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Chris Marshall : Houston, we have a problem

TheCPS Gamer : We have been blessed with all these great march madness games this year

You have heaps of gay : My brother and dad were stomping around and screaming the neighbors called the cops for noise complaints 🤷‍♀️

Mark S : The game is not over till the clock say 0:00. Houston basically went through the motions because they thought they won. A few seconds earlier they where showing Houston basically celebrating.

Joel Johnson : Oh man, so sorry Houston fans but Woooooot!!!!

Jordin Griffen : You can physically see the Houston players heart’s drop

Michael Fischer : I am so freaking happy!!! GO BLUE!!!!!

atragonian : Honestly Michigan didn't play their best tonight, but they pulled it out. Go Blue!

Totally not Cameron : LETS GO I’m a Michigan fan obviously but what was that form with his legs though lol

Michael Fischer : I listened to the game through Tune-In and hearing all of the Michigan shots in the 2nd half that were rimming out was killing me. I was so nervous on that final possession, what a finish!!!!!

Alan Yang : Look at that guy on the back corner on the court. The way he runs...

Dodger Blues : #Hail #GoBlue

Squad 1 Sports News : Unbelievable

Matthew Luttenberger : I AM ACTUALLY SO SHOOK!!!!!!

Game Viper : Omg. This is the best buzzer beater ever!!!

FaceOfFear : I was going crazy buh

Brandon Smith : Amazing. I thought the game was over 3 seconds before the shot.

the most pointless channel on youtube : That was fast

Kevin Daniels : Not a Michigan fan but I got them in the title game so thank you for keeping my bracket alive!! Awesome shot!!

TbirdSpur2010 : GO BLUE!

The DarkSide v : Me and my dad ( who attended Michigan) were on the couch when Michigan missed the lay up. He then said " Game Over!" and turned of the tv. But down stairs my mom and 2 brothers were watching and i went down to watch. Then with 3.9 secs left when the in bounded, i was just praying for a miracle when they hit the 3. My mom me and 2 brothers started cheering so hard we about passed out. I rushed up stairs to tell my dad the news but he didn't buy it. When we showed him the score he started to cheer too. Go Blue!!!!

Jaylen Richey : Wtf I can't even walk straight sometimes and this just happened

Dodger Blues : Hell of a game..But they gota get better play from Moe Wagner if they wana win it all. They have to get him more involved in the post

Patrick Gray : Not a Michigan fan but glad that happened cause Kelvin Sampson is a scum bag.

Larisha M : WOW! what a play! Nice shot!

geovs20 : GO BLUE! L E G E N D A R Y

Kate : I watched this game and I was in disbelief.

Donn Thomas : Go Blue!!!!

Nason Budkhunthong : what a legend

Zachary Session : It’s because some one missed both of their free throws that would’ve put them up by 4

Random Videos : That is just NUTS! Geez!

J Casp : Guard the inbounder!!!!

1,000 subscribers And no videos? : Uhh Huston, we have a problem

Red Pilled Whitey : Go Blue!

wrnjpn : Houston overdoing agony of defeat. Michigan was ranked better and should of won. This ain’t the finals. Houston player laying on the floor stunned, cmon bruh this not even the sweet 16. Get up and head to the shower.

Damon Siegiel : AND IT"S STILL>>>>>>>>>>>GO BLUE!

Clorox Bleach : Don’t celebrate to early -KIDS-

JEFFERY WILLIAMS : Tears of Joy when I saw that 3 pointer.

Cutler Domres Vlogs : Go blue

You have heaps of gay : SHOW HIS BROTHER NOW!!!!

Det1911 : Yes!!!


Hsu Michael : Go Blue!!!!


Ben Freigang : Never a doubt

Paco Aguilar : #GoBlue 〽️

deadboy : go blue baby


Tina Burton : What a finish!!! Those poor Houston kids. I hate seeing the heartbreak on their faces, but good for Michigan. The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat!

Wolverine fan in L.A. : Jordan Poole, Michael Jordan style buzzer beater, Michael Jordan Jumpman Insignia on their uniforms, Michael Jordan shows up at the Michigan football home opener. Hmmm.....