kid in vr talks about living with rare disease

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Syrmor : If you wanna go say hi to Aaron or have more questions for him you can watch him stream at Keep up with the channel at and

Pøtatø! Watching South Park at the Discø : I feel so sorry for him. He seems like just a good kid.

NakeyJakey : never let anything stop you

alexandria i : I WANT TO HUG THIS CHILD *very gently*

ɪᴍᴀɢɪɴᴀʀʏꜰᴀɴʙoʏ : This kid is unironically the most epic gamer.

Daniel Garcia : that one girl is the real og

qeachert : Why is nobody talking about his sweet story with the girl at school? It really reminds me of the book wonder.

Nicole Lennon : there's a kid in one of my classes with this condition, and now I understand what he's going through so much more! Thank you for this <3

Furtive : Hey man, I suffer from the same condition, although not quite as serious as yours. I can relate to a lot of what you are saying though. If anyone wants to talk I'm here for them. I've been on this planet for 19 years dealing with it and I can confirm it does get better with age. When I was younger I would have around 8 to 12 bandages around my body, and bathing or showering was always dreadful because it would always hurt, kinda like you mentioned. Over the years though it has indeed gotten much, much better. Now I only have bandages on my feet most of the time, not to cover up wounds, but to prevent blisters when I do go out and about. Another point you mentioned was being stared at in public. It sucks, a lot. Going through school was so hard for me because I had no confidence. Some days my face was healed, looking just like your average person, and some days it was rough. I was never really bullied but I like to call it "passive aggressive" bullying. Kids just didn't seem to want to talk to me or blew me off like I was crumbs on a desk. Something that occurred to me was that my skin condition will never change, it will never fully heal and I will never be able to run a marathon or something like that, however, I do know that I can control my outlook on things and be thankful for things. I tried to gain confidence as I got older and no longer care what people think of me. I've followed my passions and now sit at 7K plus followers on Twitch, streaming daily for people. What I'm trying to say is that while I don't know exactly what you are going through, since I have the same condition I know a lot of it and I'm here for you man, or anyone for that matter. As much as it sounds cliche just try to look at the bright side of things. You can make an impact in this world and you already have for 700,000 + people.

Deoji : "Soon I won't have fingers which kinda sucks." BRO KINDA?! THAT REALLY SUCKS. NOT JUST KINDA.

Jolly Potato : These Winnie the Pooh episodes sure are getting more mature these days.

JasonStarRising : You know the girl who spat on Aaron’s face ,I’m gonna... Tie her up in a chair and make her listen to JAKE PAUL MUSIC Edit 1: Jacob Sartorius music

dumb Hoe : Aaron should drop his friend code so I can play animal crossing w him (:

JONESBOY jones : I have a skin disease (vitiligo) it's not dangerous or anything but it really bothers me when people stare at my hand because patches of it dosen't have color,and one time someone said that I looked like a cow,and it really hurt me, but now because of this strong boy, I learned to embrace it

fecalmatter27 : the dad part made me tear up

Collin Abroadcast : This kid has a better vocabulary than most people I know

Anthony : Such a well spoken kid, definitely an inspiration to keep on truckin' with life.

Nunya Business : We need to make a kickstarter to make him cyborg skin WITH THE POWER OF THE INTERNET ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

YourLordMaui : Why does every kid with a disorder or disease sound like 200 IQ plays

straw berries : syrmor is like a vr therapist. someone u can talk too abt ur personal issues <3

El Kenny Bagnis : Glad you gave him a platform to share his story, keep it up

Ja Ay : 7:30 that was pretty funny

Dark Vulcan : I've seen maybe 3 of your videos so far, AWESOME stuff, deceptively profound ad inspirational for kids on VR Chat! Where do you find people like this (So articulate, very intelligent and almost professional!) Do people ever reach out to you to try and get their story out there?

Ryan Grant : This kid is so inspiring. Can't help with the skin condition, but someone should tell this kid or his father about Movantik, a new FDA approved medication specifically for opioid-induced constipation. This is not an ad so please do not flag it as such...just trying to give some useful advice. I am not employed by AstraZeneca nor am I paid to promote this medication. It would just be a good drug for his situation and he'd prolly get normal bowel movements within a week of taking it. He should not take Movantik if he has a small bowel obstruction. The most common side effect is mild abdominal pain or diarrhea. Opioid withdrawal has been known to occur but this is rare.

Insxne : So much respect for this kid and his family. Really makes you appreciate everything you have in life. I couldn't imagine being in his shoes for a day. He's gonna do great things.

Blodrodwolfgorl xx : He reminds me of auggie from wonder. I wish i could give all of these people a giant hug *wait*

Evan is musical trash *outside of Hamilton* : This made me cry for the first time in 5 years

i’m still alive : quality content as always, my dude. where do you find all these amazing people?

Dark Slimez : 5:09 I can’t use chopsticks so don’t feel bad😂😂

MothmanGhost : Shout-out to Aaron's dad. So supportive of his son's passions and challenges.

TheKandyCinema : For anyone who wants a visual representation as to what this looks like and what a person has to go through, look up Jonathan Pitre. He suffered from the exact same condition and unfortunately passed away last year. His main goal was to bring awareness to Epidermolysis Bullosa and he did numerous amounts of public speeches, had documentaries made on him, and overall did whatever he could to spread awareness. Amazing kid. He was an avid fan of the same hockey team I cheer for which is how I found his story and ultimately is now a role model in my life. For whenever I think things get tough, there are people out there who are dealing with some of the worst pain imaginable and can still put a smile on their face.

Andrew Odinson : Looking at Piglet talking in the dad's voice is hilarious to me.

Pep FN : Im sorry, but i thought this was a joke until he showed the clip from his stream.

JuK3 : I'm not crying, you're crying

zus : I have very painful eczema so in a way I can relate, I never used to go out in public because people would look at my body in disgust, but all I can say is stay strong aaron, you're an amazing human being and if anyone is mean to you, like some of them kids then forget them, they're no where near as cool as you.

Malack K : Your cinematography skills are extremely good! Your VR chat series is just as powerful and moving as your vlogs. Keep it up friend, your work is better than most movies I've seen haha.

Primo 420 : Medical Cannabis could possibly help replace or reduce his opioid intake .. Poor kid 😔 I’m gna keep him in prayer. I live in constant, high pain.. but I’m sure it’s nothing close to him !? 😔

Bahr Bros games : Hope they find a cure, Hope that kid stays happy

Justin Y. : "I was born with glass bones and paper skin. I wake up every morning with broken bones, and I sleep to the sound of my skin and bones shattering."

Deejay Czer : When he asked about the taxes I lost it 😂

lil redrider306 : I have been crying for 30minutes after the video

Wurby : Nice video and all but I still want to know Aaron's opinion on the mortgage interest tax rate deduction.

_it’z_mugsy-m Gacha and more : I wanna be his friends so bad

Wet Wasabi : Symor, you are saving people's mental state... Well not completely saving, there will have emotional damage, but you are bettering it!! Why? You are listening, not giving any pity words (which "weak" people like us don't like), letting them talk and feel understood/comfortable. We need more unselfish people like you out there. We love you.

Richard Jonaus : His dad made me tear up

Anna Meyers : Really glad Aaron found something that makes him happy, and that he's able to socialize and make friends via gaming/streaming since he doesn't get out a lot. I live with a chronic illness as well, and know it can be SO easy to get into a mood where you're just frustrated and depressed. I can easily see this kid becoming an administrator for some kind of support group for people of all ages who have epidermolysis bullosa, and creating an amazing community where people can share their personal stories. Thank you Aaron for being willing to share your experience and answer questions from people who are curious about your condition. Keep doing you 🤜🏻💥🤛🏻

John Martin : Started tearing up whenever he brought up how it'd be cool to do a fist-bump with a hand explosion at the end. It's stupid little things like that that end up being not so stupid, and kinda special. Just another reason to be thankful... I'm a piano player and I've thought about losing my hands a lot. I wish him the best he seems like a sweetheart

SkullK1ng342 : Everything you do brings out a warm place in everybody. Syrmor you are saving lives indirectly with your words and your videos, im sure everyone who meets you turns out to be a great person after that encounter. What your doing is amazing, continue on mate.

wajinshu : I'm crying while watching this. Thanks for the video.

ファンセガ : My mom has that