Schmitz Mittz - Destroying the Glove

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Randy Schmitz has designed a pair of indestructible gloves intended to prevent hand injuries to those who rescue people trapped in crushed vehicles, speeding up the extrication process. He has also added an Oil and Gas Safety Glove to the product line that has the industry buzzing - check it out! Visit:


Elijah Lafontant : Anyone else here from daily dose of internet

Captain Qwaz Caz : *_Thanos would like to know your location..._*

Tyler nonya : why not make a whole suit out of this?

Michael Buss : Can't these extrication glove companies just make a you tube video without all the loud annoying music.  It's a huge distraction and a turn off.

Frost : Him pulling the knive made me clench my buttcheeks

Under Age Commando : I want some of these really bad

BassForever44 : Has anybody tried them for motorcycle riding?

Cilly Honey : These look like they would be excellent motorcycle gloves.

Isaacdotexe : Wow imagine a suit made of this stuff. Shoes, pants, shirt/sweaters, hats, gloves. Indestructible man

JLeo : this would be good for a motorcycle glove

Kev : Can put a link in its way easier to use that way.

Randyjessi smith : Yes David, all the information you require can be found on our website. Thank you!

The Beavis Gamer : Daily dose of internet

hellomynameis durk : THESE SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brian Burkett : This is basically an Infinity Gauntlet made by Eitri the Dwarf himself...

IAmHype_e : Imagine going to war with a suit made of these gloves

Screw The Net : Mitz gave me da schitz >,;,<

Hannah S : AWESOME

fleshlight that cries : But what about chainsaw

animations life lol : i need this

arrudazachary official : What's the name of the song in the background

Martvel : *_STRONG!!_*

AVGw : Now make an entire suit

David Boutot : Are they going to be avalaible on market ? When ? A range of price ? Thanks. Awesome !!!

Erin Collard : Hi, Erin here from the Todd and Erin Morning Stream, cam we have your permission to feature your gloves and a short bit of this video on our show? We'll be happy to send you the link. Many thanks.

Spicy Calcium Boye : Where can we get these

ISmokeNerfDarts : I want these

Airsoft Soldier : Ok how do I buy a pair that’s my question and how much do they cost

Ky e : Did the knife thing with a tiny pocket knife I own and I now have a small laceration in one. So yeah.

이우근 : 대한민국 소방관들에게 모두 보급되기를 희망한다.

Игорь Лысенко : Дайте две

Daniel Zoller : Are these rated for structural fire fighting in the US?

Supreme Kid : Dailey dose?