Angler Kills & Tosses Musky for No Reason

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1Rod1ReelFishing : Sigh... Some anglers have no clue... killing all the muskies they catch and disrupting the natural food chain of that lake :/

Heather Bia : I respect that you confronted the man who killed the musky

cmcarlile : No regard for wildlife, no regard for the law, rude as hell, and an Affliction shirt. Douche level: Grand Master.

Rick Sanchez : I hope someone catches him then clubs him in the head because he's not what they wanted..

LittleJohn Sullivan : I'm glad justice was served and this moron was penalized for doing what he did. People like these guys give anglers a bad name. A true angler,no matter what species he catches, should always be about preservation and conservation. Thank you for doing what you did,I'm sure all like minded fishermen appreciated that.

BlacktipH : I have seen these kind of morons kill beautiful pike because they eat perch. During my days on Lake St. Clair I used to find dead fresh muskies all the time when I trolled around. We have the same kind of morons here in Florida. I call them "Meat Heads". They want to kill every non-edible predator that naturally eats an edible fish, such as sharks, goliath groupers and barracudas. They have no respect for the natural ecosystem.

Drop Of Juice : I didn't know Canaidians could swear

manzzz with the planzzz : "So is smoking pot" and so is murder and so is stealing and rape you shouldn't do those things either, some people dude! Just fallow the law it's better for everyone.

Golden Manuever : what a joke. I wouldn't do that to a bluegill let alone a 38" Muskie.

Amarican 13 : This right here pisses me off dude I fish lake st Clair my whole life for Muskie we will spend up to 20 min trying to revive a Muskie then u got these people🤦‍♀️ I think of Muskies like my kids

Dane LaJoy Outdoors : It's surprising how many comments are coming through after the CBC interview with the gentlemen. CBC offered to interview me for this story but I choose not to go ahead with it, although I wish I had to elaborate my side more into detail. I find it funny how much criticism I am receiving for posting this video. Claims that I did it for attention. Very typical and pathetic of people to assume what they see on the news is real. I.e. the gentlemen saying the fish was going to die; he did it a favour. I can assure you, that fish had no gill damage. It was in perfect health when he decided to swing a club at its head. And for those of you calling us treehuggers, hippies, etc... When you have a great deal of respect for the environment and nature, it doesn't make you any of those things. CBC, nor the man charged, did not include how this is NOT his first offence with the Ministry of Natural Resources. He has actually been charged with many charges, nearly 7-8 I believe. Prosecuted on about 4 of those charges now. I pity those of you who troll on here now harassing us for standing up for whats right. After making this video, do you think maybe now the people who do these kinds of things may think twice because they know the potential outcome if they are exposed such as this? And for all of you saying it's just a fish, if you knew anything about muskie or the outdoors for that matter, you would understand this incident isn't just about one fish. If I have to elaborate more, then you are in need of some further education. Quick FYI, I myself am a member of Muskies Canada, which is an organization based on the conservation of muskie. But to wrap this up, go head to these post-CBC interview watchers, sit there behind your computers criticizing our decision. I don't regret it one bit. Thanks to all who have supported our decision. There are a lot of people who respect the environment out there. PS, you nailed it on the dot with that comment. Thank you.

pokemon king : The food chain is not something that you mess with.Especially what that f*cker did! }:[

AznKILLER : Smoking pit's illegal and people still do it . Yeah and im one of those people but your still scum for doing what u did lol . No need need to kill the fish for no reason the guy didn't even eat it

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Dane LaJoy Outdoors : Can everyone please stop saying they want this guy dead, want to see him hurt or harmed. Or that you would harm him yourself. Please know that I do very much appreciate your respect and passion for the sport, our environment and wildlife. But on that note, he simply deserves not to be allowed to fish or hunt, ever, as he clearly has absolutely no respect for the environment and a fine. Yes he got a $1,000 fine and a 2-year no fishing ban, and some say that's not enough. I actually agree, it should be more. He should not have that privilege and that is the reason I posted the video. I don't regret it, I think it was good decision to expose someone like this on the internet to show what a viral video can do to others who do things similar as this. People may think twice. And yet again, we are not treehuggers, me and my friend just have respect for wildlife and the environment. Calling us treehuggers or snitches for exposing someone needlessly killing animal is pathetic in itself. Thank you all for your support. Cheers everyone!

Jameson T. : Why could i picture what he looked like just by hearing his voice?

Eatingtuba Z : I would have thrown the fish at him

B McDow : Type F in the chat to pay respects R.I.P fish😪

Bryan Miller : Like morons that kill sharks for no reason, good job guys

AwesomeMaps275 275 : I'm so glad he received a $1000 fine and a 2 year ban for this!! Justice has been served!

Ca11mero : Most hunters are just the same if not even worse. Had a fox nearby where a live with two small "knits", took about 2 weeks before we heard one of the hunters that lives closeby had shot one of the knits and the mother. For what reason? He enjoyed it... Same goes for most people killing deer and moose to, they just want big horns as some prize to brag about, they don't even use the meat half the time.

Úlfur númi Baldursson : It is okay to catch it and cook it and eat it btw im just wondering

Sprinkles the jack Daniel : Don't kill them like that go home and eat them!

Weirdlyoneoffs : What filthy pigs! I would like to throw a grenade at their boat and watch them fly through the air! What goes around comes around though...hope they get smashed in the heads and thrown in the sea one day. Well done you for having a go at them, sadly you can't reason with a moron. Poor fish, such beautiful creatures, they deserve the utmost respect from anglers, not this! I'm very upset to see people doing such a thing.

Dane LaJoy Outdoors : Everyone I appreciate the support and positive comments towards the support and protection of our fishery, but there is no need to contact DNR as this is a Canadian fisher in Canadian Waters. The MNR has been contacted by many, and they are definitely aware as they have confirmed that on their Facebook Page which is: Ontario Conservation Officer Association. Also, everyone please stop arguing whether or not it was a Canadian or American. We unfortunately both have misguided and disrespectful anglers. Thank you all.

Abu Hajaar : So because smoking pot is illegal and a lot of people do it means it's ok to smash a perfectly good fish in the head and kill it?

FancyxToast : So idk why or how i came across this video. Im not a fisher. I dont fish or anything, id like to, but thats besides so point. But when you go fishing in a place like this. Is it alright to keep any fish you come across to eat. Like if that guy didnt throw the fish back into the water and he kept it to eat later, would that be okay? Or is it still wrong? Is it also wrong to kill and eat smaller fish? How does that all work. Do they even kill and eat the fish or is it all catch and release?

Charles 1010 : I think that scum deserves a proper drowning

Kristopher Plottner : What a beautiful fish wasted. Its sad to see this. I love catching and releasing fish. Its so much fun. Thats just ashame that they thought that fish was not good. I would have been so amazed to catch such an amazing fish and would have released it.

Denise Thasder : What a waste. Of a human, that is.

Crypticexpert : There's no shallower argument than ''Smoking pot's illegal and people still do it.'' You know what, maybe we should grab a fish-club and give you a good whacking around the head so that you don't walk or talk good no more, that's illegal but hey you kill animals for fun too jackass ;)

Blue_ Logic : Ohhhh so much commets😱😱😱😱😱😱

Gavino 17 : 1:41 I hear “Floating Ability”

atthetippy : I would not have confronted the guy, he sounded drunk, and many fisherman carry a pistol in their tackle box, not worth dying over a fish. Document the event, take pictures, and submit to the authorities.

Balint Bakos : I thought it meant anglerfish and was like wtf

TheMachomaniac : It is not our right to decide what does or does not belong to nature. Yes there is a food chain, yes we are a part of it, but it is twisted to think we have some right in governing the chain that other creatures do not. We are humans, not evolution itself.

Billy Yang : Next time he should use his balls for bait

fishing pro : That guy should be killed

Just a proud MexicanBoi : Could of ate it but no had to throw it back what a jerk

Devin Shearer : The guy gets arrested for murder " Sir you know that's illegal right?" " So people smoke pot and that's illegal" "Yea you're right. Ok you're free to go then"

Grand Tickler : good job, that man did not understand the art of fishing, nor will he ever...

drg9253 Zero : Damn that guy should been put to jail or some lethal judgement like confiscating his licence or boat.

Bow Man : Sink his boat, you went over with the wrong attitude, you should have been more secretive of why you were approaching instead of letting him get smart at a distance! ram his boat and then sink it, too pleasant mate, thats why he is cheeky to you.

Jesus Rene Vasquez : Sole legal and I support your channel

Southern Storm : In Soviet Russia fish clubs you..

Gavin Rose : Who would do this? People can be weird like if u agree

Static SMG : Should have waited for him after and showed him the food chain

123Tymathis : One less musky in the world... smh

David Hendershot : Good job guys 👍 unfortunately there are idiots that fish 👎