Training Day: JP The Baby Penguin Swims Solo | The Zoo
Training Day JP The Baby Penguin Swims Solo

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Three-month-old penguin, JP, is released into the waters in hopes of living independently in the exhibit. The staff at Bronx Zoo also investigate whether JP is a boy or a girl. Watch full episodes of The Zoo here: Subscribe to Animal Planet: Join Us on Facebook: Follow Us on Twitter:



Christine in Nornia : I think I’d prefer to hang out with Penguins all day too❤️☺️

Maria Elena Cabrera : Awwwwwww beautiful JP!!!!!!!❤️🐧😍🤗😘 Thank you for sharing this wonderful bird with us. I absolutely love penguins.

Alicia torres : So cute!! You can really tell that both the caregivers really care and love JP!!

You Danno : OMG I LOVE JP

Aniket Babar : Nature is fascinating

Angelina Oliveri : I love this show!

Pumpkin0330 titi : YAY SHE'S A GIRL. SHE'S BEAUTIFUL

David D : Huge love and respect to these people

sultan serangga : ooh baby you cute😊😊😘

Jennifer A : What a cutie Jp is 🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧

Jacqueline davy : aww jp boy or gril your so adorable and you have a very good mom that takes good care of you i like that take care sweet hart you be a good girl for mom ok

Sarah Samar Somar :

Covert Person : Pingu

ethan liu : Jake Paul the penguin.

ayana abdullah : I'm about to go to Middle School

jaime el americanista : so cute

Negan : Parabéns esse é o melhor canal do mundo

Sleepytime Taquito : Look at this BEAUTIFUL child

Sophie Toon : Very cute!

Azliana Lyana : Anyone know JP's full name?

Anthony Golyer : Would it be odd for New Yorkers too agree to buying land for a zoo outside of New York?. Its not all about yourselves haha. It can still be called the New York Zoo.

Salma Sultana : wow I just love penguins. JP is so cute ♡♡

K J : 3:46 doesn't everybody? Haha

sweatpantsprincess : Love that instinct humans have of adopting things, the whole reason we have pets. We want to take care of and live with other creatures, at heart!

ibrahim dagher : As beautiful as he is... He is terrified when you put him in a container

angel reynaga : Cool.vid

Joseph : Is this happy feet. So cute. Cool this is the Bronx zoo? I wanna see jp

Jennifer Coleman : Omg what a darling little thing

Connie McFeely : Way to go big are awesome 💕💕💕

Puppy kitty fun time andreen : So cute

Juliet : i’d hang out with penguins over people too

RayneSaltair : I wanna hang out with penguins all day too.

MarlonMax : half bird half dolphin .

My Fat Rabbit : So squishyyyyyyyy

Donald Ray : cute JP

pronub fortinite : Quem tá assistindo pelo celular Um dia serei um grande YouTube se Deus quiser 🙏🙏 y

Sunit Ganguli : Nice job

Sean Giusti : Is jp a boy or a girl?!?!

IMAN7THRYLOS : Linux Linux

Jeh Moraes : Legal. So nao entendi nada o que eles estavam

Elisa Huberman : Kawaii

Charlie B : So I’m already applying to Cornell for Ornithology. So when I’m an ornithologist gets to play with baby penguin. This is better than I thought.

Andrade Yesenia : cute

crystalheart9 : Penguin  love,

MARCO A. AGREDA C. : kawaii

Animals Attacks : Omg

Wuft Chan : awwwwww cutie