Training Day: JP The Baby Penguin Swims Solo | The Zoo

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Alex E : He’s like, wait I’m good at this!

Maria Elena Cabrera : Awwwwwww beautiful JP!!!!!!!❤️🐧😍🤗😘 Thank you for sharing this wonderful bird with us. I absolutely love penguins.

You Danno : OMG I LOVE JP

Covert Person : Pingu

Aniket Babar : Nature is fascinating

Alicia torres : So cute!! You can really tell that both the caregivers really care and love JP!!

Pumpkin0330 titi : YAY SHE'S A GIRL. SHE'S BEAUTIFUL

angel reynaga : Cool.vid

Sophie Toon : Very cute!

Angelina Oliveri : I love this show!

sdb insect : ooh baby you cute😊😊😘

Sarah Samar Somar :

jaime el americanista : so cute

Jennifer A : What a cutie Jp is 🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧

Azliana Lyana : Anyone know JP's full name?

Puppy kitty fun time andreen : So cute

Yarles.27 : So I’m already applying to Cornell for Ornithology. So when I’m an ornithologist gets to play with baby penguin. This is better than I thought.

Shibani Chakraborty : cute .

Christine in Nornia : I think I’d prefer to hang out with Penguins all day too❤️☺️

david daniello : Huge love and respect to these people

ethan liu : Jake Paul the penguin.

Jeh Moraes : Legal. So nao entendi nada o que eles estavam

Sunit Ganguli : Nice job

dino dos games : Quem tá assistindo pelo celular Um dia serei um grande YouTube se Deus quiser 🙏🙏 y

Jennifer Coleman : Omg what a darling little thing

Jason Vooshers : Parabéns esse é o melhor canal do mundo

Patrizia Ambrosi : Soooooooo cuuuuuuuteeeeeee 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Patrizia Ambrosi : Soooooooo cuuuuuuuteeeeeee 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Juliet : i’d hang out with penguins over people too

RayneSaltair : I wanna hang out with penguins all day too.

Connie McFeely : Way to go big are awesome 💕💕💕

Joseph : Is this happy feet. So cute. Cool this is the Bronx zoo? I wanna see jp

Jacqueline davy : aww jp boy or gril your so adorable and you have a very good mom that takes good care of you i like that take care sweet hart you be a good girl for mom ok


Animals Attacks : Omg

Jin YuanZhe : 3:46 doesn't everybody? Haha

IMAN7THRYLOS : Linux Linux

Abel van Vliet : Collective opposition abroad old bay bank coffee forehead pound display.

MarlonMax : half bird half dolphin .

Salma Sultana : wow I just love penguins. JP is so cute ♡♡

Andrade Yesenia : cute

Sean Giusti : Is jp a boy or a girl?!?!

Elisa Huberman : Kawaii

ibrahim dagher : As beautiful as he is... He is terrified when you put him in a container

MARCO A. AGREDA C. : kawaii

Wuft Chan : awwwwww cutie

My Fat Rabbit : So squishyyyyyyyy

Alec Aquino : Awwww. JP!!!!

Bunny The Bear : That's cruel, they live in communities and NOT alone, and a pathetic stuffed teddy penguin just won't cut it! Gets me angry when I see animal abuse, because deprivation is animal abuse and this baby animal is being deprived of companionship. Companionship being one of the five necessities an animal MUST have in order to meet it's physical/mental well being. Stupid people.