If JAY-Z Remixed The Migos 'Motorsport" (Exclusive)

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B Johnson : He said " I got Big Coins you got Bitcoins we invest different " Bars 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

GreenGoblinHD : so good

Viral 2.0 : Make Sure You Like & Share 🔥🏁

Shanette Quao : I think at this point his face is copyrighted so you still owe Jay a check 😉 am kidding lmao this was good

Jamaar Anthony : He sound more like jayz than jayz lol he murdered it !!

Polo Everything : I refuse to believe this is not hov. This must be a unreleased hov track we dont know abt

Johnson A : Jay Z should hear this- period!!

VakkSeal ShiipTM : I eat fly sleep fly. My G5 a mobile home *BARZ* 🔥 🔥

ProdByKeys : when you're better @ rapping like Jay then Jay is LOL

Melvin Flynt : Killed it soooo hard!! Write a check and make the bank bounce

IAMTHEGREAT 420 : Jay wordplay 🔥🔥🔥

D Fields : This was better than the whole 4:44 album 😂 ..facts!!

osman zubeir : if jay z used these bars ? can this niqqa sue ?

Alexander Kiremire : THIS THE TYPE OF JAY Z RAP I MISS

Vamp Life : but yo! he really nice...like i rewinded this wtf and who tf?!!?! ...the nigga said i adjust diffferent...NO... i am just different...then the whole ball word play...cot dam

Carlton Rudolph : Oh shit hardest hov verse i heard in like 10 years

Romario Rodrigues : So you just gon expose yourself as Hov's ghostwriter like this?

banga head : bro you should ghost write for jay z

Spankie Barnes : jay from the another universe

Hype Cole : How did u do this ? Is this not really hov voice?

Jon Dough : You killed it on point bruh bruh!!! Oh yeah make a couple of verses next time please!!!

Darius Brule : Dammmmmmnnnnnn

bob smith : Bro this made Jay-Z move up in my top favorite rappers list ...then I remembered it's not really Jay-Z

That Politically Incorrect Black Guy : You killed this. Its hard to believe Jay didn't write this. That "run the culture" line was so Jay Z it's crazy. Good shit my guy.

Bobby Bonilla : I ball, B ball, we all ball, lavar Ball. I make boss calls, check my call log... Bboystance on IG. He gonna be a star. He is so talented. And he has impression if rappers that are hilarious. Jada and Styles P crack me up!

Scot Free : nice!

Chris Apodaca : This jigga got bars. !!! That’s was dope need more shit like this

Eric Kakenyi : Better start writing for Jay

Kenneth Stevons : he killed that shit tho lol

Danny Paul : Classic

jeffdkid : "Motorsport" they be rootin' when we slide up, ugh Pullin' rides up, had to Wayne Newton the garage up My [?] Used to hand to hand the cola Who the fuck said I never ran rap? Bitch damn that, I ran the culture Mr. Hunnid flows, got a hunnid dos Arm freezing, wrist [?] froze Pull a top down in the winter time My off season is summer goals Ugh, yeah I never wrote a bounced check, check my bank account Ugh, yeah Fuck around, write a check and make the bank bounce Ugh, yeah Shit, I could end the bank, make the tellers mad Ugh I got heli pads on rooftop, fly hella pad, yep! Hov is home, Hov is home! Tell them other cats it's over for 'em I eat fly, sleep fly, my G5 mobile home, yeah I adjust different, no, I am just different No, I got big coins, you got bitcoins, we invest different I ball hard, ball hard Lets play hard ball, I ball hog, yeah I ball, B ball, fuck, we all ball, Lavar Ball Ugh, yeah I make boss calls, check my call log, yeah


mayham : jayz probably wouldn't spit something hotter then this on this beat

Guzy Gwuapo : Straight finesse

Xan - Tastik : 🔥💥🔥💥🔥

Jared Hale : Some of the OG rappers would destroy this best and Hov is one.

Forever Constant : That was hard!! You nailed it G !!

yo mama's boyfriend : Bruuuuh Dis Crazy!!!

Victoria Wallace : Too 🔥

Rod BossRoute Williams : Shit hard bruh

don pepe Vb : Look like E.T.


Chuks Emmanuel : Damnnnn!!

Amber B'Dabbin : Fire 🔥

Brian Brown : This low key bangs

Tyrick Hairston : damn dude really sound just like jay ...and he sound good on that track

Joel Breh : Bars lol

beat smif : Bro got Barz

raymond frank : Ima dwnload for the whip lol

Ric Pereira : My mouse burst into flames while watching this video....fireee 🔥🔥🔥