Joe Rogan's Theory on Life and People

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Mike Rashid : Brilliant.

DoopaThePoopa : Organismical.

pofkonijn : Savant

mrlx1064 : Savant, thank you.


PhlegethonianStream : Here's Tom with the Weather..

Wolf : Yeah so? It's only naural, we have evolved from unicellular life, and all life forms have to consume resources in order to process it into energy, which is what every form of life that has ever existed does, conservation is a raw instinct in every living thing, that's why we enjoy so much having sex, (and you cannot blame us/them) even cute cats eat birdies for conservation (your kitty would eat you for survival), we are just the most advanced/complex form of life, but from mammalian species, ultimately. And btw the way Rogan talks about mold, as some "disgusting shit" is so retarded, every life form from my point of is stunning, a reminder of where we started, where we came from, where mammals, reptiles, birds and fish came, our cradle, so what if we seem like them from afar? That "fucking disgusting mold" are our ancestors from long time ago, and even then the human race is becoming more and more rational overtime, we care about animals more than we ever did, we are using (and developing) greener/renewable energy resources, we care about our environment increasingly (at least the most "rational" of our species), we are getting far and far from instinctive predecessors as time passes and we develop our conscience, so the argument he claims is fucking stupid, and even then no one said our life (not to mention all "life") had to have a meaning, a purpose, you and I, and every living organism exist only as coincidence of the universe, life in Earth is an accident (that will be over in a couple million years), we didn't came to anything, no "magical" purpose we are here, no target, no goal, no "meaning of life", no nothing, thinking that we do THATS the narcissistic point of view, we are here just to enjoy this coincidental experience we call life, nothing more.

inter stellar : you ever wonder if bacteria on the sandwich get all sad and try to stop destroying stuff but they can't

jose chavez : bacteria like to grow in warm places... most humans also prefer to live in warm environments next to water, our main source. looking down from space, we do act as bacteria

kptins : I'm so glad he said this. I've been thinking this for years now and there's never been any theory or any idea that's persuaded me otherwise. Humans are a cancer and that defines the human condition and why we're all so conflicted and fucked up

Allopat : Soo am I the only one here that thinks that comparing human beings who have emotions, feelings, and potential to a fungus is sort of an apples-to-oranges kind of ordeal? Or are we just gonna try to keep being edgy?

Ranger Kasdorf : Here because of Savant.

Kenny Powers : "This is necessary. This is necessary. Life feeds on life."

GCF : This makes me really want to go and eat a sandwich.

PJ Mo : Lmao when he called L.A cancer I couldn't help but laugh

Alex Stixx : This, coming from a guy in the back of a limousine, is some of the finest irony one can experience.

drvannostran : Well, he may be correct. Humans are reproducing at an alarming rate. Take a look at China. That will be the United States. At what point do we run out of resources? Oil, clean water, even food wont last forever. What do you think will happen if there was no running tap water for four or five days? Or no oil to fill our cars? There would be rioting and looting on a massive scale. If for some reason we couldn't get food we'd be cutting each others heads off in a matter of days. We wont need to worry about the Earth, the (sandwich) as Joe calls it, will still be here. People are going away. Wear a condom morons. Birth control.

Laurent Cadet : who could thought that Joe will become the new Socrates of the 21th century?Let's eat the sandwich!

JonO387 : Joe Rogan, being an idiot as usual.

coltsrule5150 : Joe makes a good point. Humans are like a bacteria. Go to Google Maps and look at the Earth from a distance. Cities look like mold growth. Big, moldy spots, with little bit moldy spots here and there. But we don't have to be, if we can just be a bit more responsible.

ProPaleo : I think you need to take shrooms at least once in your life to be on the same page as him.

CV : He's just imitating agent smith from the Matrix referring to humans as bacteria that expand and consume natural resources until they run out - then they expand more Life is about lessons and learning to let go of ego and coming back enough times to this planet until you 'get it' and turn from STS (service to self) to STO (service to others) before you evolve to a 4th density being - from there you evolve to 5 - 6th and finally 7th density (dimensional) being where you merge with 'prime creator' - or what most call God We are all basically extensions of god living in a universe based on free will - what we experience - he experiences (quantum physics) There is no right or wrong in this existence - only lessons (right and wrong are only specific to relationships between identical species)

JerFhilm : Comfort and desire are too strong of motivational factors for us to exist in balance on the earth. To think "first world" countries will ever change in time to save this planet is being naive, it would take too much sacrifice and a massive hit to our "standard of living". The only hope the earth has is cataclysm or alien intervention. Hopefully one or the other is around the corner, because if they aren't it's not hard to see nuclear war over resources in our immediate future.

NGAPUHI90 : This gave me a laugh... lol love Joe Rogan.

kaister901 : Ain't nothing wrong in fking things up and eating that sandwich. Sandwich ain't gonna eat itself up now is it?

kitKat : Interesting take. Good thing the Earth is adaptable. It's not the Earth that's in trouble, it's humanity. Earth will just take on new forms, while we will just kill ourselves off. 

EPSTomcat11 : But wait, what happens to the bacteria after they comsume the entire sandwich?

Jamie Gaudett : This is exactly what I was thinking that's why I looked up other theories . We are harvesting all earths resources. Pulling them from the ground and leaving it on the surface, or consuming it . We keep growing and soon we will infect other planets . Maybe something created the big bang so other elements would be made smaller then they can work with. And bang here we are making Shit finding smaller Shit . What if our universe is some sort of molecules or cells or whatever you scientists look at .

Gediminas Jesinas : Joe is hypocrite and animal abuser.

Robert Garcia : wrong, he's trying to sound smart...just because we are hosts of this planet doesn't make us parallel to bacteria. bacteria can't self reflect on their actions. we can, that's why we progress.

Yotto O. : Rogan is such a New World Order stooge. This is the doctrine of the illuminati; they teach and believe this very same thing. That's why they believe in population control, and they want to wipe billions of us out. They think we're no better than bacteria. Research the Georgia Guidestones and Agenda 21. The elite want human population at under half a billion. This is what all the New World Order elite believe at their core - that we're all "useless eaters" over populating and destroying the earth, and they "need" to wipe out most of us to save "mother earth."

огромная эрекция : Cancer and bacteria are not the same thing douche nozzle. The earth will be here long after entropy has ended our existence.

CK_32 : We are cancer.

Daniel Verrill : after you've listened to enough of this nonsense from joe rogan you may enjoy tuning in to christian radio.Its very good.

NecKClippA : anyone knows the song that starts at 0:21?

Dahl : He sounds a lot like Zach Galifianakis some times.

Macie Jay : fortunately the end of the world isn't my generations problem

imwithstupid4 : wow, the same thing I thought while passin' the spliff. We're just bacteria feeding off this planet.

elvis316 : Joe is the shit.

1966human : Hang in there man - new technologies are coming especially in Transport that should make things seem a little more human

2012nugget : backing away slowly......

Muzzafuzza : I love it when the planet bites back.

Achievetilldeath : Are you dumb?

Smyth : he actually says later in the movie that he's a stupid person and he at least knows this unlike most stupid people

OneLoneLegend : he is baked out of his mind.

Ellis Evolved Productions : hey counterstroke, stop watching videos of a moron perhaps?

Coldwire : He smokes weed, DMT and does psychedelics..

Camateur : Train by day, Joe Rogan podcast by night, all day.

Krifko : @robbieblack111 For your sake I do not hope that English is your native language. Rogan's 'theories' are just stoned ramblings that can only impress losers that lack the most elementary knowledge of basic biology. I came here via UFC clips and to see that this guy actually has a following is baffling. I you really want to learn about life and the universe pick up some books and stop taking your 'education' from your stoned buddies and UFC commentators/mediocre night club comics.

MrKarmaDude : type in "Who is Eckhart Tolle?" on youtube and see the video