It's a Hard Knock Life [ORIGINAL]

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Spockitans : Its like youtube back when it was actually youtube

BrokenScreen4 : The last golden days of youtube

C0PY CA1 : My English teacher asked me to show the class a video about Repetition, and the same vowel sound repeated. I showed 'em this.

ThatOneGuyNamedFuzzy : This cured my depression. But then I remember that some of these things happened to me.(some)

Matthew Bulchand : I’m in this side of youtube again... the better side of youtube

Stutter Butter : Friend: describe to me your life Me: one second

Little G : 00:10 Sounds like "Please get rekt"

EgglesMonstr : Everyone’s childhood represented in 30 seconds *CONSTANT* *PAAAAIN*

Foxboy985 : 0:20 *I CAN'T BELIVE YOU'VE DONE THIS*

Ana : Best thing Ive ever watched

PROMatrix Games : My teacher said to the class to make a video about how we feel about school on the last day and I looked this video up and showed it. I was in deep trouble but it was hilarious.😂😎

MaddelynnZehGayUnicorn : Doctor: you got 30 secs to live... Me: *clicks on this video*

Sani Reed : How many people haven’t watched this a million times already

Arael l : Congratulations your song is now a meme

et 37 : The best part of YouTube

Zombie Turtle17 : And I thought only Kermit could cure my depression

Jed Jed : 0:08, final destination death

PROMatrix Games : 00:24 when I find out the weekend or the holidays are over.

Kerry Tapai : This is why I wake up in the morning

Mystery Triplets Starle : These poor people ;-; It makes me laugh but the song just makes it even better cause strangely I like seeing others suffers then Instent Carma comes and I get the same problem. Ive hit my head and chest about 23 times now

awolfo : 9/10 of the people here could have died

Hannah Ashley141 : Before I watched this : this aint no original Me while watching this : this must be the original Lol 😂 😆 😝

Swordboy07 2 : watching this video makes me want to hurt my self

MeRc1LeSsLy : Top song of 2018

AwesomeX04 : 0:15 lol

Internet Explorer : This is my brain when i need to study

Hunter Scull : What about that one clip where the dude falls through the roof and he's like "hey Tom.", and then the other dude is like "hey Gary". *I'm just using example names because I forget the names.*

Mona AM : This is so funny i rembemer it from mashup😦

ola perro : Its a hard knock life buts it real life

Adel Mokrane : 0:08 DEAD 😂😂


Ugandan Knuckles : I have creeply depression..

Pink Guy : How it feels to chew 5 Gum Stimulate Your Senses

Guuuh Fonte : Internet in one video

Clément JiJi : Qui vient par squeezie

Elizabeth Lazaroff : Jacksepticeye sent me


Kelly Green : You know you've been on the internet too long when you can recognize almost all the videos.


Awesome mewtwo dude : OOF

Blue warrior Torres : What alien try not to laughs be like.

Madison Schaar : That's amazing 🤣😂🤣😂

Dick Faggotson : right, the human is the most dangerous species on earth.

DaRealTDMasters : This is the hardest I've laughed in a long time! XD There should be a one hour version of this as well LMFAO

Gengar Gaming : It’s me every millisecond

Oyun Tağcı : When you feel bad whatch this

TimberTheAlphaWolf : My final brain cells during an exam

Gay and Afraid : If someone asks you to define what it means to be human Show them this

Domirox : So how was your weekend? Me:

TheBestGiraffeYouveEverSeen Oof : Is anyone here from Jacksepticeye?