Seinfeld: The Leaning Susan

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Boondock : Woman who played Elaine just wow can barely tell the difference

Nerdlove : I saw them improvise one of these LIVE last night (November, 2015) and it was amazing. They MADE IT UP AS THEY WENT ALONG and it was still recognizably a Seinfeld episode. These people are amazing.

assmane999 : The woman who plays Elaine often sounds exactly like her, and her face is even similar at certain angles. This was pretty entertaining.

levipeniche : I'm speechless! I am without speech!

JonG : Gold Jerry, Gold!

Constantin Gabor : Woooow!!! feels like it's been written by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld!!! AMAZING acting as well!!! OMG!

Gordon Tendick : Take this on the road!

alexcharak : Please do a season.

Trey Hudak : This is really good.  It's a little raw, but it has that perfect Seinfeld quality.  Kramer's Leaning Susan is a great idea with a terrible consequence.  And Susan not saying how she came back is like so many classic moments. I love this.

Cult Leader : I swear man, if you squint and look at this from far away you would swear you were watching an episode of Seinfeld. the actors on here are phenomenal. this is one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time

Richard McConkey : I've just finished watching every episode of Seinfeld back to back, and even I couldn't tell the difference!

White_Shadow_59 : Single George is back baby

Berk Kansu : Elaine 10/10 Jerry 10/10

Barton Funk : It didn't take - ROTFLMAO

triplflip900 : God damn their mannerisms are impeccable! I can't imagine how much they had to study the original to get this good.

DeadbaseXI : You guys are awesome

Ezanee Gires : This has to be made officially canon

CertifiedBA : Elaine 11/10

Aaron Bowens : The entire cast was amazing, truly. But that Elaine completely stole the show. A spectacular performance.

thetopdog5555 : Someone should start a Kickstarter, I'd pay to see more of this!

smoothmedia : The writing and acting were both perfect. Wow!

jake schleifer : Wow this is so good, you guys have to make a whole season!!

Bruno Travers : Why are the Leaning Susans so tall? You want to lean on something that's elbow-height, not shoulder height! This is brilliant, I should add.

vitali : Bloody brilliant! MORE!!!

Pikmeir : This was awesome. I'd pay to go see these guys if it were closer to LA.

Jerome Kiley : This was incredible ... speechless ... and the Elaine was .... just speechless, thanks for making this!

Kyle Newk : Holy crap! That Elaine was perfect!

Lyle Chipperson : holy shit this is so good!

jwc1276 : I like this.

Jason Arons : Wow, that was spot on

MrMangoTank : The actress portraying Elaine deserves an award for this. Holy shit was she perfect!

derp : Everything about this is perfect. It's gold Jerry, gold!

Brenna Hall : PERFECT.  The way it came full circle and everything.  I need MORE!!!

Mike Loveland : If you close your eyes, it sounds practically just like a real Seinfeld episode. I mean that as a high compliment to the performers. Fantastic.

sanjeev alagur : Elaine spot on!! Jerry irritating. George loud. Kramer nice try. Script awesome 😊

TheSweetPerry : Great work. Its very hard to play Cosmo Kramer for anyone.

Eric Fullerton : I honestly felt like I was watching a Seinfeld episode. Incredible attention to the style of writing. Loved the performances too. What a great experience! Bravo!

little blue : This is extraordinarily well-done, I love the tiny stuff like Elaine's picky eating while Jerry is talking. Bravo!

goosejuiceish : UNBELIEVABLE

Vincent Rose : This is simply fantastic... I wonder if Mr. Seinfeld himself has seen this?

Ben : You guys should do the 9/11 episode.

Monscent : Not bad, not bad at all :D:D:D

betterdayz2nite : Elaine!👌🏼 This was amazing to watch, well done to the writers, cast and crew!

russ6406 : DO. MORE. Fantastic

Anuj Arora : Holy crap, impressive!

Brandon Pillow : would be better if the the guy playing seinfeld didn't try so hard to impersonate him. Like jesus I can barely understand you man Beeeecawwwyuwaz Youwhawha Arrreeeee Tawlking Lyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyke Ziiiis (increase the octave by 5x) wtf

MJ Wong : Elaine should win an oscar

Luke George : I really enjoyed this. Thanks for the hard work in portraying the characters. Thumbs up to everyone involved.

Shwaa Lectar : Cars. They're all great

crackpippi : The George impression was great