Best of Opossum Lady

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Comments from Youtube

Lori Rodríguez : if Nancy Reagan did drugs

sk71569 : "Some of you have written in suggesting I'm a wack job."

too many cooks : Shes the Bob Ross of Possums

MezzaTheHyena : I love opossums and this woman is my hero.

Chad and Calebs Adventures : She is not crazy, all you"normies" are crazy for following rules and for judging this poor women who just needs love and affection even if it is from a tick killing machine.

Joanna Sanchez : she's awesome.... I need more of her.... where can I find her videos... she's so hilarious

Lori Rodríguez : is this postmodenism

Ryan Elliott : this is exactly the person i would expect to be an alien from men in black

Roger Scott : The best content on YouTube is the Opossum Lady!

Sephamine Meyers : Those little wavy paws at 0:55 "MOTHER WHY"

Sophrosynicle : She's one hell of a gilf.

Kristen Miller : Ok, this lady is my spirit animal!

M. Rhonda Warren : id love to smoke with her. she's so full of radiant energy

Elias Warne : is this David Lynch?

Adam Romero : This is Amy Sedaris in a disguise

Llixgrijb : She's hilarious, like a character out of a John Waters movie!

Camaj Fiber Arts : hahaha!!! What did I just see LOL!!!!  Now I want and opossum...and her hair <3

Brian HL : No, I'm sorry. I like you and you're doing God's work.

Amber Rushton : I love this lady! she is a trip! I think her and I should plan a Possum play date! My little Paisley would love to interact with some of her kind!

Mallory Wagner : you make my day...i watch you at least once a day just to cheer me up. thanks for being a beautiful crazy. :) and i love your 'possums, they're beautiful too.

tehdebil : How in God's Green Earth did get here?

Amelie Schuberth : This lady is nute, I love it !

Orlando Rosado : I'd be really afraid to get an invitation from her for a Thanksgiving meal.

too many cooks : When she pulled it out the trash Meeeeee

Jaw Belly : Alright. This is adorable. And secondly...The amount of meme potential here is insane.

aneurysmic : I love you

Gary Smith : You are absolutely awesome. <3

Ben Santaguida : The you know what with her at night must be crazy good.

The Count : Does she have nudes? Asking for a friend.

Sabine Schneider : I love you!!!!

The Ultimate Reductionist : 2m25s ALL HAIL THE HYPNOSQUIRREL!

The Ultimate Reductionist : 1m10s I TOTALLY LOVE those 2 huge furry earrings you're wearing. Where'd you get those? Ebay?

jo bob : I love you Possum Lady

a. n. : i c o n i c

Vance B : Life goals.

Mystery Man : By speaking in crazy cat ladies...

Crow Eater : When you hit the wall at full speed but you dont want to get a cat incase people start talking.

Princess Sugar : Haha I love her. That's me with my pets.

Mindy Jones : I love her and the possums.

Kimberly Stanley : Well damn...I thought I'd seen everything in life!

LaDeeDa Cook : Haha! I love it! Possums are so misunderstood. Love them!

Nick Marlbrough : Have you seen her other "prancercise" content?

sexobscura : *the **-HARDHAT-*

some ginger : The legend....

Sean Collins : Whack job , yes looks like it but what a stage presence she has.

window eye when do i : This makes me happy

Erika first : I love this

Jackie Kennedy : I use to be so afraid of possums...not after this delightful treat....

Al Morrison : Haha, I love you possum lady !