Drinking in the Shower
In my Lexus Sedan I can be the weather man

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Romewarr : "When I ride inside, I can be the Weatherman" That line had stupid good delivery it actually made me smile with him in the video.

Walter Thornburgh : > That suave smile when he says "I can be the weatherman"

Smell Good : He can be the weather man.

sarcasmo57 : Dank rhymes Mr Chai.

Albert Alexandro : Actually cool.

Kirillow : what the? why did the old man write "help"?

Chris Hsu : 10/10 relatable

Dug : hey what part of houston do you live in?

The Fitness Instructor : he's actually quite good

CallmeCram : 🔥🔥🔥

Be Back Whenever : Can I get copy of this on CD?

Metaface : Earl Sweatshirt flow.

Notorious : Who came from willNE

CatfishShotgun : Dank af

Cosmic Centurion Deathvoid Entropic Darkswarm Abyss Meteor Suplex Firefist Twerk Team Wolfpack : Fifty years ago I was a mini skinny kid in Taiwan I walked 10 miles to school so I left my house at dawn. Now, I drive in Houston, Texas in a Lexus sedan and when I ride inside, _I_ can be the weatherman. But at home, I'm in the backyard, in the washroom, or the kitchen mowing grass and drying clothes, or scaling fish and pulling chicken bones. But I'm loyal as a lifetime money-back guarantee even if you haven't shaved your legs since '83

AIIUserNamesInvalid : how the hell did OP find this lol, i like it.

Will Clifton : Dope

Poot : willNE

Scoutmaster Lumpus : What am I doing?, I have a test tommorow

Ayrton Bondzanga : This is the quality content I'm after

Myles Duncan : this shit is fire fam

jose carbonell : Can we get a link for the instrumental? That was unironic fire

xGnome Child : actually has a nice beat

The Artificial Intelligence Show : tfw He drops better rhymes than any mainstream wrappers

Jackson Lambeth : i love this video <3

Billy Murray : instant favourite youtube video

Timothy Buff : Lit

Hamesan Syiem : Future of ricegum

Hayden Dekker : beat is actually pretty cool

Pystrum : What's the name of the instrument used around 0:01 and a few times throughout the video? Is there any original source for the specific audio sample used?

DjAngelMonster1111 : lol. I saw this on adult swim on cartoon network.

Gylfi Birkir Ingiþórsson : Thank you Reddit for guiding me to this.....I think.

Tom You Twit! : It's the new rubberbandits

David : awww yisss

Jo Iwu : This is a pop culture Master piece

Mr Banana : This is like an odd reversal of the shower scene in Psycho

Naveen Arun : hey +brooklynchai what was the reason for making this?

SwazAttack : This would be really cool played in reverse!

MyBean : Quality stuff but wtf was the ending? lmao

Saddam Hussein : This is for sure what i'd call a "hidden gem"

James Barker : +brooklynchai your a bloody legend (pls make more)

Stardager : everything

Sokyu No : Where are these people now tho?

Ian Conrad : Bretty Gud :DDDDD

TheHornet79 : On fire!

Emre. E : Few rappers Eminem was afraid to diss

Leon Medhurst : whos here from willne

the chav : This is sick

James Young : Umm... thanks youtube?