Jim Henson's Wilkins Coffee Commercials

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Ronald Howell : instant coffee is lame, i'll never drink i-- *shot by homicidal muppet*

Anaya Klein : "Gimme a close shave" "do you drink Wilkins instant coffee?" "Never!" "Buddy, this is going to be the closest shave you've ever had" is the best thinly veiled threat I've ever seen

arbitterm : Was Wilkins Coffee like a mafia front or something?

Chance P : 1:45 ....That puppet just threatened to slit the other guys throat ....When did I start watching Sweeney Todd :The Demon Muppet of Fleet Street !?

kratcat : I thought Kermit was more of a tea drinker.

Adino1 : 1:37 Kermit was a total psychopath in his former life.

Help Trump Build The Wall : Kermit's untamed lust for murder

gumballguy34 : "Just me and Wilkins Instant for eighty whole days"

Blind Terry Tucci : These are amazing. "I told him he'd end up drinking Wilkins!" That puppet probably has dozens of other non-Wilkins drinkers in his crawl space.

William's Animations & Art : I find these really entertaining

FatterRoshi : He... He shot him! He stone cold point blank shot that guy! For not drinking coffee!

Nick Duel : A puppet shooting another puppet in a TV commercial. Hmmmm, definitely wouldn't fly by today's standards.  I could use some Wilkins coffee right about now though.

Strider1331 : Kermit used to be insanely hilarious.

Allura Boy : I don't know why everyone thinks it's violent; they're puppets. And it's slapstick humor, I find it hilarious! ^^

Double Demon : Puppet 2: Watch out where you throw those knives" Puppet 1: "Are you drinking Wilken's instant coffee yet?" Puppet 2: "Nope" Puppet 1: "Okay, let's try it blind folded!"

SouthCalifas619 : facism at its finest lol

Dragonrider1227 : The Wilkins Coffee guy is a frickin' psychopath .__.

Elekhoden : Ok, that was a sunbeam of happiness. "I'm sorry to tell you- YOU DON'T HAVE A FUTURE!" Oh man.

Queen MeowTigeress : i never drink coffee im more of a tea purrrrson *get arrow shot by homicidal muppet* bet ppl will make thread out of the word *by homicidal muppet*

Goat Bloke : Apparently, Kermit was a Cereal Killer before he became one of the Muppets.

emptyspotlight : the original never say no to panda, but thats none of my business

OshMMf : Omg the shave one xD

sha11235 : Wilkins sounds a bit like Kermit and Wontkins like Rowlf.

joethehero2 : We'll never get rid of that car...

lauren chambers : so adorable and sadistic at the same time lol

The Spy : This is gonna be the closest shave you've ever had

The Plains Jam : Drink Wilkins, or get smoked

Xilo Channel : Yo dude this kermit prototype is a psycho.

ImperatorZor : Wilkian's Instant Coffee: the Stalinist Russia of caffeinated beverages

Agoonga : these ads are awesome

RealBladethegamer : is it bad that I find this so funny?

Bidane Martinez-Huerta : No Mercy. Only Wilkins Coffee.

トーラスハートJEIRU : blameitonjorge anyone?

JaxBlade : This is just beautifully morbid xD

dfgdfg : This is an unrelentingly horrible set of experiences


O G : 1:50 brand x? I just had flashbacks to foodfight! (Shudders)

catpower : Anybody else here because of Don Draper's "Puppets and so forth" comment?

sha11235 : The in-joke is this: Henson didn't really like coffee, so it wasn't difficult for him to come up with ways to make Wontkins try it.

CozyBanx : Holy sadism Batman!

thegougeman : This was Jim Henson at his best....  Love those commercials....

Blind Terry Tucci : 1:25. Why pay someone a million dollars when you can just kill them?

Bolwerk314 : Pretty sure I have seen some lesser known flash cartoons with this kind of humor.  Bless the internet for restoring what sensibilities and the FCC has robbed from us.

Hotshotter3000 : 1:38 That's honestly terrifying. I mean REALLY terrifying.

Furby productions : Every Wilkins coffee commercial in a nutshell Wilkins: Drink Wilkins coffee Wontkins: no **gets hurt or killed some how**

Jon foy : this was Kermet the frog...

cherrybomb921 : Soooo... Where can I get some coffee at?

Hiyama Kiyoteru : Rich... Rich... Double Rich

Victor Lutz : "Im gonna drink this coffee and its not wilkins"

Agent Area51 : did you hear on the news 15 people got killed by random gunfire. weird