Matthew Perry and Aubrey Plaza's 50 Shades of Grey Sequel

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Jason D : did chandler go to the same tanning place as ross?

Dragos Vrinceanu : everytime i watch aubrey plaza i cant help but think she was a small decision away from a porn career.

Gwynbleidd : Matthew Perry's face is 50 shades of red.

byay : Thomas Lennon's hands look really familiar! He must be someone's hand twin, I just can't figure out who

Nivedha Chandramohan : Looks like Chandler finally met Joey's hand twin

clol159 : I just got the feeling Aubrey was so unimpressed with everything Matthew said, her reactions to everything are so perfect

Adi Adrian : Aubrey is looking like she has the best time of her life

LN : Fifty Shades of Tanned starring Ms Chanandler Bong (soundtrack by Monica G - 777 ✋🏼✌🏼)

TaTu Shka : Oh Chandler, did you count Mississipilly?

Kevin J : Thomas lenon is pretty underrated, he's pretty funny

sky z : why is he so orange

Daniel Babineau : Modern day Matthew Perry seems like an awkward Matthew Perry impersonator.

Michelle Krzywicki : "the most graphic sex scene you've ever seen"'ve never read any kind of fanfiction, have you?

Empathica3 : Aubrey cannot hide how much she doesn't give a shit about anything.

rohit tamhankar : Did he counted Mississippily?

greenghost2008_Progressive : I've never seen 50 shades of rape.

Kamron Parker : When anyone says they've read 50 Shades and thought it was good, it clues me in that they don't read much, have never had anything but vanilla sex, have no clue how BDSM actually works and should have a talking to about consent.

Malek .malek : Matthieu Perry looks like 50 shades of sun burn

The softest part of a woman's breast is? : ......Is Matthew Perry the same species as Trump?

Rachel TIAN : No! His mother writes the best erotic novels!

Alessandro Scuderi : im digging James Corden and his show but not liking these 1-2 minute videos, why not have the interviews broken into 2 videos as opposed to 4 or 5?

da96103 : The film was not in New York City though, it was placed in Seattle. So there could be 21-yo virgin girls in Seattle.

TheArmchairrocker : when did Mathew Perry's head get replaced with an overripe pumpkin?

John Do : Is Chandler preparing for a role as a shrimp?

Team Noob : Matthew Perry's head is really red lol

Billy32210 : I love this show so far.  I like the "many guests at one time" all having a conversation thing. Very British style(Yes, I know James Corden is British.)  Best American talk show hands down. 

fleshcookie : Aubrey's body language changed as soon as James mentioned 50 shades of grey...... interesting

Dahbz1434 : Aubrey is bae, lemme get that kitty ma.

Sarah Shipley : The skin around Matthew perrys eyebrows is 50 shades lighter than the rest of his face

MrJambot : I hope Matthew perry is not in the sequel. That would spoil my memory of him in Friends. Stay pure Mathew please.

Jessica Carpenetti : it actually takes place in seattle.....

Ana Marcelos : Aubrey Plaza is one of my favorite people

Nihal : Aubrey is the real life " Phoebe buffay " and she's hanging out with My favourite Chandler bing 😂😂 I'm lived

Rebecca Cross : Matthew Perry seemed like such an ass during this interview, especially towards Aubrey...

Alreem : Yo he needs to see a dermatologist.. that sunburn is not normal

Hugh Broderick : Matthew Perry: 50 Shades of Orange

junk can : Matt Perry is an Oompa loompa here.

aj74205 : There goes the respect for Matthew Perry I never had.

seededsoul : Wow, those three would make a great team. Please, let them make a movie together?

Katy Jalili : This is the most sexist thing I've seen on this kind of shows! First you let your guest to insult women Then you don't let the only woman on the panel to speak And when she wants to express her opinion you cut her off! She was clearly uncomfortable with the whole thing! Shame on you

Canada One Way : I can see in Matthew Perry face that he is drinking like crazy.

Abhi U : 0:25 Corden has such a great real laugh. Why does he feel the need to fake laugh? Also, Aubrey's reaction to Perry's joke was priceless. You could clearly see her thinking, "Yeah, that sounds about right."

Skrilax Rev : No offense, but most stars seems to be like fake beside Aubrey Plaza. Maybe she is not weird, but just authentic. The most entertaining thing is, she is not trying to entertain.

crystalsalmonparty : what is happening to Matthew Perry, here?

Lara Kirandag : It doesn't take place in NYC, Fifty Shades takes place in Seattle and Portland...

Don Carbon : have no doubt she blew him afterwards

chinbrows : you can see the most wicked smirk from Aubrey Plaza at 0:24

Ikenasio Tuagalu : That really turned me on Hahahaha oh Chandler you crack me up

Simon Sofowora : I'm not gay, but even I can admit that Mathew Perry was ok looking at the beginning of friends. But now...ew. He has not aged well.

Timour Iskarous : "this hand is your hand, this hand is my hand, oh wait that's your hand, no wait that's my hand"