Joe Rogan's Theory on Life and People
I think were here to eat the sandwich

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This is an excerpt from the beginning of Joe Rogan Live. Before I saw this stand up set and listened to him on the radio talk show talking about DMT, I though Rogan was a tool that just did terrible TV shows. Now I absolutely love Joe Rogan and I highly encourage you to go out and rent/buy Joe Rogan Live on DVD.


DoopaThePoopa : Organismical.

PhlegethonianStream : Here's Tom with the Weather..

pofkonijn : Savant

GCF : This makes me really want to go and eat a sandwich.

jose chavez : bacteria like to grow in warm places... most humans also prefer to live in warm environments next to water, our main source. looking down from space, we do act as bacteria

Ranger Kasdorf : Here because of Savant.

kaister901 : Ain't nothing wrong in fking things up and eating that sandwich. Sandwich ain't gonna eat itself up now is it?

mrlx1064 : Savant, thank you.

Mike Rashid : Brilliant.

coltsrule5150 : Joe makes a good point. Humans are like a bacteria. Go to Google Maps and look at the Earth from a distance. Cities look like mold growth. Big, moldy spots, with little bit moldy spots here and there. But we don't have to be, if we can just be a bit more responsible.

Patrick M : Lmao when he called L.A cancer I couldn't help but laugh


Jamie Gaudett : This is exactly what I was thinking that's why I looked up other theories . We are harvesting all earths resources. Pulling them from the ground and leaving it on the surface, or consuming it . We keep growing and soon we will infect other planets . Maybe something created the big bang so other elements would be made smaller then they can work with. And bang here we are making Shit finding smaller Shit . What if our universe is some sort of molecules or cells or whatever you scientists look at .

ProPaleo : I think you need to take shrooms at least once in your life to be on the same page as him.

kitKat : Interesting take. Good thing the Earth is adaptable. It's not the Earth that's in trouble, it's humanity. Earth will just take on new forms, while we will just kill ourselves off. 

Oden J : To high volume on the background music...

Lincoln Speering : If you are basing your comment of this one video then you are sadly mistaken

protercool : "I think we're here to eat the sandwhich." Most awesome quote ever. But we aren't destroying the earth, if we make it unable to sustain life then we all die, but the earth is still here, just chillen without life.


Shniggit : What good is the sandwich if we don't eat it? This planet won't last long anyway. The core is cooling and we will lose our magnetic field and atmosphere and then all get blown to bits in a supernova or whatever. Might as well eat the sandwich before it goes bad cause it has no other purpose.

ThugSafc : haha best one have ever heard of why we are here

dwasdwas1 : Joe Rogan is actually Agent Smith. Interesting.

Rida-Zainab Jafri : What about bees who create honey, how soils produced what does he have to say about that, what about the aboriginals who are one with nature, and all the Abrahamic faiths that say do not be excessive/gluttonous

T4l0nITA : i agree but i don't think it's humanity doing this, i think it's capitalism

ivjdivfjalekvvjp : I can't believe there are people in this world who actually think this guy is insightful.

nostalgicpep : Wonder what books Rogan has been reading? Heard this crap before but never from inside a limo! All this started because God said so and put it into MOTION!!

Ryan Toan : Joe Rogan is the man. I love that he is familiar with Endosymbiotic Theory! Back to the basic elements of the cell to understand the world we live in and what human beings actually are. Excellent comparison by describing aliens flying over of L.A. and what they would think of us (human beings) I really cannot conceive of an organism that does not live off of something else. Must be my primitive bacteria laden human mind. Oh well, thanks for your perspective Joe.

misterpig1990 : none of you fucking idiots bother to understand the implications of his theory. none of you take his theory to its logical end.

Astral Productions : You're completely ignorant. DMT is an out of body experience. He wouldn't be able to make a speech while on DMT. What he says makes complete sense, come to terms with the fact that humans are a parasite. We destroy anything that we get our hands on.

Smyth : he actually says later in the movie that he's a stupid person and he at least knows this unlike most stupid people

Hanzson Kaimana Lin-kee : God damn, Joe Rogan is my fucking idol!

NumbNutz12000 : Totally agree!! My dad uses the example of an apple all the time. When you eat an apple, aren't you "destroying" it?

unimaginativeusrname : I love this. One thing that begs be though is that everything that bacteria eats or destroys is replaced. So it is neccessary for the bacteria to exist. With us, the thing that we're destroying, won't be replaced. We will have eaten our only sandwich. Then what?

travelholic91 : Obviously he's seen Futurama.

Simon Carlile : Does anyone know the background song that starts at 0:58?

Chris Martinez : We're here to fuck shit up, and eat sandwiches. We're almost out of sandwiches.

CorrosiveBrew : jesus fucking christ

hightide148 : Maybe that's why solar activity is increasing so rapidly...its radiation treatment

Paradox xodarap : I doubt it. DMT isn't crack. A DMT trip only lasts a few minutes, and you wouldn't waste the experience talking to a camera. Sounds like you don't want to accept the fact that all humanity has ever done for the earth is pollute and destroy it so it can grow.

CraigRidley1 : hahahahahahahahahahaha he is so awsome

McFint69 : the engineers will come and re-boot earth.

GrilledCheezeSammich : As we all are friendo.

Johnny Blaze : the roomba and irobot ads are annoying

Matt K : literally fuck justin beefcake, barrack obama, or ellen degeneres (even though shes my dude), if I could meet any celebrity and chill with for a day itd be Joe Rogan, hes honest, hilarious and away from all of the bullshit from the people who've "made it". Good shit Joe.

truthhurts : life changing for sure! only done it twice myself. but I got a membership and can't wait to get deeper

Sylvia Wilkens : Just like termites.

Gal Beeri : im here because my dad didn't wear a condom

Gal Beeri : its a verbal masturbation.....