Eating a Mountain of Crispy Japanese Fried Chicken

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Crispy Karaage Fried Chicken is one of Japan's greatest dishes and on Day 4 of our trip across Japan, I'm challenged to eat a mountain of the stuff. ► SEE where we're heading next! Aya's Youtube Channel ► Niigata TV ► ► WEEKLY Podcast: ► BEHIND the scenes Patreon: **FOLLOW THE ADVENTURE** ► Facebook: ► Twitter: ► Instagram: @abroadinjapan **EQUIPMENT I USE** ► MAIN Camera: ► INDOOR Lens: ► OUTDOOR Lens: ► FAVOURITE Lens: ► BACKUP Camera: ► STABILISED Camera: Business Enquiries: #journeyacrossjapan #japantravel


Puddle Drops : I naively thought Chris might lose lots of weight on this trip. What a fool I was...haha. #SuperPlatefulDishes

Dafoodmaster : Imagine sitting down to film your food segment for the day and walking into some killer free content at the table right next to you. you reallt lucked out chris, nice going!

Xero : Chris is eating a normal american sized portion of food and Im just like K

Ma An : Holy god, I'm so hungry right now.

SoyChaii Latte : British Guy Gains 20lbs Cycling Across Japan

Lithianic : "sorry for a bit late" 1:10 he's probably late for at most 10sec

Sir_ Fowler : She just swallowed a tardis with it's door open so all the food falls inside, it's simple really.

Kyros : oh man, it killed me when you didn't finish the rice! japanese rice is great, ugh. PS. Good luck with your cycling! PPS. ..that wasn't passive-aggressive wishing you ill, genuinely hope you complete your cycling journey (and wear the damn orange helmet!)

king kazooie : Aya actually used dark magic. Her throat is a portal to the Abyss.

Ding Dong : Chris: I'm trying to lose weight so I'll be cycling across japan Also Chris: MOUNTAIN OF FRIED CHICKEN

bluecandies : I think I might have a crush on Roy hahahaha

drizz78 : Will she do the poo challenge afterwards?

Freedomcustom : he really should of eaten the chicken with the rice, it helps (that and some tea for a palate cleanser)

kephalai : 8:41 dude that edit

Creativent : *Chris has once again been shamed by a little girl*

Beenish Khan : Obviously, Aya is an anime protagonist.

l m : "Niigata people usually eat a lot". But Roy and the eating champion girl look skinny lol. How fast is their metabolism?

ShepherdOfMemories : I mean come on. The chicken i would manage because i demolish KFC's. Maybe the rice i could do... Who knows

MrTheGuitarNerd : I always thought the idea was that skinny people can eat a lot more quickly and in one sitting because their stomach can expand. A fat person's stomach is blocked of by, well, all that fat around it.

chardmelon : Easy, Aya is the main character of a Shounen anime, they can always eat a mountain of food with ease.

lac92576 : It's actually refreshing to see someone gorging on food...who isn't 200lbs overweight O.o

kkmei : Watching this after my work shift 🤤 hangry. As for Aya 🤔 magic yup

puhfrugherter : I think she's secretly an android. She's undergoing testing to consume the entire world.

gluclax : You look so handsome!!!!

JonaSaxify : Chris: I'm going to bike all around Japan to be in better shape! *Next Episode* Chris: Hey guys! today I'll be eating an entire bowl of fried chicken!

Imperator Salt Formerly LMS 5588 : >sorry if a bit late >it’s fine you’re *early* Mfw

meteorr : A Texas Chicken ad just showed up right after the video switched from the chicken karaage shop to the hotel room... Like a magic.

Leonardo Da vinci : She's probably able to consume that much food due to the phenomenon of where the stomach lining can expand to I believe about 3 folds of its original shape. Which basically takes up space horizontally. I say this because I recall watching on the jolly show and snippit of a Japanese TV show where a competitive food eater whos frame is really rather small, they performed an MRI scan which showed her stomach doing what I described above.

WAΓUIGI : As an American, this portion of chicken seems about right to me.

Nico : This is a super plateful video. Good luck Chris!

magicofmayhem : Some people are just genetically able to eat lots of food. It depends on how flexible your tissue is.

Wood Pile : Hey Chris. Half assed guess here. She might have a genetically loose Pyloric sphincter, so the food sort of passes straight through to her small intestine, but in that case her cuteness will decrease, because that means she has insane constipation episodes, if she doesn't immediately take laxatives. But I've heard that with continuous training, the stomach can become abnormally large as well. Or maybe it's a mix of the two. In any fashion, I hope you finish your cycling adventure in good health and happiness. Thank you for the fire content BTW!

elipardo : Aya has a hypercube in her stomach :) well done with that chicken Chris! Good on ya!

Shiny Hunter R P : Under the dress was a bottomless hole. ... No wait!

Matthew's Attic : Roy reminds me a lot of Ryotaro. Can speak English, dresses nice, knows cool places... plus he tries to get Chris killed with insane challenges. Good video!

MSSoulBlader : So what you're saying is: She's Kirby

Ann B. : She probably ate lots of lettuce and oatmeal during the week leading up to this so she could cleanse her system and make more room in her stomach.

derek Hartline : Roy seems like such a business man

Tomas Papievis : I'ts been 24+ hours allready after this video and I am still waiting. Nearly 1am but I can wait hope to see you soon

Han Han : Name a more iconic duo: Chris and Losing food challenges.

Collide : Mixing a teaspoon of Guarana with yogurt is a great way to get lots of energy a stay awake. One teaspoon of Guarana can give you easily up to 12 hours of energy, depending on your metabolism of course.

Adventures with Avery : I live in Japan and cannot find those tablets anywhere!! TELL ME YOUR SECRET!

Aaheli Dasgupta : The fervour with which you shoot your videos is such a treat! One of the best contents I have come across in YouTube. So glad to have found this channel!

Thea Atanasova : "You can do anything you set your mind to." Eminem 😀

The Onee-Chan Man : She's so tiny tho. You sure she's not running on anime logic?

karl9xd : SAZUGA! Christ-sama!

Doc : Regarding your question Chris.... It's a well established and proved fact, that cows have *four* stomachs... *Elephants consume about 300 kgs/day.* And Bricktop in the movie snatch taught us that *one pig* can consume 2 lbs of uncooked flesh every minute. (counting by using 16 pigs consuming a 200 lbs body, in 8 minutes) My point being; *size* does matter...

Jordan Douglas Fauth : Loving your videos chris! Really looking forward to traveling Japan myself now! Alsp you are looking great! Whatever diet you're on is doing ya good mate 😁

Nyan Nyah : Did something happen?, no upload today or I must have missed something? another challenge failed? Or wait it can't be that it is the end of the world, is it?!