ireland

SaiK0 : Only 90s kids will remember

HellScream : "one day it started raining, and it did not quit for two million years."

NoodleDaddy : dont say "chubby lizard body" bc now i really wanna hug the lil extinct bastard

AceAlbatros : I bless the rains down in Pangea!

Gavin : How’d the weatherman still have a job after say, a million years?

Parrydox Gaming : Great speaker. Speaks very clearly and every sentence brings new information to keep your attention.

prince kyl camaing : Cheekbones to die for

fab0 : The Chronicles of Carnia. You got me man

M J : Yeah, I remember back when there was only one land server, and then the devs took 2 million years to release a patch after that disastrous update that caused loot to spawn out of reach of many of the builds, costing them serious XP and throwing the PVP way out of whack. Entire guilds quit and never returned.

Iain Hansen : Or as it’s known in great Britain...................

Joe Tairei : 2.8K dicynodonts, rhynchosaurs, and early crurotarsans disliked this video.

AmaZe : Yknow the other day when it rained for 2 million years

Leo G. : It still happens, except on a smaller scale, in Seattle

Antony D'Andrea : When we talk about the past like this when talking about dinosaurs and pangea etc, I always take a moment to think about how enormous the time periods are. 2 millions years is tiny in the lifetime of earth, but its a huge amount of time!

Galo Arizaga : I'm in South Florida dude its been raining nonstop for 3 weeks going on 4 I feel like I'm living in this video

TrueBanditTwo : Welcome to England

M D : It’s been raining the last 2million years in Galway

Muratty and Technobear : The rains down in Pangaeaaaaaa

Taikamuna : Sounds like your average million years in Finland

Iain Hansen : Honestly the chronicles of carnia would have been a beautiful pun title

Horny Fruit Flies : Anti-science freaks can kindly STFU and get off their electronic devices that science has given them to spew their BS.

Harshil Dadlani : Kyogre was responsible for it.

Dave M : Gotta watch at 75% speed

Danrey Banzuelo : 2 mil? u mean for 40 days and 40 nights?

Bob Didlboc : That sounds amazingly relaxing and peaceful.... besides flooding of course.

nally stanyer : Oh yeah...I remember that. The whole two million years of it.

jaacee moore : I bless the rains down in paaaaangeaaaa

Alberto Alegria : So glad this guy appeared on my recommended feed. This channel is awesome!!! Thanks!!!

Terry Lord : Two thumbs up dude

WJohnM : "The Wet Intermezzo" sounds like a particularly lachrymose short piano piece by Brahms. But the info here was great. Thanks.

Can we hit 2k subs without any videos? : Its just a normal day in Beautiful Florida

Creed Redikan : hey pbs eons keep up the aaaaaaamazing work a+ thats a capital a but im too lazy to hit shift so i explain it using this long off track comment.....btw id like to know about koalas and in depths such in a way only eons can do a+ A+(just for u guys ;))

The Flying Gurnard : Are we talking about Bergen?

Professor Politics : *"That time it rained for 2 million years"* You mean Florida, right?

Veridium TM : You know tbh I'd actually like to live as a single cell organism you know it's just calming floating around

Chuba : I just told the earth that I thanked the bus driver

espn0o : I want know about the different types of humans lived on earth

Zarina Romanets : So like Seattle, but everywhere

Jammy Jam : In the UK, we call this ... Summer :/

Chronus : Hey thanks for these types of videos!

Jacqueline Keijzer : Good$€mmea(N), U bent tout€ offender$ can U dea(r)thnieuwitt€..... Witt€🍦Meat-t€, wittja?! (k)Nowhow sitbad¿¿!!😍

Sara S : Well speaking of delightful, you are a ray of sunshine! :D

insert cool name : I wish there was a way to go back and witness all these amazing events and organisms. Kind of like a magic school bus thing.

The JurassicMan : I actually like that abandoned name

Sam Starr : I remember when that happened, it sucked. My rubber boots fossilized on my feet after 147,003 years.

Gabriel Koch : Thank you! That was mind blowing!

thorified : Wonderful insights. Thank you for showing us what video is really for.

pcuimac : PBS is a real joy to watch!