kid in vr talks about living with rare disease

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Cool kid in VRchat explains what life is like with the "butterfly disease" If you want to help support the channel check out the merch store at and patreon ▼ Find me on ▼ ★ Twitch: ★ Twitter: ★ Instagram: ★ Discord: Music: Outgoing Hikikomori - Sweet Melancholy Lateeya - Lullaby cover by Randy Gapasin Bees - Loebach Music Outgoing Hikikomori - The Birthday Party I Never Had Sundown - Loebach Music Aaron recommended this source to learn more about Epidermolysis Bullosa: Aaron's stream:


El Kenny Bagnis : Glad you gave him a platform to share his story, keep it up

FelixEA : 5:02 "If I was able to do that, that'd be cool. But I don't really care, to be honest" "That's even cooler" Seriously, great answer

Fragly : Imagine the thought that anytime you can lose ur fingers... _it will happen_ That will just terrify me

Lountly Lount : I actually cried I feel bad for Arron being lonely I just want to say thanks to the nice girl for helping Arron

ChantellWestSings : 5:10 This part. 5:10 is where all of my emotions came about and I just had to cry. Something so simplistic as using chopsticks, something he wants to do, but he's so mature about knowing that he can't so he just... This entire like youtube channel makes me realize how fortunate I am. I' feel for this kid and he's being so positive. I love him

alexandria i : I WANT TO HUG THIS CHILD *very gently*

Tronix : Virtual Winnie the Pooh giving emotional support out here.

Lux Louis : im NOT crying. k maybe a little

Don’t Be Fooled By The Aesthetics I Love Memes : *Here before Aaron becomes the best twitch streamer that ever lived*

Crintoxic : I use to have a friend with that disease. At first I never knew what it was but after seeing a yt video with them in it explaining the whole thing I understood so I kinda know what he means and is going threw

ThatGeekAaron : Thanks everyone for all the support!

Luckys Tongue : when he talked about tootsie roll girl I cried

nctology : Love these videos and how much you respect the kids you interview. So sweet to watch, makes me happy. So thank you.

Planez : Thx kid. For reminding me that I have it good. That I should always be grateful for all the things I have in life. That things can always get worse. I hope you find happiness in your present and future.

Corneredkidtv : Waiting for this kid to stream so I can drop him a 500$ donation

Pøtatø! Watching South Park at the Discø : I feel so sorry for him. He seems like just a good kid. Wish he didn’t have to go through this.

Maja Kačerauskaitė : I have never seen anything like this. This form of doing interviews is so new to me, yet to fascinating, the stories these people tell are so interesting. Keep up the good work!

Ella Veysel : I think I started to cry when he said that his dad was so strong that he could lift a plane ("and other stuff"). Because we can still see just how young and sweet he is and what he's going through is so tough but he's just come so far and seems to be happy playing video games and streaming.

can i get 10,000 subscribers without videos : Next thing you know he became one of the best twitch streamers im so happy

Fabuloso : My nose is literally stuffed and my head hurts from crying.. godammit. This is beautiful and sad.......

Justas Gedvilas : For having skin as delicate as a butterfly wing Kid is tough as steel

trick-shot god : To the five hundred people who disliked this video I hope you break both your arms

CoolCuttz : I was just lightly tearing up at Aaron's story but then his dad comes in and then the floodgates opened this is so sweet

AH Davis : Wow, this kid. And his dad, too. What a fucking beautiful relationship. His dad's right, there are absolutely challenges there, but that must have made their relationship as a father and son so much stronger. Wish I had that with my dad. He's nearly 70 now. Wish I could go back and change the shithead I was as a teenager. I regret making things as difficult as I did. Shit, I need a tissue.

FluffyHusky : All of us really need to understand how much being nice means to someone. *It really means a lot*

Collin Abroadcast : This kid has a better vocabulary than most people I know

Santi : 5:00 "If I was able to do that it would be really cool. But i don't really care" "Thats even cooler" i cried.

Backyard_Assassin : 7:00 reminds me of forest Gump the lonely kid getting one pretty girl that likes him

Kamodo Dragon : I wanna hug him so bad :> but then I heard it was so painful for him so *casually cries while watching heart touching video*

Ben Dover : This is so unfortunate but I love how he is always so positive * I cried

manon mana : The dad was really cool. I wish them both the best

Rolvaag : I'm a combat veteran from Iraq and this kid's story made me cry

Owen stroud : God, I feel like I saw him on animal crossing one time, I'll never forget that now that I realize because he was talking about a skin condition on the 3DS

Give Me a treat : Poor kid he’s probably struggling to even hold those vr motion controllers😭😭😭

Super Saiyan Kermit : he play fortnite now and he very good i love his streams

MothmanGhost : Shout-out to Aaron's dad. So supportive of his son's passions and challenges.

Ian C : Speaking of chopsticks this Youtuber William Osman made automatic chopsticks. Ok that's all cya

Lil Crayola : This kid was actually very well spoken in his statements

Sneeryliam : dude i saw the this guy on fortnite montage im so happy u talked to him and make him feel better

EarlFromPh YT : Lol cant even hit someone in fortnite and this kid is one hitting everyone with a scarred finger

Rubix9595_Gaming : I’ve realized one thing, people use VR chat to escape their life to be in another, they use it to talk with other people without worrying about how they look or how they’ll judge you. and for me I use it to escape my depression and sometimes become a new person around other people.

Prophedeus Nvt : a very nice vid indeed heart warming, honest and educational at the same time loved it thumps up for the dad and the kid and of course for this vid

2Big : He talking bout bad skin while I’m here with bad acne, bruh I feel bad for this kid because his skin hurts him. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

AquaOctoZombie : I almost cried when his dad was talking about how proud he was of Aaron. What a lovely family and I can’t wait to see Aaron grow!

Henry Swain : You are a normal person who has a condition 😢

dumb Hoe : Aaron should drop his friend code so I can play animal crossing w him (:

Sad Bart : Nobody gonna talk about his fortnite skills? He's better than me tbh.

ChaseXO : his characters face makes it even more sad :(

Bonarrow : Damn this is heavy. All the Best kid😊.