Steamed Hams but it's a guitar dub

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henri crousteau : my favorite math rock song.

Eric Merryman : 1:36 would actually make pretty cool riff.


Fat Samurai Productions : What happened to the head of the guitar?

Roland Ravina : Jesus this guy has a perfect pitch.

That Channel : I thought this would suck, boy was I wrong, great job

fawful94 : Yes, and you call them steamed hams despite the fact that they're obviously shredded?

RdTrler : "Seymour! The house is through the fire and flames!"

Raúl Morales Jr. : Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow

Chris Papadimitriou : *I hate the steamed hams meme but i love the creativity*

Chris Kogos : sweet

Toby Ryberg : this is wonderful and wonderfully made

Feede : Seymor Duncan

Víctor Castro : 0:48 LOOOOOOL😂😂😂

David Sharrod : Tabs coming when?

giovanni salvadeo : "Seymour the house is on fire" is my favourite Led Zeppelin song

Rotface : What guitar are you using in this video?

Exane : Humanity has peaked.

johnbazy : Ironically the only part he played incorrectly was when actual music was playing.

Bamboozled : Steamed hams but its dont starve

__SK : *The house is on fire*

wcr4 : 1:35 is awesome

agus : this is the content i was looking for

Zim Babwe : Spastic Ink - A Wild Hare

opaQue canon : Well, Brock, you are an odd guitarist but I must say, you shred a good meme.

XxX_Numbers_10110_XxX i : Tabs?

MallowNotFox : It’s like if an entire show was edgy 90’s show guitar sound effects.

daiukuun : epic style.

Beeny [GD] : I *lost my head* about how he’s using a strandberg

Tamarin Triggered : I didn't think you could keep going but you kept going and going and it got better and better and my mind is throughly fried.

Pulver : Please do a collab with David Dockery😍😍

Papierz2137 : You call hamburgers steamed hams? Yes, It’s a guitar dialect.

nemo and the finders : whAAAt

eet fuk : Love this new Dream Theater song

yeet 14 : *Talent*

Timmy T. Turner : Here's proof god is real

seba curdo : Tabs?

Mark Fernandes : Som Da Aura Borealis

Optillian : The perfect rock song doesn't exi- EDIT: Holy shit. Thanks for 1000+ likes guys. :)

Pippin Covington : wait wtf this is the guy from Invalids making a steamed hams meme

WasteOfSpace :P : you beautiful human! Your a genius! I already love you

Joan Giovanni Garcini Ponce : A eso se le llama no tener vida social

Plisehon : I call it steamed jams

GD Tevolo : We pushed this meme to it's limits, and we reached perfection

Eric Z : I'd love to see a version of this where the only sound is the guitar.

Daniel SC : Can you make a version with the guitar sounds only?

cactus - kun : And they said I didn't listen to real music

Fraudator : Can you please upload this without the original clip? Just wondering what it sounds like without it

Thanos Cadillac The 2nd : Talking Guitars?

Mr. Snake666 : 2:08 Can't stop laughing