That Time It Rained for Two Million Years

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PBS Eons : Just a note of thanks to Dr. Joe Hanson of It's Okay To Be Smart (, who first told me about the CPE and said we should do an episode about it. Thanks Joe! (BdeP)

Bob Didlboc : That sounds amazingly relaxing and peaceful.... besides flooding of course.

69696 subscribers with no videos challenge : That time? Oh yeah i remember that...

Galo Arizaga : I'm in South Florida dude its been raining nonstop for 3 weeks going on 4 I feel like I'm living in this video

Lucas Scott : Only Triassic kids will remember

Videoscord : It can evaporate from hitting the Earth. If the surface is hot enough, rain falls and almost instantly evaporates, sending the moisture back into the atmosphere for the whole cycle to repeat. This could happen for millions of years until the Earth's surface cooled enough for pools of water to collect on the surface.

DebbyAbqNM : Fascinating! What caused the volcanoes to build/grow and erupt at what turned out to be the right time? What was the Sun doing then (if it is possible to know)?

plane15man : Pangaea was my favorite band. Earth just hasn't been the same since they broke up.

Martini is a wino : In California, it hasn’t rained in 2 million years 🌎

caatabatic : science: " 40 days and 40 nights? hold my beer!"

SaiyaMan2011 : I peed for 5 minutes once...

Logan Reichert : when someone blessed the rains in Africa a little too much

Bebx : That time the rains were blessed down in pangaea.

Wyatt King : I live in Utah. Thats cool to realize how much water we received. Explains the incredible diversity in our landscape throughout the state.

Cities & Skyscrapers : When the whole world is Ireland

J Nielsen Tomer : i was born in the wrong billennia

Dream Stirling : "Weather update: Cooler temperatures today and the floor is no longer lava. Weather update:........It's raining. SEVERE WEATHER ALERT! The entire world is now an ocean." ~History of the entire world, i guess

Terry Lord : Two thumbs up dude

prince kyl camaing : Cheekbones to die for

The JurassicMan : I actually like that abandoned name

Zairo : How on earth can people now study and know this thing?

HellScream : "one day it started raining, and it did not quit for two million years."

SaiK0 : Only 90s kids will remember

Teenage Gamer : I'm sorry this title is just the best. "Hey Bill you remember that time it rained for 2 million years?" "Oh yeah, ugh, and Noah thinks he had it bad." XDDD

Pumpkin Man : Finals are next week and it's midnight. I'll just watch another one and then I'll go to sleep

fab0 : The Chronicles of Carnia. You got me man

SixStringLove Guy : Videos like this really hammer home the idea of how insignificant out lives are in the big scheme of the universe. If we live to be 100 years old, and that is a rare feat indeed, compare that to our history. What's 100 years compared to 250 million? It puts everything in perspective. We struggle and fight and for what? In another 250 million years, who will care? Who will think about John Doe or Jane Doe that far in the future? If we do in fact have a soul, will it endure that long? Many think that a soul is energy. Can our energy last that long? So many more questions and thoughts about this topic, but now I have to go get a pizza from Pizza Hut. That is the extent of my future right now. Sad.

Leo G. : It still happens, except on a smaller scale, in Seattle

LEGOSAURUS : Wow, I learned so much! I'm glad to see that something like this is trending! :D Yay for earth sciences!

Michelle Young : I like you, guy. You've got a great presentation style. 🙂

Han Myohset : I'm a geologist and I never knew this hypothesis. This helps me explain why the dinosaurs ruled the earth

T C : Wait. So plants and such can scrub millions of years of extreme CO2 out of the air and we're worried? Global temp hasn't even risen 1 degree meanwhile the earth fixed a 10 degree difference. Why are we worried about global warming again?

FAT JAXSON : When scientists research or discover stuff like. "It rained for 2 million years" or "these Dinosaurs were crocodile like" these are just educated theories right or do they believe it as 100% fact?

modolief : Hey: I just want to say about the "Eons" intro piece (the intro music or whatever we call the thing, today at 0:55) -- totally classy. You keep changing it up, *and it's short* -- I get so bored by long and repetitive branding opportunities. Extremely well done, thanks.

Caleb : Does Earth ever not have rain?

Anyweather Never ever : The chronicles of carina 😂 GENIUS!

espn0o : I want know about the different types of humans lived on earth

Nexus : Fascinating and you’re a joy to watch, thank you! Subbed 😊👍

Jammy Jam : In the UK, we call this ... Summer :/

LePequod : Your videos are so awesome!! It would be fantastic if you could give us some episodes about the evolution of humans, with aspects like human skull morphology, diet, adaptative features, social habits etc.. :D thanks alot!!!

Kurayamiblack : Stuff like this makes me realize how the Earth itself seems like a living creature struggling to stabilize it's structure. It seems like no matter what species die off or what kind of disasters occur, life always fills the void. The landscape, the weather, and the species on the planet all go through crazy changes over time but always balance out one way or another. Everything that dies is replaced through evolution and adaptation. Makes me wonder (and fear) how humans will shape the future. If we destroy ourselves, what will nature do with what we leave behind? How will what comes next be affected by our past? Were we necessary to Earth's development? Was our advancement into self annihilation part of the plan? A set-up for the next phase in Earth's growth? Or maybe we don't destroy ourselves after all and find a balance to live with. Then how will things proceed? So many possibilities...

Antony D'Andrea : When we talk about the past like this when talking about dinosaurs and pangea etc, I always take a moment to think about how enormous the time periods are. 2 millions years is tiny in the lifetime of earth, but its a huge amount of time!

Arukki : I love this guy

Aislinn Graves : I really love learning about these lesser known ( to the layman) parts of history and how they shaped our world. :D

Priya Jubli : Where was I all the time? I wanted a channel like this! Short, informative and fun. Thank you so much! ❤️❤️❤️

Collector Guy : You just can't comprehend the history of this planet - the evolution of all those plants and animals then they get wiped out only to have others etc etc appear

Haze1434 : I guess this is the era that Blade Runner is set in...

ghostzart : Fascinating, thanks

enim : penguin video yes?

Babar Tahir : Yes it was very wet, but it didn't rain nonstop for 2 million year, as your click bait implies.