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meluvcheese22 : Y'all can hate all you want but those are the happiest looking possums I've ever seen lmao

sk71569 : "Some of you have written in suggesting I'm a wack job."

Lori Rodríguez : if Nancy Reagan did drugs

MezzaTheHyena : I love opossums and this woman is my hero.

Chad and Calebs Adventures : She is not crazy, all you"normies" are crazy for following rules and for judging this poor women who just needs love and affection even if it is from a tick killing machine.

Joanna Sanchez : she's awesome.... I need more of her.... where can I find her videos... she's so hilarious

Lori Rodríguez : is this postmodenism

Roger Scott : The best content on YouTube is the Opossum Lady!

M. Rhonda Warren : id love to smoke with her. she's so full of radiant energy

Kristen Miller : Ok, this lady is my spirit animal!

Sophrosynicle : She's one hell of a gilf.

Ryan Elliott : this is exactly the person i would expect to be an alien from men in black

too many cooks : Shes the Bob Ross of Possums

Amber Rushton : I love this lady! she is a trip! I think her and I should plan a Possum play date! My little Paisley would love to interact with some of her kind!

Camaj Fiber Arts : hahaha!!! What did I just see LOL!!!!  Now I want and opossum...and her hair <3

tehdebil : How in God's Green Earth did get here?

Adam Romero : This is Amy Sedaris in a disguise

Elias Warne : is this David Lynch?

T C : I LOVE HER ACCENT...sounds like mid it.

Llixgrijb : She's hilarious, like a character out of a John Waters movie!

Sephamine Meyers : Those little wavy paws at 0:55 "MOTHER WHY"

Orlando Rosado : I'd be really afraid to get an invitation from her for a Thanksgiving meal.

Brian HL : No, I'm sorry. I like you and you're doing God's work.

Amelie Schuberth : This lady is nute, I love it !

aneurysmic : I love you

rho lees : I'd like to see a little less silliness, and some facts about possums being this gal has obviously been looking after them and they are comfortable with her, so I'm assuming she knows something useful about them.

The Ultimate Reductionist : 1m10s I TOTALLY LOVE those 2 huge furry earrings you're wearing. Where'd you get those? Ebay?

Sean Collins : Whack job , yes looks like it but what a stage presence she has.

Mallory Wagner : you make my day...i watch you at least once a day just to cheer me up. thanks for being a beautiful crazy. :) and i love your 'possums, they're beautiful too.

Jackie Kennedy : I use to be so afraid of possums...not after this delightful treat....

The Ultimate Reductionist : 2m25s ALL HAIL THE HYPNOSQUIRREL!

Mindy Jones : I love her and the possums.

Al Morrison : Haha, I love you possum lady !

Erika first : I love this

sexobscura : *the **-HARDHAT-*

Gary Smith : You are absolutely awesome. <3

too many cooks : When she pulled it out the trash Meeeeee

jo bob : I love you Possum Lady

Sabine Schneider : I love you!!!!

*I see you there* : reddit...?

Debra David : Im feeding 5 opossums right now can i ever touch them even tho i didn't raise them from babies???

reign6of6e6terror : Poor 😲poor 😨little sniffers😢🐉

Ms Daisy : And you ARE a whack job, lady. Not cats but rodents? Whack job.

Ms Daisy : Opossum fur makes the BEST rain coat liner EVER! They are PERFECT for it.

Princess Sugar : Haha I love her. That's me with my pets.

reign6of6e6terror : Why she touch her sweet possnoses so hard -& desensibel, its suffer for my eyes😲😭😨

LaDeeDa Cook : Haha! I love it! Possums are so misunderstood. Love them!

Brenda Timmerman : I realize we should all be Kind, but OMG you are bat shit crazy and I feel very sorry for you. I will put you in my need it!!!

cecigreeneyes : Waist of time... instead of doing crazy ( no funny) things... teach us how to take care of a baby possum

Jacqueline Y : Great video