Mr. Bubz - Africa

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What am I doing with my life. Thanks for watching everyone. Faith has decided that this is how I start my YouTube career. Oh joy. Please subscribe and check out my channel if you want more B u b z Original video on Mr. Bubz' Instagram, which you should follow:


BrrZrrKrr : "What am I doing with my life." All the right things.

Olizzker Lecraz : I can't tell if this video is cursed or blessed.

That Blueface Spider : *_REHH REH REH REHREHREH REHH_*

Arthur Morgan : He sounds like bowser from the Mario franchise

Lucas Ward : I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. I was there for the death of Gabe. I witnessed the rise of Mr Bubz. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.

Vary crusty Boi : 1920: I bet we’ll have flying cars in the future 2018:

Santina Alessia : Im terrified but amused at the same time

Temney Ternup : Thank you so much this is God’s work.

Benjamin Skjoldager Lewis : Hell by toto

monokuma : Legit mario 64 bowser


Silver Golbat : "I bless the ReHs down in Africa"

scrimp _ : *I didn’t expect to laugh so hard.*

Cuddleslikespie : AfREHca

Dayofthedaleks 152 : Yeah I got you I got this on camera *BLESSES THE RAIN DOWN IN AFRICA*

Yogabbacadabrah : Give Bubz his crown.

sara donnelly : I may make this into my ringtone..

Terror Productions : You're My God

Muffinz YT : The 200 who disliked were laughing so much that they missed the like button

i am lonely : true art

Clayton Robb : This is the first thing you hear when you enter hell.

A Gnome : This deserves more attention

Kirito Piano : No dog will replace Gabe the dog. Rip.

Kari Tacoma : 24 hrs later. Still 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Voivoda Dracula : _I L O V E Y O U M I S T E R B U B Z_

Dog Queen memelord : i literally had to stop watching because i was laughing so hard i could not breathe.

DarioEpic : Why i can't stop watching this

Sammy’s Site : Masterpiece

Adrian Sprawka : sick as hell

Endotrap : KIng Dudu is our God, with this video master peice !!!

Kitty Warrior : I really want to hug Mr. Bubz

Mia. W : You know this video is to be feared because you scroll down and I see 10 top unidentified screams caught on camera 😂

strategery101 : The legend of bubbs

AL Mameluco : This sound its like a kaiju

hagen : Explain this Atheists

Enott : Gabe the Doge v2.0

The Endleader : What Bubs said...

Meghan The Gay Friend : *bows down* This man is a god

Boss909 Jack : Ladies and gentlemen this is content.

Dakoda Sinderly : this video traumatized me... and i will cherish this trauma forever. thank you.

jmgmarcus : Play extra loud with headphones on and feel the Bern. This dog is my spirit animal.

DamnItDanny : This is absolutely terrifying

Ishant Sharma : Born too early to explore the universe Born too late to explore the world Born just in time to experience this

Blake Bramley : I think I Iove this

M!X : I was thinking of doing this

KumaPaws376 : “I GOT YOU ON CAMERA”

QuarterAsianPersuasion : This is terrifying

Amazing Puppy Dogs 9 : i have gone too deep i must retreat

Makin Bacon Greasy Again : Bravo 👏 genius!! A masterpiece!!