Shopping but it's a Low Budget Anime

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Joey Lem : Low-key kind of hoping that someone can animate this lol

Felix SR : Wow dude! This is quality stuff man! Glad that you're over 1000 subs! How long do it take you to make a video of these?

OSCARJIBE : Manga was better.

Jonathan Lee : haha, love what you did with this.. a new twist on the "a man goes to the story to buy some milk"

JapanCube : A low budget anime? The art style is God like, the story is very twisted, thrilling and deep, the characters are very well written and it has MILK in it! This is the second best anime of all time. (Corey in the house will always be the best anime of all time)

FrostGamezBot : 1:30 "space time continuity"

Kat G. : Lol you need more subs you're so funny lol

Riceboi : Wait... is that... Darude Sandstorm in the background?!

Fruitliups : Classic anime cliff hanger. How long will I have to wait for the next episode..

SkyTheGuy : LOL, nice editing!

luke. : DEJA VU

Will Smith : Calculated win

Peacemaker100028 : this hurts, but at the same time... that editing is too dam good

press X to doubt : I ficking love this😂😂😂


Kevo Lin : poor pixel sensei

SuperKilzer 64 : This is a great anime!

Alexandre Mendes : What happened?!? I need a continuation!

Kirei : DEJA VU

Michael K : Congrats on 1k subs!

Kaanfight : Not going for the horizon vanilla milk, unsubbed from this uncultured swine!

Grammarhead : The milk is in isle 3... right next to the dog food

Jesus Batista Santiago : Is this the Blu-ray special??

Jesus Batista Santiago : I must imagine the faces on the people who were they watching you guys do this 😂🤣

salsa'n'salad : One dislike 😢😭 poor guy

_Alexan _ : Creeply right

M D : хахахах ВЫ ЛУЧШИЕ🤣💖

notOrange1 : Imagine just shopping at target and you see this

Milo Ruby : Omg I'm subscribing

BlueBerryThePirate : Deja vu yesssssssss


Gloria Ching : i need the sequel to this

Benjamin Yang : Cracked up at the flashback xD

my opinions are facts : That be getting shot must have been a huge pain

Sreenivasu Revada : god. your channel is better than nigahiga to me, and that's saying something. if only you were more popular

The Ugliest : Uhhh joey were they looking at you while you were filming

Rothenium : Dude, I love this! Amazing work! Subscribed and look forward to your uploads!!

Tinker Smell : People probably thinking wtf thses guys on?

SkyTheGuy : :D Hey

Will Smith : Still my favorite anime

Happy Fakeboulder : this is beautiful

safar : sharingan 0:06 lol 😂😂

Camron Jimenez : Thank you for this

Brian C : LOL

Dante Woods : OMG, it's perfect🤣👍

Matthew Lapsley : I'd watch it.

XxToxifierxX : Nooo clifhanger again. Thats why I hate anime.

Gary Cheung : you go joey!!! keep it up :)

Matt Sutor : So cool!!

Philip Pk : Can someone tell me what the outro song is called?