Delano Police Department releases lip sync video

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Melie Sin : Luv it!!!... proof they are more than just a badge!! All who oppose them, maybe u should just follow the damn law!!! Simple.

RG Productions : Gotta give these guys some respect for pulling off a pretty good video tbh. It takes courage to post something like this and you can tell they put a lot effort into this video. Also, im truly grateful for the Delano PD for always keeping the people of Delano safe and keeping crime of the streets. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to protecting us and our families.

Ruben Elenez : It's about time they had Spanish music great job I'll give you all 200

Socorro Cardenas : “Omg he knows the lyrics to this song?” 😂

Edward Cepeda : this department brought hope back in California,100%proof that law enforcement are human's too and having feeling's like me and you.☺☝🙏🙌👊😇motivated to go to work today,so thank you.

Magda Lopez : Great job, Delano Police Department. Typically, those who have negative comments are those who are anti police and who are criminals. #I❤️118.

Servando Resendiz : Very good video.. Love the mexican dance moves they performed :) We as a community appreciate the time & efforts in the making of this video ☺ that's the Delano Police Department we want. Thank you!

Camilla Puckett : I enjoyed the video, you have a lot of talent in your police department and handsome too! Thank you for your service and God bless you and your families from Arlington Texas 💙💙💙💙💙💙

dscottsw1 : I don't think this could be more entertaining, fun and just all around cool if you tried. Loved the music, loved the dancing. Absolutely top notch job. Love and kudos from Portland, OR.

J A : Man these cops in delano all look out of shape.

Juan Frias : Por fin finally a mexican one lol they got down lol

Eva Romero : Great job Delano Police Department for Keeping it Real...staying close to your Heritage ❤❤❤

David Vergara : Eso es lo que faltaba una Buena ranchera para aliviar El corazon. Tu si eres Mexicano

DDH vedio : Where's it this city?! Which country?! My real name is delano it's beautiful for me 😍

David Vergara : Challenge the city of Hemet CA, San Jacinto CA, Oceanside CA, police departments.

hondata70 : Se pasan de verga estos chorizos🤣😂🤣 wish they where this cool in person😪

The TMG : Good job Delano PD! I wish our PD would make a video but they keep declining to do it :(

Rosa Cardenas : Ayyyyyyy ok Delano PD I see you.... I was wondering when the mexican latin flavor was gonna come out Love this video...

Maria B : Awesome THATS GREAT UNITED EVEY ONE TOGETHER YOU MADE YOUR Community proud TO SEE THIER Delano police department untied together with the Community that your department had lots of fun and taking the time to enjoy that lip Sync challenge👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻❤️❤️👏👏👮🏼‍♀️👮🏼‍♀️👮🚓🚔

David Vergara : I love the lip sync video

Angela Hill : Thank you for your service love it

Wendy Zimmerman : Awesome fantastic job

Cristina Escandon : Great job!!

Deena Hahn : I love the Spanish music!

David Vergara : Let's do All police of the U.S.A. get the community to have confidence in you guys again. U can do it.

Say What : Excellent!!!!!

Rated R : Tax dollars at their best

Theresia Simon : Some really good dancers in this police force! Stay safe out there guys!!

Davy Doo : I support our law enforcement, I really do, I just want it done right.

mzfeta : Hahaa!! So awesome!!

Los pijullos Sonpopo : Nice guys

Maria Flores : Awesome!

Penny Spence : I loved it. So great.

Tracy Jenkins : Great Job

Rosie Orozco : 🤣😂👍

Norma Dorado : Awesome

ManX72 : WTG Cheif

rodger rain : This must be the special ed police.

Denny Blust : These videos are dumb! It doesn’t matter how much you try too get the public to like you if they don’t they don’t. Cops don’t get shot by citizens who car or respect their law enforcement. I guess we need to get more thugs to touch a truck .

Zulma Barajas : That ending tho, lol love it! 😂☺️❤️

Carson Lee : Like.

Titan9m : Too bad they're not that friendly in real life! Bunch of badge wearing criminals!

Wealthy Wagon Driver With Nuts : So This is what we pay them for? WTF is wrong with this picture, waste Tax's paying dollar for crap that's not necessary like videos like this what the hell is wrong with people in California That is Why I sent my letter the All government to terminate all position of the governing they think they represent California but they do not represent the people

Pinche Beto 714 : 👍👍👍

syrakitten : I love seeing how much fun these people have with these!!

Patrick Demetrus : PATRICKD

Dani Lee : Just bad

Chris Clardy : From the wilds of western Oklahoma, all eyes turn to me , as if to ask, What is a McFarland?

ki daniels : Where I live the deputies of Sonoma County are very shy. I have met so many I give them fictional nicknames to keep them straight. As a groups of over 114 I call the roster "the Bamboo Club" things like deputy hard knight (it was a hard night when I met him, Deputy Caddillac (real name seville), milkshake Miller (A tiny dude), vroom vroom vradel, lieutenant sweet talk, Mexican tinker bell... Bottom line; d Holdens name is Deputy patrolman Holden aka Texas Holdem....i swear he's the only one with a theme song...its lady gaga poker face. Now he's an African American male and I did not know the words until after I listened acrefully...i am on the spectrum for autism and I am drawn to music via sound differently. So when I heard and read the lyrics and actually saw the video I panicked a little as it is not a good thing to piss off a patrolman especially when your on the streets. After I saw your video I laughed and relaxed. Thank you for making it! I was wondering if any of your xrays would lipsink poker face for fun Be well be free Ki

Madeline Gutierrez : Have watched A LOT of challenges - loved how you "pulled" it together! Thanks for letting me see all the "people" behind your forces uniforms! Great P.R. for cops no question! Worth every minute of effort! and I kept wanting to call out a song..but then the next would come... Oh MY Gosh..and then the dancing! Have you noticed how some Latin music sounds like Polka? (y yo so Medio Cubana en Miami) Jeez.. check out my guest house in Little Havana if your ever coming this way.. My3Abuelitas . Miami