Steamed Hams but it's a guitar dub

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This was fun. For those interested, this concept is called Som Da Aura, a term coined by brilliant Brazilian composer Hermeto Pascoal. Instagram: @mathbrock My bands: (@invalidsband) (@goodgameband) Strandberg Guitars Boden Original Fractal Audio Axe-FX II

Comments from Youtube

Rafael Orsato Silveira : I never realized our talking was so out of tune.

RdTrler : "Seymour! The house is through the fire and flames!"

fawful94 : Yes, and you call them steamed hams despite the fact that they're obviously shredded?

Renz star : Jesus man, howd you even memorize something so long and chaotic?

Roland Ravina : Jesus this guy has a perfect pitch.

Logi Björnsson : Him: what kind of music do you listen to? Me: it’s complicated...

Zombiedino : Can you do a version that is just the guitar with no video or audio of steamed hams

GabeHouseCovers : steamed hams but its a dillinger escape plan song (?

Chad Ellis : Just when I thought I had seen everything on guitar.

I_Like_It_Here : That high note when his mom's voice cracks I died

Fat Samurai Productions : What happened to the head of the guitar?

Criss Reznor : This guitar work was delightfully devilish !!!

henri crousteau : my favorite math rock song.

RetroGamer7200 : Can you reupload the video but without the audio in the original clip so we only hear the guitar?


RedDragoon24 : should have muted the original. would have made it more fun.

Ŕhēţť Ğ : 1960s: I bet we'll have flying cars in the future. 2019:

Roy Verges : At last, a guitarist who doesn't sound like other guitarists...

Kevin Benoit : Just replied to like 100 comments asking “where is the headstock?” “how do you tune it?” With “it’s a Strandberg headless guitar. The tuning pegs are on the body end.” You’re all welcome. I’ll mail the bill.

Chris Papadimitriou : *I hate the steamed hams meme but i love the creativity*

TheCrazyNightOwl : 9/10 You forgot the most important thing. The fire truck.

KimTheDorkyDiamond : Stretching his calves on a windowsill? No. Shredding them? Yes.

With 2 Ts : Oh my god I can feel the endless hours of practice on this. Nice job man

__SK : *The house is on fire*

Slayix The Memelord : PLEASE for the Love of god make a vid with JUDT the guitar

Justin O'Donnell : I smell something burning Must be that music

XENON : *_Holy Gods! My Riff is ruined!_*

Red Eye Wolf : Well, Brock Benzel, we made it! Despite your directions!

Kelner Roberto : One of my favourites Jazz Fusion songs ever.

That Channel : I thought this would suck, boy was I wrong, great job

General Oddity : Thank you for blessing us with this art, I feel truly graced with such progressive amazingness

xooperz : If the sketch was Finnish, it would be monotonous

Random Guy : Where is the guitar only version I can't find it anywhere :[

sophie : this was absolutely chaotic in such an organized way and i love it

giovanni salvadeo : "Seymour the house is on fire" is my favourite Led Zeppelin song

im zoom : Is that a Daughter shirt!? If so, props to you man!

FenderBent : Can you upload just the guitar track? I'm interested to see what it sounds like by itself

Marvin Adjiwanou : It's weird, It's like I hear Funtime Foxy 😅

Хлеб : Am I the only person who wants to hear just the guitar version?

Tamarin Triggered : I didn't think you could keep going but you kept going and going and it got better and better and my mind is throughly fried.

Gretgor : Is there a version with the guitar only? Or maybe with the original video's volume turned down a tad?

Jeff_Wolf : Sometimes, it just sounds like they are kind of singing

Ju an : I'm mad that the last firefighters scene is not there

Samenger : i'm pretty sure 2:34 could be a metal riff

Eric Merryman : 1:36 would actually make pretty cool riff.

Funtime Kitty : Steamed hams but it’s a guitar dub but I’m just staring at this guy’s jaw and lips the whole time I mean what

Zoey Seely : ...where is your tuning stock for this guitar?!?

Eric Z : I'd love to see a version of this where the only sound is the guitar.

Justin O'Donnell : The real fire here is those playing skills