Will & Jaden Smith, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Alfonso Ribeiro Rap! - The Graham Norton Show - BBC One

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KyleLEVO : Will smith might be the coolest guy to ever walk on this planet.

Leah Walker : Jaden is technically the prince now COZ WILL IS THE KING

Julen E inte pedo : 90s kid: he is doing the carlton Todays kids: omg Fortnite

A. Ajay S : That moment when your dad rocks so hard that you just fade into oblivion.

fernando boschelli : Sad thing is Will is not looking for attention, he wants his son to shine but his son is still a rookie

Elva Gay : That awkward moment when your dad is cooler than you.

Thais Nogueira : Cadê o brasileiros q viam "um maluco no pedaço" toda tarde??😍😍❤

6382 6373 : 2:33, who the hell dances like that 😂

MyRingDingDong : 03:20 the white chick dance to a rap song .... love it 😂

mash 87 : Will Smith, Alfonso Ribeiro, Dj Jazzy Jeff - Legends! What else can you say

Fawne Brown : As soon as Alfonso came on stage, the fun factor went up 1000%. Will Smith is the grandmaster of cool.

Tom Bogner : When I do randomly surfing on youtube, I always come back to this vid in the end. Will Smith at his best, but when Alfonso surprisingly appeared it's the icing on the cake! It's so much fun watching this performance, they know how to entertain us! Maybe one the very best, youtube can offer! Sometimes life spoils us ☺️

Theodore Roosevelt : Bradley cooper is me in a math class

DavidMarfe : Will Smith son is so awkward

I am Chris : Jaden seems like the type of person who's friends leave him to hang out with his dad

Trivia Crush : Jaden get off the stage!

Mahoo : Jadens ''' constant hello - ing - makes me cringe....

Olando Anônimo : This makes me smile. I love that positive energy that Will Smith gives.

Vic Jones : Will Smith makes you feel great to be an African American 💜 unlike all these tough hardcore rapper's tbh no disrespect js

Alonso Harris : Not to be offensive but when you hit the Carlton you gotta let your gay side come out for a minute and really hit that swing.

Ashleigh Howes : Carlton where’s your jumper at , you did wear cool jumpers , pull overs , man you own that dance , there will only ever be one Carlton 🕺🕺🕺🕺

Charles Johnson : That reunion made everyone forget Bradley Cooper and Heather Graham. Awesomeness unleashed and Graham turned it up a notch. Love it, love it, love it.

Nick Moreira : Alguém do brasil em 2018??

Melinda Bell : There are people who are good dancers. Then there are those who are just naturally good at dancing. Alfonso is a natural. ❤️

DaniAussiePride : He said his son is a great rapper....Did he bring the wrong son or what?

Josh Hersom : The Jump On It dance is the original Gangnam Style.

Frank Gathers : This warms my heart and brings me flashbacks from way back. How i used to do the carlton dance with my cousins! Peace and Love to whoever reads this :)

Meg Sustaita : Gosh if will smith ever does a concert I’d love to attend!!

Jayne Brennan : Carlton will brighten the dullest of days, he is amazing

Polo Gamero : That uncomfortable moment when you realize your father and his friends are way WAY cooler than you.

Marisel Paola Miranda Jara : Pasale el microfono 5 min a Will y tienes una fiesta de las buenas... que nivel de energia...

Psebcool : Carlton stole the show <3

Ícaro Dos Anjos : 2018?😍😍

Mundo Divertido : Cadê os br que adoram essa série maravilhosa?

Waleed Arif : I agree, Will Smith is not just a celebrity, he's an important person. I hope he lives a long healthy life.

Everton Emanuel : Bem Queria que os programas de TV aqui do Brasil fossem assim.

Mushroom Head : 3:55 Omg Carlton!

Alberto 0910 : Vaya vacío de entrevista bro

Sam East : You you can't help but like them guys 😆

sku36 : can you imagine ?..having will smith beeing your dad?

Asterix : the Prince is ever number one <3

Am Cha : Carlton Banks u legend

Lety Jay : Will living his best life, still making coin, collecting his bags. In the mean time,are we all gonna ignore the white lady and not talk about white girl moves on that stage 😂😂

2 Degrees : I just solved a riddle!!! How do you make the guy who was voted "sexiest man alive" (pause) disappear?? The answer is to have him on stage with Will Smith, Alfonso (Carlton), & Jaden lmaooooooooo!!!!!!!

Denise Severe : First things first rest in peace uncle phil.

ika lemonjava : 4:39 What is the name of this dance?

BlessedByHim : That voice tho 😷

jackrobinson82 : Whenever I’m feeling down, I just watch Carlton dancing and I smile again!

raul coaquira : Will smith Perú <3

KerrBearrxo : They need to do a Fresh Prince of Bel Air Movie!!!!!!