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Pauly D amp Andy Samberg The Eric Andre Show

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Poppa Punker : I respect Pauly D so much more watching these videos. He is a badass for just having a good time and not showing an ego during the bizarre shit going on haha

Gascans9736 : I wonder if Andy's "I'm doing much better than you" comment is real

BlueJarth : "You wanna make it in this business or not dude? Christ." "I'm doing much better than you." Damn son lol

Chase B : I love how it just devolved into Eric seeing how far Andy would go lmao

joelybean _ : They should make an episode where Andy Samberg and Lupe Fiasco replace Eric and Hannibal

Lisa Wang : What a work of art. This belongs in the museum of modern art tbh

reb1138 : He's a good sport this guy, the opposite of T.I

sam : Pauly D is such a good sport lol.

Helena RC : All jokes aside, Pauly D was very patient and enthusiastic despite being very afraid

Flowmasta Flam : yeah jersey shore was a huge joke but i love pauly d, dude is hilarious

Emmitt Nervend : They didn't even try with Hannibal's clone

KinGAdil019 : Is that Lupe Fiasco 😂😂😂

Spider Jerusalem : Andy Samberg looked so uncomfortable

DHScherocha : 0:41 "We should jump them". I wonder how legit that was?

dbzwwe56 : 1:39 - 1:48 is just perfect

Ryan Peters : imagine if intelligent beings from outer space wanted to learn about human behaviour,and this was the first video they come across. LOL.

Memester Of Memesters : Hannibal's double looks like the ayy lmao alien

CrzyNannerMunky : im doing much better than you.

Simon Dimes : Is that Andy samberg and lupe fiasco?

Muhammad Christ : I WAS BORN A WOMAN

Selfarrested : was that andy sandberg pretending to be andre?

The Donald Funk : he's a good sport

Voodoo Man : Lol Eric was testing the limits of his duplicate and got him at the "I was born a woman" part

[Ids5621-Retro] : I was born a woman

Sega Genitals : Lupe Fiasco is so cool for doing this lol

Stone Asterisk : The 2 andres doing the same shit kills me

Dunstin Checksin : Everyone's so caught up in Lupe and Andy that they didn't notice Sir Alan "Yeah-Yeah" McClennan playing Pauly D's clone.

Eric Shawn : is it hot in that studio ? everyone is sweaty

TheFlyingPrune : "I WAS BORN A WOMAN."


Jake : The guy playing Pauly D's doppelganger is Yaya from the sandlot. No joke

Hampus : Is Erics clone Andy Samberg?

Darker Side of Magic : lmfao at the end is the moment andy realized that he isn't as extreme as eric. this is the best thing i seen all year!

NINA : what is lupe fiasco doing on the eric andre show????

Ilia Okhremenko : What song 2:32


Oscar Lino : So Anybody Ever found out the ending song???? ¿¿¿

Navneel : YOOOO Pauly D's clone is that kid from the Sandlot!

Disgusted Batman : I love how even Andy Samberg has is limits.

Wobbly Greatsword : Pauly D is the most chilled bloke hahaha

HorizonofOsiris : Eric # 2. I'm doing better than you. lol

Ali Kobaissi : Song at the end anyone ? Lol

Alvaro Perez : I WAS BORN A WOMAN

somebody1thegame : It's like Eric wasn't satisfied Pauly D was so cool about the whole situation

ManlyChicken : "What the?" That gets me every time.

SamSun : whats that little outro song? Does anyone know??

Keegan. MOV : "I'm doing much better than you." Aww nah...

will s : Funniest episode I've ever seen