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Comments from Youtube

TheCPS Gamer : We have been blessed with all these great march madness games this year

You have heaps of gay : My brother and dad were stomping around and screaming the neighbors called the cops for noise complaints 🤷‍♀️

Michael Fischer : I listened to the game through Tune-In and hearing all of the Michigan shots in the 2nd half that were rimming out was killing me. I was so nervous on that final possession, what a finish!!!!!

Jordin Griffen : You can physically see the Houston players heart’s drop

Squad 1 Sports News : Unbelievable

Alan Yang : Look at that guy on the back corner on the court. The way he runs...

atragonian : Honestly Michigan didn't play their best tonight, but they pulled it out. Go Blue!

Mark S : The game is not over till the clock say 0:00. Houston basically went through the motions because they thought they won. A few seconds earlier they where showing Houston basically celebrating.

Matthew Luttenberger : I AM ACTUALLY SO SHOOK!!!!!!

Totally not Cameron : LETS GO I’m a Michigan fan obviously but what was that form with his legs though lol

Patrick Gray : Not a Michigan fan but glad that happened cause Kelvin Sampson is a scum bag.

Dodger Blues : #Hail #GoBlue

AustinFN : I was going crazy buh

Game Viper : Omg. This is the best buzzer beater ever!!!

the most pointless channel on youtube : That was fast

Michael Fischer : I am so freaking happy!!! GO BLUE!!!!!

TbirdSpur2010 : GO BLUE!

Joel Johnson : Oh man, so sorry Houston fans but Woooooot!!!!

geovs20 : GO BLUE! L E G E N D A R Y

Brandon Smith : Amazing. I thought the game was over 3 seconds before the shot.

Larisha M : WOW! what a play! Nice shot!

Kevin Daniels : Not a Michigan fan but I got them in the title game so thank you for keeping my bracket alive!! Awesome shot!!

J Casp : Guard the inbounder!!!!

Jaylen Richey : Wtf I can't even walk straight sometimes and this just happened

Zachary Session : It’s because some one missed both of their free throws that would’ve put them up by 4

Donn Thomas : Go Blue!!!!

K8 🤙 : I watched this game and I was in disbelief.

JEFFERY WILLIAMS : Tears of Joy when I saw that 3 pointer.

Dodger Blues : Hell of a game..But they gota get better play from Moe Wagner if they wana win it all. They have to get him more involved in the post

Nason Budkhunthong : what a legend

You have heaps of gay : SHOW HIS BROTHER NOW!!!!

Damon Siegiel : AND IT"S STILL>>>>>>>>>>>GO BLUE!


Jackson Peterson : Me and my dad ( who attended Michigan) were on the couch when Michigan missed the lay up. He then said " Game Over!" and turned of the tv. But down stairs my mom and 2 brothers were watching and i went down to watch. Then with 3.9 secs left when the in bounded, i was just praying for a miracle when they hit the 3. My mom me and 2 brothers started cheering so hard we about passed out. I rushed up stairs to tell my dad the news but he didn't buy it. When we showed him the score he started to cheer too. Go Blue!!!!

Hsu Michael : Go Blue!!!!


Paco Aguilar : #GoBlue 〽️

Det1911 : Yes!!!

Random Videos : That is just NUTS! Geez!

Red Pilled Whitey : Go Blue!

Ben Freigang : Never a doubt

Learning lab : GO BLUEMichigan all the way

Andreas Ulbrich : Thats for you Kev. RIP!!!

1,000 subscribers And no videos? : Uhh Huston, we have a problem

WieldyDefault : Michigan we won!! Michigan State fans:WHATTTTTTTTTTT?!?!?!?!?!

Michigan Wolverine in L.A. : Before the start of the season, who honestly had Michigan in the Sweet 16?

Angel Shrader : We were so close to a Championship 😢

Gary Sacco : What a game! What a finish! A game to remember for the ages!! On to the Sweet 16!! Go Blue!!

SKYKILLER15 : if houston one my bracket would of been toast