Schmitz Mittz - Destroying the Glove

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Under Age Commando : Whos here from daily dose?

Elijah Lafontant : Anyone else here from daily dose of internet

Tyler nonya : why not make a whole suit out of this?

Captain Qwaz Caz : *_Thanos would like to know your location..._*

Michael Buss : Can't these extrication glove companies just make a you tube video without all the loud annoying music.  It's a huge distraction and a turn off.

Frost : Him pulling the knive made me clench my buttcheeks

Under Age Commando : I want some of these really bad

Supreme Kid : Dailey dose?

The Beavis Gamer : Daily dose of internet

BassForever44 : Has anybody tried them for motorcycle riding?

Cilly Honey : These look like they would be excellent motorcycle gloves.

Toilet Cola : Wow imagine a suit made of this stuff. Shoes, pants, shirt/sweaters, hats, gloves. Indestructible man

Kevin : Can put a link in its way easier to use that way.

fleshlight that cries : But what about chainsaw

JLeo : this would be good for a motorcycle glove

Ky e : Did the knife thing with a tiny pocket knife I own and I now have a small laceration in one. So yeah.

Игорь Лысенко : Дайте две

AVGw : Now make an entire suit

Martvel : *_STRONG!!_*

Hypee 47 : Imagine going to war with a suit made of these gloves

arrudazachary official : What's the name of the song in the background

animations life lol : i need this

Spicy Calcium Boye : Where can we get these

I Hate Myself : I want these

Nerf Soldier : Ok how do I buy a pair that’s my question and how much do they cost

David Boutot : Are they going to be avalaible on market ? When ? A range of price ? Thanks. Awesome !!!

Erin Collard : Hi, Erin here from the Todd and Erin Morning Stream, cam we have your permission to feature your gloves and a short bit of this video on our show? We'll be happy to send you the link. Many thanks.

Hannah S : AWESOME

Daniel Zoller : Are these rated for structural fire fighting in the US?

이우근 : 대한민국 소방관들에게 모두 보급되기를 희망한다.

hellomynameis durk : THESE SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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