Eating a Mountain of Crispy Japanese Fried Chicken

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Saint Flow : Small Japanese Girl. 100% Demon.

Puddle Drops : I naively thought Chris might lose lots of weight on this trip. What a fool I was...haha. #SuperPlatefulDishes

Ma An : Holy god, I'm so hungry right now.

Kyros : oh man, it killed me when you didn't finish the rice! japanese rice is great, ugh. PS. Good luck with your cycling! PPS. ..that wasn't passive-aggressive wishing you ill, genuinely hope you complete your cycling journey (and wear the damn orange helmet!)

Xero : Chris is eating a normal american sized portion of food and Im just like K

Yuvellevin1 : When you watch ads so Chris will have more money.. That's appreciation of the content

Dafoodmaster : Imagine sitting down to film your food segment for the day and walking into some killer free content at the table right next to you. you reallt lucked out chris, nice going!

Daphne : When it comes to Aya's ability, look up 'yuka kinoshita stomach' on youtube! You'll find a video about a doctor looking at the stomach of a 'Oogui eater' before and after eating and comparing it to a regular stomach.

William G : It isn’t what you eat, it’s how you eat it. To eat lots of food training is everything; When eating lots of food I’m sure you feel the reflex triggering nausea and an urge to vomit known as the satiety reflex. Competitive eaters train rigorously to dampen this reflex by fasting for a couple days before eating a large amount to over come a biological impulse, this can be dangerous, or drinking large sums of water or even milk very fast to stretch out their stomachs. But then also using eating techniques like controlling their breathing, good posture, standing up (sitting you’re halfway hunched), keeping in shape, eating before hand, using liquid as a lubricant, training mouth muscles. It’s rather interesting, but with the right training even a petite figured person can eat large sums easily by using these techniques.

drizz78 : Will she do the poo challenge afterwards?

Ampisound : Her stomach is the same as mary poppins handbag

Chris : Aya’s stomach is actually the tessaract from Interstellar and Matthew McConaughey is battling a black hole in her lower intestine

Sir_ Fowler : She just swallowed a tardis with it's door open so all the food falls inside, it's simple really.

Lithianic : "sorry for a bit late" 1:10 he's probably late for at most 10sec

king kazooie : Aya actually used dark magic. Her throat is a portal to the Abyss.

Beerdy - Bruce Lee Central : Apples don't have natural caffeine, or any form of caffeine. Not green apples or any sort of apple on this planet.

kephalai : 8:41 dude that edit

Mike Brinksneader : i bet she takes a massive dump

Wood Pile : Hey Chris. Half assed guess here. She might have a genetically loose Pyloric sphincter, so the food sort of passes straight through to her small intestine, but in that case her cuteness will decrease, because that means she has insane constipation episodes, if she doesn't immediately take laxatives. But I've heard that with continuous training, the stomach can become abnormally large as well. Or maybe it's a mix of the two. In any fashion, I hope you finish your cycling adventure in good health and happiness. Thank you for the fire content BTW!

Tomas Papievis : I'ts been 24+ hours allready after this video and I am still waiting. Nearly 1am but I can wait hope to see you soon

Ding Dong : Chris: I'm trying to lose weight so I'll be cycling across japan Also Chris: MOUNTAIN OF FRIED CHICKEN

aya yay : "Niigata people usually eat a lot". But Roy and the eating champion girl look skinny lol. How fast is their metabolism?

gluclax : You look so handsome!!!!

Nyan Nyah : Did something happen?, no upload today or I must have missed something? another challenge failed? Or wait it can't be that it is the end of the world, is it?!

Kento Nishi : She's compressing the food as much as possible, and then expanding her stomach (2x-3x the size) to fit the food. I forgot where I saw it, but I remember watching a TV show in Japan (I'm Japanese) where they took MRI scans of a food fighter and saw a significant increase in stomach volume and capacity.

Sir Ayme : She's bigger on the inside.

yawning here : 1:39 the screen jumps ;—; I is scared

Vamcani : The drink water so you gotta piss method works, I sometimes get a water craving and I drink about a liter of water every hour, keeps me light headed and yeah gotta piss allot...

LaziestPersonAlive : Im vegetarian and i want that chicken mountain so bad dude

93hothead : that girl looks like the demon child in the ring

Benjie Abbas : It's either you don't chew as much or just don't stop eating or you'll suddenly feel full. But as for Aya's secret, it's actually her dress, Chris. She put it in her dress. Are you willing to wear a dress, too?

PoseidonCountsAsABigFish : She is absolutely going to throw up later.

Vamcani : Head??? That bowl was as wide as her torso wtf... wish I could eat like that.

aya yay : Tape worms?

Deathax : Her stomach can expand like 5 times the size of a normal person, downside is that she's not going to have a lot of fun on the toilet after though.. it will come out pretty quickly again and not really digested..

chardmelon : Easy, Aya is the main character of a Shounen anime, they can always eat a mountain of food with ease.

karl9xd : SAZUGA! Christ-sama!

rakshit sharma : there is an warp/wormhole inside of aya's stomach which is activated by shaking her body while standing and is closed with orange juice

sam : Is the journey across japan cancelled??

Cameron Cornish : So wait... This girl was on the Journey Across Japan challenge page approximately a week or so ago and this video is just now coming out?... I'm confused. Did he complete this portion of the cycle a week ago? (Twilight Zone theme plays)

MasakoX : You clearly weren't chicken with this challenge!

Tomás cinnsealeach : 2 cup ramens, A big bread thing and the souls of the undead!!!

Michin Sin : Dude, just watching her made me feel filled up lol

C : Chris for president of the WORLD

Scarecrow7 : Sake + Fried Chicken Challenge = Fountain of Sick

JonaSaxify : Chris: I'm going to bike all around Japan to be in better shape! *Next Episode* Chris: Hey guys! today I'll be eating an entire bowl of fried chicken!

Rex : Include more actual cycling footage

KANEISNINJA : I think most of those food competition people actually have either some sort of digestive disorder or an abnormal stomach. Not usually possible even with training to do that sort of stuff without ruining your liver anyway. Hence digestive disorder.

The Raconteur : She was wearing a large diaper. You can figure out the rest.

FiveOClockTea : It's magic. She has a magic stomach. Duh. 😜