Angler Kills & Tosses Musky for No Reason

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Canadian Firearms Review : Thank you for doing thins! You are awesome and that guy deserved what he got. Keep up the great work!

AwesomeMaps275 275 : I'm so glad he received a $1000 fine and a 2 year ban for this!! Justice has been served!

Quinn The Quail : 1:41 P O P S I C L E

Kyle Christy : Good job man, would love to see that guy get clubbed in the head....

Max Power : Good job. I report about a dozen poachers a year while i fish. Yes poacher. That what those a holes are.

Dane LaJoy Outdoors : Everyone I appreciate the support and positive comments towards the support and protection of our fishery, but there is no need to contact DNR as this is a Canadian fisher in Canadian Waters. The MNR has been contacted by many, and they are definitely aware as they have confirmed that on their Facebook Page which is: Ontario Conservation Officer Association. Also, everyone please stop arguing whether or not it was a Canadian or American. We unfortunately both have misguided and disrespectful anglers. Thank you all.

Chad : When I was brought up fishing I was taught to respect our ecosystem, the only fish you should be purposefully killing are invasive species and doing it in a humane way as stated by the law. I can’t believe someone would kill that fish like that, anglers throughout Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence river love hooking onto a beauty like that musky.

boo 23 : These are great fish these people are killing i font see why killing him thats a heathly fish right there if i caught him i would look at him take a few pictures and let him go

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AznKILLER : Smoking pit's illegal and people still do it . Yeah and im one of those people but your still scum for doing what u did lol . No need need to kill the fish for no reason the guy didn't even eat it

Dane LaJoy Outdoors : It's surprising how many comments are coming through after the CBC interview with the gentlemen. CBC offered to interview me for this story but I choose not to go ahead with it, although I wish I had to elaborate my side more into detail. I find it funny how much criticism I am receiving for posting this video. Claims that I did it for attention. Very typical and pathetic of people to assume what they see on the news is real. I.e. the gentlemen saying the fish was going to die; he did it a favour. I can assure you, that fish had no gill damage. It was in perfect health when he decided to swing a club at its head. And for those of you calling us treehuggers, hippies, etc... When you have a great deal of respect for the environment and nature, it doesn't make you any of those things. CBC, nor the man charged, did not include how this is NOT his first offence with the Ministry of Natural Resources. He has actually been charged with many charges, nearly 7-8 I believe. Prosecuted on about 4 of those charges now. I pity those of you who troll on here now harassing us for standing up for whats right. After making this video, do you think maybe now the people who do these kinds of things may think twice because they know the potential outcome if they are exposed such as this? And for all of you saying it's just a fish, if you knew anything about muskie or the outdoors for that matter, you would understand this incident isn't just about one fish. If I have to elaborate more, then you are in need of some further education. Quick FYI, I myself am a member of Muskies Canada, which is an organization based on the conservation of muskie. But to wrap this up, go head to these post-CBC interview watchers, sit there behind your computers criticizing our decision. I don't regret it one bit. Thanks to all who have supported our decision. There are a lot of people who respect the environment out there. PS, you nailed it on the dot with that comment. Thank you.

Kathleen Lebrun : omg what ass holes they are killing that fish for no glad u guys went and said something to the jerks

Drop Of Juice : I didn't know Canaidians could swear

t jones : If you see something, say / do something! Do't ignore evil, or it will thrive! Good Work guys!

cmcarlile : No regard for wildlife, no regard for the law, rude as hell, and an Affliction shirt. Douche level: Grand Master.

BlacktipH : I have seen these kind of morons kill beautiful pike because they eat perch. During my days on Lake St. Clair I used to find dead fresh muskies all the time when I trolled around. We have the same kind of morons here in Florida. I call them "Meat Heads". They want to kill every non-edible predator that naturally eats an edible fish, such as sharks, goliath groupers and barracudas. They have no respect for the natural ecosystem.

Heather Bia : I respect that you confronted the man who killed the musky


lekker vissen : That guy should be killed

augustusrivers : Nice work! I love catching pike and Muskie, and I respect the hell out of them!

Dane LaJoy Outdoors : There was a bit of negative comments coming in after that pathetic CBC interview, but for the last while now, everyone lately, thousands of comments have come through thanking us for doing what we did. I actually can't believe how many people have written out a comment thanking us for sticking up for what is right. It's mind blowing! It truly means a lot to both of us, the support and appreciation everyone has shown  through comments, unreal. Thank you all so much.

SaturdayNitePalsy : Thanks for nailing those assholes. Clueless behavior and lack of compassion.

Ernesto Garcia : No true angler gets mad at catching a fish. Im happy if i get a Carp! But good job brotha. P.s. I dont know about you guys but in New Mexico they gotta to be 41' to even keep... anyways Keep on, Fishing on guys.

Jon A : People like them need to learn how to respect fishing and it's laws

Armando Ramirez-Paz : #Fishlivesmatter

1Rod1ReelFishing : Sigh... Some anglers have no clue... killing all the muskies they catch and disrupting the natural food chain of that lake :/

evan Buckley : Right on. These guys aren't sportsman. If they do this kinda shit with fish who knows what they are doing with other critters they hunt.

kyle Brackett : OK so i watched the apology video and it really seemed half ass on how he implies it shouldn't be a big deal. As a fellow fisherman I have gone fishing for muskie 4 times in my life with no luck and its on my bucket list of fish to catch so to see this really upset me. I saw the response that you guys think he paid his price and if you guys forgive him then i can too but i really hope this video gets at least seen so no other fisherman thinks of doing that and uses this guy as an example not to follow.

Patrick McGuire : Muskies take too long to mature to be doing such bone-headed things like killing a healthy, young specimen. Among sport fishermen people typically catch and release muskie. This man needs to learn some respect for the sport, and towards nature.

Bru Dog : Just watched your video. I hope you were able to send this "poor fisherman's" boat information to the authorities. Anyone who doesnt respect the ecosystem and the privilege of fishing needs education.

Ca11mero : Most hunters are just the same if not even worse. Had a fox nearby where a live with two small "knits", took about 2 weeks before we heard one of the hunters that lives closeby had shot one of the knits and the mother. For what reason? He enjoyed it... Same goes for most people killing deer and moose to, they just want big horns as some prize to brag about, they don't even use the meat half the time.

David Hendershot : Good job guys 👍 unfortunately there are idiots that fish 👎

Julian Schmitz : You did a great Job. This man is so stupid and he deserved what the got. Go on with this great thought and I appreciate what you did

Hayden Leach : that is really messed up I like big fish when I catch them I like to see them swim off!!!

Dane LaJoy Outdoors : Can everyone please stop saying they want this guy dead, want to see him hurt or harmed. Or that you would harm him yourself. Please know that I do very much appreciate your respect and passion for the sport, our environment and wildlife. But on that note, he simply deserves not to be allowed to fish or hunt, ever, as he clearly has absolutely no respect for the environment and a fine. Yes he got a $1,000 fine and a 2-year no fishing ban, and some say that's not enough. I actually agree, it should be more. He should not have that privilege and that is the reason I posted the video. I don't regret it, I think it was good decision to expose someone like this on the internet to show what a viral video can do to others who do things similar as this. People may think twice. And yet again, we are not treehuggers, me and my friend just have respect for wildlife and the environment. Calling us treehuggers or snitches for exposing someone needlessly killing animal is pathetic in itself. Thank you all for your support. Cheers everyone!

Zander Weaver : I read the description, that idiot got what was coming for him

pokemon king : The food chain is not something that you mess with.Especially what that f*cker did! }:[

manzzz with the planzzz : "So is smoking pot" and so is murder and so is stealing and rape you shouldn't do those things either, some people dude! Just fallow the law it's better for everyone.

Cutie Batootie : This is why are planet is getting global warming etc because of idiots like this ( the guys who killed the Muskey)

Southern Storm : In Soviet Russia fish clubs you..

Reyes Family fun times : Could of ate it but no had to throw it back what a jerk

Faolyn : Bastard. Good to see he was punished for this.

Cosmic Serpent : Yoooo thank you guys that was epic. These guys just needed a good talking to they don't wanna hurt anyone.

Gaming and More! xXPrototypeXx16 - : Ohhhh so much commets😱😱😱😱😱😱

Balint Bakos : I thought it meant anglerfish and was like wtf

Frank79811 : huge respect for you guys for doing this !

Free Kodak : Let the man do what he wants

Ghost1170 : Using Pot as an excuse. What a scrub

Eatingtuba Z : I would have thrown the fish at him

handicapitation : Someone needs to club that guy over the head and throw him overboard.