Techno Damascus Steel

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The process of making a complex (mosaic) blade of Damascus steel from a motor chain. On the cutting edge, steel u10 zonal quenching 62 Rockwell units. My site: https: // ... I don’t answer the cost question — email: https: // ... Be tolerant: for obscene language, insults and politics - ban. My Facebook group https: // ... Pinterest Channel Support: #DamascusSteel


John Smith : I know I'm going to get hate for this but I want to see you make another style of blade and maybe see a finished knife.

Steve just Steve : I find myself saying "Damn" at the end of every single one of your vids man. Great job.

durkas mutatos : I would also love to see you make some handles as well, for all these beautiful knives you have made!!

рыболов охотников : Окалину как всегда голой ладошкой, лайк.

SoupFork : You should do a video on making pattern welded steel together with Alec Steele :) He could learn from you - your control over patterns is amazing - and he can help you got more subscribers

Castsmith : Most of the joke: now make a chain out of the knife

Bohemian Garage : Yeah, amazing pattern!


Hugh Buchanan : How are you able to weld all those layers without creating a lot of voids and cold shuts? You are doing brilliant work.

Adil Begimov : Нет слов одни эмоции

Pedro Assis Antunes Junior : Cara que linda está de corrente nossa parabéns quanto custa.amigo

Adam Burtt : Nice! I've been looking for someone to make me a blade from chainsaw chains. What do you think?

Валентина Иванова : золотые руки слов нету.

Dan Frankford : Love the no narration all hard work nice job man

Cor Verbeek : Every time I enjoy your craftsmanship. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Julio Bezouro : Amazing work, the damask you make is fantastic. a big hug from Brazil.

Dabmaster 9000 : somehow I though this was going to be a video about making Damascus with some Techno music overlayed over the video

BRONZ ALBA : Your blades are very beautiful and well-designed, and they are made in a technical way Good luck

michael todd : Great job! I love the pattern. Your workmanship is incredible. Thank you for sharing.

dean garbutt : After seeing each of your videos i find myself wishing i could buy one and that you shipped to canada. Great work and thanks for the video.

Augusto Peres : Go to the "Forged In Fire" (History Channel). You will win

Tracy Brickey : Beautiful work!!! Great vids, keep it up!!!

Trucking Dargon : That look incredibly beautiful. I'm wondering if there's a Dragon scale Damascus and can you do one

mmarmecas : parabéns a faca ficou linda!! um abraço de Portugal

Le Z : um salve do Brasil + like. como tem pessoas com habilidades e talentos nesse mundo... muito bom. parabéns.

Рустам Меджай : спасибо за видео,я иногда залипаю смотря видосы про ковку

Иван Иванов : Всегда приятно смотреть на работу мастера))) Сделай из мелких подшипников, игольчатых или шариковых. Будет оооочень интересно увидеть результат.

mcrich1978 : beautiful work, thanks for sharing.

Magnus Palmstierna Eckhéll : This is so unique and beautiful. Well done!

RustredRaven : What a greatly beautiful pattern, geometric yet living at the same time. Awesome job as always, and I look forward to seeing more!

Kevin Noll : I used to subscribe to a few different blacksmith channels. But now I only watch yours. Everyone else is busy making videos, your making blades. It's just a better channel. Thanks for keeping it about the blades.

Juan Jose Heredia : There's something hypnotic in the way you work, your videos are truly relaxing

Brett Stewart : Do you sell any of the blades you make? If so where can we find them to purchase them from you bro cheers Yogi 🤙🤙

Robo Orb : I really enjoy your videos and the knives you create are all wonderful. Thanks for the great content :)

Russell Anderson : Great looking blades Gave it a thumbs up and really enjoyed the video

PTURS_KONCURS : очередное замечательное видео работы мастера. благодарю! вот только баллон с пропанием недалеко от горна и наковальни - мне как сварщику это серпом по "рельсам". я бы всё же устанавливал баллон за стенкой. на всякий пожарный случай. лягушка или редуктор если подтравливают - сами знаете что может случиться(я 1 раз тушил такой баллон - мне хватило) это не снобизм - это доброе пожелание.

Rich Kusmierczak : That is insane! Damn nice work!

David Lewis : Wow, beautiful craftsmanship!

porcupine16 : wish i can give you more than one like...incredible work

Dakota u : BOY...WHERE IS YOUR PPE??? SERIOUSLY... NO GLOVES?? IS YOU CRAZY?? nice job though. 😉

Johnny Schneider : Those blade's are wicked. Keep up the great work.

WMR_Performance : Stunning work of art! Fantastic job as always!

NIGHT STALKER : I WANT IT! that is a very nice look. how much would this cost me? I live in the USA planet earth too. lol! :0)

Роман Роман : И почему я сразу вспоминаю терминатор первую часть?

DancesWithFools : That's a nice pattern. Different from the normal tiger stripes that i have seen. Thanks for showing your skills:)

zlodeey 1983 : Как всегда искусство :)))) маэстро браво!!!!

Chris Crowe : Nice patterns and way to go man. I wonder what it would look like if you twisted the chain links in forge..

Никитос Федченков : О в ведре вода чистая!!!!

Heru- deshet : Next: making the handle from motorcycle handle grips.