Angler Kills & Tosses Musky for No Reason
Fisherman kills fish and is confronted by fellow fishermen

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***** Follow Me on Instagram @danelajoy ***** ***UPDATE - MARCH 4TH, 2015*** The guy in the video who killed the Musky had a court date March 4, 2015 and was charged a $1,000 fine and got a 2-year fishing Ban. DESCRIPTION: September 3, 2014, we encountered this guy who killed a musky in which we were sport fishing for, and had no remorse for his actions and even admitted it. ***UPDATE: Hi everyone, first of all I want to say that this is a Canadian Angler, in Canadian Waters. Our Ministry of Natural Resources is aware of the entire incident and they have launched an investigation. More updates to follow on that. In addition, the boat in this video does not belong to either of the 2 anglers in it that day. It was borrowed and that is fact. The man in this video has turned himself into our local news station and made an apology video. The purpose of exposing this video was to create awareness so those abusers will see the consequences and think twice before abusing again; very happy with the attention it has received. It goes to show a couple guys can make a big difference. Thank you all. Happy Fishing, Safe Hunting! Please subscribe for more Musky Action coming this Fall/Winter!


Heather Bia : I respect that you confronted the man who killed the musky

Rick Sanchez : I hope someone catches him then clubs him in the head because he's not what they wanted..

Shirley is my prison name : No regard for wildlife, no regard for the law, rude as hell, and an Affliction shirt. Douche level: Grand Master.

Drop Of Juice : I didn't know Canaidians could swear

The King of all Cobras : I'm so glad he received a $1000 fine and a 2 year ban for this!! Justice has been served!

Golden Manuever : what a joke. I wouldn't do that to a bluegill let alone a 38" Muskie.

LittleJohn Sullivan : I'm glad justice was served and this moron was penalized for doing what he did. People like these guys give anglers a bad name. A true angler,no matter what species he catches, should always be about preservation and conservation. Thank you for doing what you did,I'm sure all like minded fishermen appreciated that.

darthtaiter : Good on you Mate, for busting this asshole. So glad he went to court and was convicted, thank you for being a conscientious fisherman... Good Job!!!

manzzz with the planzzz : "So is smoking pot" and so is murder and so is stealing and rape you shouldn't do those things either, some people dude! Just fallow the law it's better for everyone.

pokemon king : The food chain is not something that you mess with.Especially what that f*cker did! }:[

Amarican 13 : This right here pisses me off dude I fish lake st Clair my whole life for Muskie we will spend up to 20 min trying to revive a Muskie then u got these people🤦‍♀️ I think of Muskies like my kids

MrMisterMan : what a shame. Musky and pike are such beautiful fish.


Southern Storm : In Soviet Russia fish clubs you..

Bryan Miller : Like morons that kill sharks for no reason, good job guys

B McDow : Type F in the chat to pay respects R.I.P fish😪

Jameson T. : Why could i picture what he looked like just by hearing his voice?

Dream : "it's illegal" - "So is smoking pot" Is he implying that because something else is illegal, it's alright to do something illegal yourself? A real intelligent man right here.

Devin Shearer : The guy gets arrested for murder " Sir you know that's illegal right?" " So people smoke pot and that's illegal" "Yea you're right. Ok you're free to go then"

Grand Tickler : good job, that man did not understand the art of fishing, nor will he ever...

Kevin No More : Good well done man, I appreciate what you done. Taking action fast

Amandapandaowo AJPW : when i fish i just throw it back Not throw Gently lie it into the water Praise it in holy water

Gavino 17 : 1:41 I hear “Floating Ability”

bebello alex : if most of those fish die the whole food chain dies to.

Stanley Poznanski : That sad that they club a musky for no reason. I would called d n r on them

Butterman Squad : Don't kill them like that go home and eat them!

drg9253 Zero : Damn that guy should been put to jail or some lethal judgement like confiscating his licence or boat.

There seems to be an error : *W A T*

Swagbus Express : What a jackass, I knew a guy years ago who caught a huge red bass and stabbed it and threw it back in the water because he couldn't keep it, (Over size limit). These people are a huge disgrace to the fishing sport.

Jesus Rene Vasquez : Sole legal and I support your channel

Lucdog2323 Gamer : God EDIOT if I was fishing for bass and I caught a muskey I would be so happy

Ian Singer : Best part of this video? The affliction shirt and OCC style mustache. Why was I not surprised?

Knee Grows : bass fishermen are just the worst

1Rod1ReelFishing : Sigh... Some anglers have no clue... killing all the muskies they catch and disrupting the natural food chain of that lake :/

Eatingtuba Z : I would have thrown the fish at him

Gavin Rose : Who would do this? People can be weird like if u agree

Static SMG : Should have waited for him after and showed him the food chain

Alex Oprel : Oh boy...better not go to Poland. Those pigs eat everything lol

Balint Bakos : I thought it meant anglerfish and was like wtf

Mighty Beast : I am so happy he got what he deserved! Look in the description.

Kristopher Plottner : What a beautiful fish wasted. Its sad to see this. I love catching and releasing fish. Its so much fun. Thats just ashame that they thought that fish was not good. I would have been so amazed to catch such an amazing fish and would have released it.

Nugent's Outdoors : Thank you for standing up to these guys!

Nick Halfmann : I’m pretty new when it comes to fishing, what do ya u do with the fish at that point? Can you keep it since it got killed or do you turn it into the DNR?

handicapitation : Someone needs to club that guy over the head and throw him overboard.

ScritZ : "For no reason" He literally explained why

vibratingstring : In Connecticut, the DEP has a name for that guy: Johnny Fishseed.

ALBERT SHEETZ : send your tapes into the DNR that guy I'll get his

Council V1 : "So is smoking pot dude" 😂 this man had me rolling

Blue_ Logic : Ohhhh so much commets😱😱😱😱😱😱